Tuesday, December 31, 2013

8 Million Yards

Ever since I first started logging my workouts, and keeping track of them on my TotalYardsSwam spreadsheet, this morning I hit a milestone: 8 Million Yards.  Sounds impressive, but I don't count them in individual yards, my brain would explode.  I count them by 50's.

8 Million yards = 4,545 miles  To put that in perspective, that's about the same distance as swimming from Pismo Beach, CA to Hawaii and back.  Granted that's taken me many years to do.

This morning I hit a major wall on the way down my favorite ladder workout:

100 free easy
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free/drill by 25 on 1:10
400 kick with fins
500 large paddles freestyle
600 - 3 x 200 IMs no rest
700 - 2 x (250 free + 100 back) :10 ri
800 - 4 x 200's free on 3:00
900 - 9 x 100's free on 1:27.5
1000 agility paddles free
900 - 9 x 100's free (first five on 1:25, then hit the wall.  last four on 1:30)
skipped to 400....
400 kick with fins
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free/drill by 25 on 1:15
200 IM
100 grandpa swimming

7,400 yards total

Monday, December 30, 2013

Let the anarchy begin

Today after masters, there was an exceptionally large number of swimmers, many of which I had never seen before.  Let the New Years Resolutions begin!  And thus the new swimmers.  Well I circle swimmed as soon as the lanes no longer supported two per lane, but then one of the regulars, an older woman who is really slow was in my lane.  At that point I did NOT offer to one of the spectating swimmers to circle, because circle swimming when you have to pass someone every 50 yards is futile.  It's potentially dangerous.

It's best if slow swimmers circle together than to mix and max the entire pool and there are a increased number of passing going on in every lane.

So I kept on swimming, but soon I noticed a woman had joined us and now there were three in our lane, and so I started circle swimming, but at the same time watching very closely the path of the original slow lady.  She was sticking to her side even though there were three of us.  OK. No big deal I thought, so we just weaved out of her way when coming across her path on both sides.

But then this "invader" hit the old lady head on doing back stroke.  I didn't stop cause I wasn't even involved whatsoever, but I suspect there were sharp words delivered.  At that point I went back to swimming just on my original side, but as far to the wall as possible.  That way the invader could swim right down the middle and still have plenty of room.  The lane I was in was extra large because it was an end lane with a wall on one side.

Lesson that I wish EVERYONE could learn:  when you are swimming with other people....

  1. Be like a defensive driver.  Yes it's best to communicate your intentions when at the wall, but if that isn't possible, when you flip, look upside down behind you to see what the status is of the lane you're about to push off into.  If the swimmers are circle swimming, then follow along.  If they're not, then continue swimming in your direct line.  But don't assume anything.  And don't swim backstroke if you haven't established a firm set of guidelines with your lanemates.
  2. If you do happen to have a collision, its most likely not intentional and you don't need to get all huffy about it.  Just smile, apologize and move on.  We're adults and not preschoolers.  Let's all just get along.
  3. If you have some really poor stroke technique and find yourself constantly swinging your arms out wide and hitting other people.  Work on bent arm recovery drills, its a good indicator that your stroke sucks.
Today I did the following:

2200 - 2 x (1000 free, 100 back/scull)
Then did Kirsten's workout:

500 - 10 x 50's free easy on :50
400 IM
600 - 6 x 100's IM (25 kick, drill, swim, kick) on 1:40
400 IM
1000 - 10 x 100's IM (paddles) on 1:30
300 - 75 sprint (:46), 75 easy, 50 sprint (:29), 50 easy, 25 sprint fly (:13), 25 easy

Then moved to the north end and did:
1000 - 3 x 200s free on 3:00, 400 kick
1000 - 10 x 100's free on 1:25
1000 large paddles moderate pace
1000 - 10 x 100's free on 1:25
1000 agility paddles moderate pace

10,400 yards total

Saturday, December 28, 2013

If you get cocky, you get burned

I was just saying a couple days ago how my immune system is awesome cause of cold water swimming, and what happens?

