Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My charity of choice

Many marathon swimmers have a charity which they support which they encourage their followers to also support.  Most of them for disease research, abused animals, fighting cancer, etc...  Up till now, I've not really found an organization that has become personal for me.  I didn't want to just support something I wasn't passionate about.  But I've finally found someone that I really feel needs our help.  Here's her story:
Believe it or not,  this old lady is awesome!
There's a crusty old lady that is fairly unpopular and undervalued.  Her biggest problem is that on the surface she is shallow, ugly to most, and well to be honest, smells funny.  Still, she has many  great qualities.  For instance, she takes care of thousands of stray animals, and she shares her resources secretly with the city which also bares her family name.  She owns a great amount of land, and a few rich corporations are lobbying politicians and policy makers to take portions of her land.
Because she isn't very attractive to most people, she is being overlooked and those who try to take advantage of her, are for the most part being ignored and allowed to do so.  Relatively few actually know this old woman, appreciate her, and join her corner.
Does this injustice bother you?  Thing is, if you don't go visit her, and get to know her, any passion you might have to protect her might just fade away.  You can help by assisting in her defense financially, but probably more importantly, you can start by learning about her and what kind of contributions she really does give to the community.  Once you do that, you will undoubtedly join her small group of protectors and make a difference.  

Click here to read more about her, and even assist financially.  But I would encourage you to go to the next level.  Go visit her, and get to know her personally.  Don't be one of those who simply look at the surface and scorn her value.  Please, join her group of friends.

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Josh said...

Ha! Very clever!