Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Winter Swimming, and new Endless PR

Winter Swimming is a legitimate sport that has thousands of participants worldwide.  It amazes me how the average person is close minded to the idea.  We are so engrained to protect ourselves, thinking that is accomplished by avoiding pain, or activities that stretch us beyond our limited imagination.

Most people have the ability, but very very few have the mindset to even try it. And when asked questions about it, it's difficult to convey the feelings of participating in winter swimming.

It's like explaining sex to a prepubescent child. To them it may seem sick, or disturbing.  But when the time is right and they participate under the right conditions, it is amazing and wonderful.  So until you've tried it, you're just a scared little kid unable or unwilling to comprehend.

This year, I decided to invite Sam to join me in the weekly swims early in the year.  And he has come every week without hesitation.  Here are the winter swimming stats so far:

10/3/1962f.55 miles
10/10/1954f.33 miles
10/16/1954f.53 miles
10/30/1944f.25 miles
11/13/1951f.25 miles
11/20/1949f.25 miles
11/27/1938f.25 miles
12/4/1942f.25 miles
12/13/1942f.25 miles
12/17/1940f.13 miles

The next winter swim will be on Christmas Day at 4:30pm!  

Last Saturday, 12/14/19 I put in 2.5 hours of endless pool swimming and got in 10,600 yards (6 miles). For a new PR in the endless.  I did it in sets of 4 x 40 mins with a 10 minute warm down. Ended up being 10,600 yards.  Sweet!