I forgot that my kids all just finished up with the stomach flu, and I saw a half eaten sandwich on the table, so I finish it off.  Within just 3 hours I was puking my guts out.

So I ended up staying home from work feeling like I got ran over by a truck and was light headed.  Missed coaching Masters, but by the evening, I was feeling better.

This morning I ran the intra-squad meet for SDM.  Swam the 100 free, 50 fly, and the ladder portion of the 200 free relay (50 free).

Then did my own workout which went fantastic!  I had energy and was swimming fast:

100 free
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free/drill
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins no rest
500 pull - focus on form
600 - 3 x 200 IMs
700 - 2 x (300 free moderate effort + 50 back)
800 - 4 x 200's free strong on 3:00 (Hit 2:40)
900 - 9 x 100's strong on 1:27.5 (Hit 1:18)
1000 agility paddles free
900 - 9 x 100's strong on 1:25  (Hit 1:18)
800 - 4 x 200's free strong on 3:00 (Hit 2:40)
700 - 2 x (300 free moderate effort + 50 back)
600 - 3 x 200 IMs
500 pull - focus on form
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins no rest
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free/drill
200 IM
100 free

10,000 yards +200 from meet

10,200 yards total in 2:33

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Quadruple Double times 2

Nerd in me came up with this workout where you start with a 100 yards and double it four times, and then do it twice through:

6,200 yards - 2 x (100 easy, 200 IM, 400 kick with fins, 800 - (4 x 200s Choice), 1600 pull strong)

Body is feeling the effect of not taking Glucosamine/Chondroitin.  Shoulder joints aren't happy with me.  I've been eating total crap the past couple days.  Repented, and on the path back to full fellowship with my Nephite body.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Great Christmas Eve swim

This morning my stomach was feeling less than ideal.  Two of my kids the past couple days had a stomach bug that made them throw up.  I was suspecting they may have passed it on to me.  I got up and got dressed and realized that I was fine.  Got to the pool and was in the water at 0510.  Did the following:

100 free
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free/drill
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins no rest
500 pull - focus on form
600 - 3 x 200 IMs
700 - 2 x (300 free moderate effort + 50 back)
800 - 4 x 200's odd IM, even free strong on 3:00
900 - 9 x 100's strong on 1:27.5
1000 agility paddles free
900 - 9 x 100's strong on 1:25
800 - 4 x 200's odd IM, even free strong on 3:00
700 - 2 x (300 free moderate effort + 50 back)
600 - 3 x 200 IMs
500 pull - focus on form
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins no rest
300 - 4 x 75's drill/free/drill
200 IM
100 free

10,000 yards total

No issues with weakness or crappy attitude.  Great swim!

Monday, December 23, 2013

12 Days of Christmas workout

Got in a short warm up before starting with masters:

2200 - 2 x (1000 free, 100 back)

12 Days of Christmas
1 x 300 free warm up
2 x 100's (50 drill, 50 swim)
3 x 150's Fly, free, Fly on 2:15
4 x 200's Team Pursuit Pulling
5 x 100's (25 one arm fly, 50 free, 25 one arm fly) on 1:30
6 x 75's desc 1-3 on 1:10
7 x 50's one arm fly on 1:00
8 x 75's 25 free, 25 one arm fly, 25 free on 1:15
9 x 50's kick with fins on :50
10 x 25's Leaping off the block for 25, then 25 easy
11 x 25's - start in the middle of the pool, focus on turns
12 x 25's sprint on :20

Then went and had breakfast with the team at the potluck breakfast.  Got a few bags of food for the food bank.  Had a good time.  Kris was very kind and gave the coaches a really nice wind breaker jacket, and Julie crocheted us beards.

7,125 yards total in 3:00

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Triple Crown of Open Water Swimming with Icing on top

I was thinking, how many Triple Crown swimmers have done an ice mile on top of it?

