Monday, February 25, 2013

2013 USMS rule change

Cathy KaseyKathy Casey, USMS Rules Chair sent out a list of new rule changes for USMS competitions for 2013.  The one that stood out for me was rule change #5:

5. Water temperature in the competition pool shall be 77 to 82 degrees (107.6).

Right on!  Competition pools should always be kept below 82.  The old farts who complain about the pool being too cold, should go to other community pools that are kept warm and murky with little kids peeing and splashing.  

Competition pools that are serious about their pools being held to a higher standard, really should keep a close eye on their water temp.

One of the BIG reasons I swim at NWRC is the quality of the pool.  It's is always below 83 degrees whereas other pools in the valley are lucky to be below 83 at any given time.  When I was lifeguarding at Deseret Gym, we took them temp every three hours and maintained it at 78 degrees.  That's what I call a competition pool!

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