The answer is: 3 people

Craig Lenning, Ned Denison and Elaine Howley are the only Triple Crown swimmers who have also swam an ice mile (unless my eyes failed me on my visual scans of both lists)

Triple Crown with Icing!

This morning after meeting with Will and Dominique, I went over to the NWRC and swam 1000 yards to finally end off my 250 mile swim which started on October 1st.  I was about a week longer than I had hoped, and I'm pretty sure that Nicole Vanderpoel beat me, but at least I got it done before the end of the year.

Total for the day: 6,850 yards

Drafting the Drafting Postal Idea

Yesterday Josh and I worked together to fine tune an idea for a postal event that were trying to organize.  We still have some work to do, but we wanted to try out the idea as a dry run.  So we got Sue to join us out at SDRC to do the following (I'm working backwards in my workout chronologically here, but its all good):

1650 yards - We all take turns taking the lead for 200 yards.  The idea is to draft off the person ahead of you as much as possible.  Be right on their feet.  At the end of each 200 yards the leader drops off while the other two pull ahead and the leader then trails the pack.  The idea is that when you are leading you are going almost as fast as you can and allow everyone else to take advantage of the draft.  I started out:

200 Gords
200 Josh
200 Sue
200 Gords
200 Josh
200 Sue
200 Gords
250 Josh (Sprint that last 50!)

We did it in 22:26  However that was AFTER we did the following workout that Kris gave us:

Warmup:  300 free, 200 IM, 100 kick

200 pull free on 3:00
300 - 2 x 150's on 2:15 (50 free, one arm fly, free)
300 - 3 x 100's on 1:30 (25 free, 50 one arm fly, 25 free)
200 - 4 x 50's kick no fins on 1:00

250 - Put fins on and do 10 x 25's of kicking drills

Joined with Matt and did:

Timed free set - 750
225 - 3:00 free
300 - 2 x 2:00 free
225 - 3 x 1:00 free

Timed Stroke set - 7:50
225 - 3:00 one arm fly
300 - 2 x 2:00 back
225 - 3 x 1:00 breast

Then after it was all done I did 500 pull and then took off for lack of energy, plus a meeting that I needed to attend.

150 warmup before the 1650

Total: 5,850 in 2:30

Friday, December 20, 2013

Jack Frost nipping at your....

Last night I met Cody and Kris at Saltair and carpooled in to the marina.  We met up with the WFPBC for the Christmas card pictures.  We had quite a group!  Alan, Christine, Cody and Stacey were the special visitors of the day!  Jim, Goody, Josh and myself were also there as usual.

The water temperature on my thermometer came to 22.1°F  (-5.5°C)  (The freezing point in the Great Salt Lake from what I've observed over the past few years is around -1.0°F (-18.33°C).  However the top wasn't frozen but slushy with all the really wet snow it wasn't dissolving very well with the water, but it was definitely not hardening.

We all linked hands and walked out, turned around, and then dropped down in the water up to our shoulders.  We then had Kris count us down from 30 seconds.  It was numbing to say the least.  It was fun to do as a group and interesting to see the reactions of everybody.  We got lots of pictures and I'll be working on producing a Christmas card out of the best picture.

This morning I was slow getting out of bed and only got in 1500 yards before Master:

Warm Up - 750 Yards
300 Swim
6 x 75, Kick, Swim, Drill

Main Set - 1500 Yards
2 x 100 free on 1:25
2 x 100 free on 1:20
2 x 100 free on 1:15
2 x 100 free on 1:10
50 easy

2 x 100 IM on 1:35
2 x 100 IM on 1:30
2 x 100 IM on 1:25
50 easy

"Do the Jill" (Breaststroke) - 500 yards
2  x through
1 x 100 Breast on 2:00
1 x 75 Breast on 1:30
1 x 50 Breast on 1:00
1 x 25 Breast on :30

Kick Set – 250 Yards
5 x 50 @ 2 seconds rest

Cool Down - 100 Yards
Total – 3,10 Yards

Then moved to the north end and did:
400 kick fins
300 Pull ankle strap

5,300 yards total.  Need to save a little in the tank for tomorrow where Josh, Sue and I will try out a postal event idea Josh has.  I think it'll be pretty cool and I'm excited to try it.

I got an email from Jack Bright yesterday complimenting me on the ice mile.  Sure is neat when your winter swimming idol recognizes you and gives you a pat on the back.  

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Almost missed it

Last night a storm system came through and knocked out the power, so my alarm didn't go off.  My sweet wife woke up naturally and asked me at 0450 if I was planning on swimming.  "Heck yes I am!"  I jumped out of bed and got ready, but it was snowing pretty strong.  Instead of stopping at SDRC which is where I normally swim, and only halfway to my work, I figured I swim at Northwest which is near my workplace.  This would save me come 0830 when I have to get to work and traffic on I-15 is a nightmare.

That was a great decision cause the traffic today was really bad at that time and I was able to get to work with no issues at all.  However because of the late start I didn't get in the full workout I wanted, but it is better than nothing.  That's for sure.

100 free strong
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's focused on good form especially hand entry.  FINGERS FIRST, NOT THUMB FIRST
400 kick fins
500 pull
600 - 3 x 200 IMs no rest
700 - 2 x (250 free, 100 back)
800 - 4 x 200 free on 2:45, 2:50, 2:55, last one under 3:00
1800 - 2 x (9 x 100's free first 9 on 1:25, second 9 on 1:28)
800 Finis Freestyler paddle pulling
700 - 2 x (250 free, 100 back)

Total: 6, 900 yards total in 2:00

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Common misuse of complementary words

H2Open recently posted a blog article about the word: "Brave" and how it should not be used to describe open water swimming.  Yes, I've heard that word used before. But that particular word doesn't really bother me as it has a positive definition.  Plus, for many swimmers that are brand new to open water swimming, there is a lot of fear associated with it and does take a certain level of bravery to overcome them.  Once the swimmer is able to overcome that fear, then bravery isn't relevant in open water swimming.  So I don't consider "Brave" an overwhelmingly proper word to use in relation to open water swimming.  So I see Simon's point.

However there is another word that is really stating to annoy me in its use regarding open water swimming or winter swimming:

"CRAZY" (adjective) 

1. mentally deranged, esp. as manifested in a wild or aggressive way

Context:  "You're crazy for getting in that cold water", or "That swim is so far, that's crazy."  Its only been in the past few weeks that this particular word has started to annoy me.  (If you've used this word, I don't hold a grudge against you, but I suggest rethinking this word use and thus this post)

I had someone actually ask me yesterday, "Do your kids tell you your crazy?", and on a previous day, "Did you get a psychologist to help you out of the water after that cold swim?" I realize they're just trying to be jovial, and I should lighten up, but I'd rather these folks just brighten up.

The word crazy implies that the person isn't being logical.  If one attempts something that is difficult or dangerous, yet continues on completely unprepared and untrained, then it would be reasonable to consider the act as "crazy".  However if one is trained, prepared, aware of the risks and dangers, and mitigates those with a safety plan, that word has no proper place in the conversation.

So please, if you use this word, stop it.  If you're not able to relate or comprehend the topic, learn more before rushing to use the word.  If you hear people use this word, correct them.  I sure will from now on.  

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Swimming completely around dwarf planet Pluto

The circumference of the dwarf planet, Pluto is approximately 4,490 miles.   Which is 2/3 the size of the moon for comparison.  I have now officially swam all the way around Pluto.  My current total is just over 4,500 miles.

Dwarf Planet Pluto and its moon Charon
This morning I had to get the kids off to school so I ended up swimming this evening at SDRC.  Swam the following BEFORE the evening Masters workout that Kris coached:

P (16) - 8 x 200's
L (12) - 400 kick (fins) + 8 x 100's free on 1:30
U (21) - 7 x 300's (odds free, even IM)
T (20) - 2 x 1000's (Large paddles/finger)
O (15) - 3 x 500's free desc 1-3

Total: 8400

Then joined Masters at 8:10pm:

350 - 100 Free, 100 Fly(drill-swim by 25)
1 x 75 Breast @1:30
1 x 50 Breast @1:30
1 x 25 Free Drill

450 -  3 x 150 Free @2:00-2:20
(Prep yourself to sprint)
#1 50 Fast-100 EZ
#2 100 Fast-50 EZ
#3 150 Fast
100 - 1 x 100 Free ALL OUT! @3:00
150 - 2 x 75 (#1Choice, #2 Free) ALL OUT! @ 2:30
150 - 3 x 50 Choice ALL OUT! @2:00
100 - 4 x 25 Choice ALL OUT! @1:00
100 cool down

9,800 yards total in 3:00

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Meetings, Meetings...

This morning I swam with Kris and Matt.  Followed Craig's workout which ultimately came to 4500 yards total.  Afterwards joined the SDM coaches for the monthly meeting which was very productive.

Then went to the Utah LMSC Board meeting and that too was productive.

I don't have the details of the sets of today's workout, but Kris did calculate it at the end and it came to 4,500 yards.  Tonight I'm going to a team party held at the theater watching the Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug.

I talked Cody (and possibly Kris) into meeting me and a bunch of other folk next Thursday out at the Marina for a Ice swim for a cap earning expedition.  Very excited about that.

Last night Micky Poole met Goody and I out there and we all got in the water for 60 seconds.  The thermometer on my digital read 29.1.  The website said 30.  Goody and I agreed that 30 or below temps are significantly different than below 40 and the 2 minute requirement can drop to 1 minute once the temp gets to 30.

Once it gets below 20 we'll probably drop it to 30 seconds or something.  You can feel the blood in your veins start to crystallize.  But it's only temporary.

I'm noticing pics from Nuala Moore come in on FB from Russia showing some serious heroes of mine swimming in the 2013 Winter Swimming Championships. Man if I won a ton of money I would go to this event!  It looks so fun!

Friday, December 13, 2013

SLOW Awards Banquet 2013

Delicious food and cool friends.  Makes for a great night!
Last night was the SLOW club's holiday dinner and awards ceremony.  It went really well.  Recognized several people for their various contributions and achievements for the year:

Lifetime Achievement Award - Jim Hubbard
Most Improved Swimmer - Tanya Harris
Best Sportsman - Josh Green
Volunteer of the Year - Chad Starks
Good Will Ambassador - Goody Tyler IV
Utah Triple Crown Swimmers for 2013: Will Reeves, Tammy Taylor, Sue Frehse, Michelle Poole

I presented a slideshow of this year's activities and races to summarize all the things we did:

This morning I coached the SDM team and then swam with Micky afterwards:

2000 - 5 x 400's (1st free, 2nd kick fins, 3rd IM, 4th Pull Large, 5th Pull Agility)

Had to get off to work so I could get off in time to do a ice swim with Micky and Goody this evening.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Swimming to pure exhaustion

This morning I got to SDRC at 0500 and did a quick lifting session for 30 minutes.  Lifted legs.  When I got in the pool I was already pretty tired.  Only was able to get in 700 yards before the Masters workout began:

400 warmup
400 - 8 x 50's free on :55
600 - 8 x 75's kick/drill/swim on 1:15
400 - 4 x 100's finger paddles on 1:30
200 - 4 x 50's kick
400 - 4 x 100's free on 1:25
200 - 4 x 50's kick
400 - 4 x 100's pull on 1:15
200 - 4 x 50's kick

Then moved to the northside and did:

200 free easy
400 kick fins
600 - 3 x 200 IMs no rest
800 pull
800 pull
600 - 3 x 200 IMs no rest
400 kick fins
200 free easy
200 - 2 x 100s strong on 1:30
100 - 2 x 50's Fast/EZ on :45

8,200 yards in 2:30

When I got out I was completely spent.  I was really tempted to get out starting around 5400 yards, but stuck it out.  Victory for the day.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's official!

Yesterday Josh and Goody got the affidavits signed and authenticated, and I sent all my paperwork and payment in to the International Ice Swimming Association for full legitimacy and validation of my ice mile swim.  This morning I got an email from Ram welcoming me to the club and the results are posted online.  It's official: I'm the 66th person to have swam an ice mile with the organization, and the 13th American.  Some other interesting stats:

As of today....

  • My time was the 11th fastest out of 84 swims
  • My swim was the 4th coldest out of 84 swims
  • Only 25% of the 66 swimmers are female.  The rest are male swimmers.  Let's step it up ladies!
  • Out of the 84 swims, there are 17 swimmers who've done it more than once.  Ram has the record number of ice mile swims with 6 total.
  • Out of the 84 swims, the first and only swim for the first year of the IISA existing was in 2009,  6 swims in 2010, 18 swims in 2011, 24 swims in 2012.  For 2013, there are currently 25 swims, with I believe more that are in review and possibly more to be swam in the next two weeks.
I've been asked three time already if I would ever do it again.  The first answer was "I haven't ruled it out."  The second answer was "I'd like to. But next year."  My latest is "Yes, I will do it again, however I'll do it when it's closer to the 41 degree line."

As for this morning's swim, I came up with this one on the fly:

200 free easy
400 kick with fins
600 - 3 x 200 IMs no rest
800 - 8 x 100's free on 1:30 all under 1:20
1000 pull large paddles
1200 - 200 kick, 2 x 200 IMs, 3 x 200 free on 3:00
1000 pull agility paddles
800 - 8 x 100's free on 1:30 all under 1:20

600 - 3 x 200 IMs no rest
400 kick with fins
200 free easy

7,200 yards in 2:00

Cathi had my key to the gym this morning so I'm lifting at noon today.  Feeling great!  Weird that my legs and feed still have traces of tingling.  Nothing painful or worrisome, but noticeable. 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Slave driver Kris

This morning was the start of my revamp of diet and exercise.  Yes I've been swimming a ton the past few months, but my lifting has taking a direct hit.  I went and saw my trainer last Friday, and he took my body fat percent measurements with his calipers and I found the following interesting stats leading up to my Ice swim.

From April 26 (which is when I started to abandon my strict 6 days a week of weight training, and really watching my calories) through August 1st I put on 5.84 pound in fat (based on the body fat measurements), but at the same time put on 6.66 pounds in muscle.  I didn't completely abandon my lifting, just cut back.  But apparently increasing my calories didn't exactly equate to pure fat gain either.

From the August 1st measurement until December 6th (knowing I would be doing this ice mile attempt), I intentionally increased my calories even more, and at the same time greatly reduced my lifting sessions in the hopes that it would really equate to more fat gain without accompanying muscle gain.  I went into this with the understanding that this would be a very short term approach and that I would gain that muscle right back after the ice swim.  Here's the fat/muscle stats from August 1st to present:

April 26th (Starting point) August 1st (Right before leaving for Catalina) December 6th (Day before Ice Mile attempt)
Fat Mass : 8.0 pounds Fat Mass: 13.9 pounds (Gain of 5.9 pounds) Fat Mass: 21.0 pounds (Gain of 7.14 pounds from August 1st, and 13 pounds since the starting point)
Lean Mass: 178.0 pounds Lean Mass: 184.6 (Gain of 6.7 pounds) Lean Mass: 182.0 (Loss of 2.64 pounds, but still a gain of 4 pounds since the starting point)

This morning I did some lifting at the gym.  Got there at 0400 and lifted my full session in 40 minutes.  Felt awesome to get back in there.  When I'm there that early it's just me and I can really blast my tunes.  Love it! Was in the pool at 0530 and did 1700 yards before Kirsten's workout:

1 x 400 Easy Swim

1 x 400 Free Kick

Main Set
12 x 50 Free Pull (counting strokes)
on the :50

8 x 50 reverse IM on the 1:00

10 x 50's free desc 1-10 (intervals by two on :55, :50, :45, :40, :35)

9 x 100's in sets of 3 - This modification to the original workout was Kris' idea.  She was a freakin' slave driver today, which is good.  Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining.  Love it when the workout is exactly that:  a workout and not just a swim.
First three IM on 1:30, get out and do 40 pushups, Second three pull on 1:15, get out and do 40 pushups, Third round pull on 1:15, get out and do 40 pushups.

100 warmdown

Then moved to the north end for a more thorough warmdown:
400 easy (100 kick, 100 back, 100 free, 100 breast)

Total: 5,400 yards total in 1:20

When I arrived at work, in the parking lot I walked along side one of the executives from work from the cars to the entrance.  Obviously he didn't know about my ice swim cause he says, "This definitely isn't swimming weather.  That would be ironman hardcore to the extreme!"  I just smiled and nodded my head.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Ice Mile Swim - Successfully Completed!

Video summary from Fox13now.com

Average water temp: 34 °F (1.11°C)

The coldest thermometer reading
The water temp for the three official thermometers ranged from 32.4 on the coldest reading from one of the thermometers, 33 on another, 37 on the old school mercury thermometer.  The Utah State Park Rescue One boat reported 35, and the daily reading from GSLMarina.com read 34°F.

For an ice-mile to qualify it needs to be 41F (5C).  This was WAY colder than I had hoped for.  However I wasn't about to wait until spring for the water temp to rise back up to the 41 degree minimum.  I had trained for this and while it would increase the difficulty it wasn't about to cause me to abort.  I figured I'd get in and do the best I could even if it was just for half of it.  

With ten minutes to noon I got in the back of the van and changed into my suit and got ready to swim while my EMT took my baseline vitals.  Counted down from ten in my head and at 5 sprang out the back doors and walked quickly into the water and dove in at waist level.  

The swim

The first two laps went by quickly and was really pushing it.  Sure I like cool water, but this was FREEZING!  The faster I can go the more body heat that it will generate (not that I'd ever compensate for the effects the cold was making on my body, but possibly slow it down just a little), as well as the sooner I can get out once that mile is done. 

Looking forward to that finish!
The third lap my fingers and feet had gone numb completely at this point.  In fact, I felt like my foot was locked up.  Like I was in a cramp, without the pain.  I couldn't point my toes and my kick wasn't propelling me forward very well anymore, just slowing me down.  I tried to maintain my stroke count which I'm told was in the 80 range for a good portion of the swim and dropped down into the 70 range, but never below that.  

At the fourth lap I felt like smiling as I saw the throngs of supporters up on the marina break wall cheering and taking photos.  I knew that if I could just get to that turnaround buoy all I would have to do is swim back to that boat ramp.  It was kind of a blur but I was totally aware and mindful.  When I got to the finish point I tried standing up, but my legs weren't working as fast as my brain so I took it slow.  I got to my feet and walked slowly out of the water.  I didn't want to rush it because there some occasional rocks on the ramp and I didn't want to trip and hurt myself so I tried to feel the rocks with my feet as I got out.  

The most dangerous and physically demanding part of the swim: Recovery

Looking like I'm gonna have a baby
or something.  My mind was
gone.  I could have said any number
of incriminating and embarrassing
Chad and Cathi got me in the van and within 15 seconds, I don't remember very much at all.  I wasn't in pain in the recovery like I have experienced the first two years of my training.  However my mind must have blocked it all out cause it was a rough recovery mentally.  It reminded me of when I was coming out of shoulder surgery last year.  I could hear Chad and Cathi but like I was half asleep. Chad placed the hot water bottles and re-positioned them and took my vitals occasionally.  He asked me what my phone number was.  Freaky thing was I couldn't remember but I didn't want them to panic so I gave them the best answer I could come up with.  It was my phone number from more than 15 years ago from three houses prior to our current one.  
Isaac, Josh, and Goody ensuring
I make it safely to planet Earth,
from never-ever land.

After maybe a minute that slow moving brain cell kicked in and I blurted out my current phone number.  He continued to take my blood pressure and oxygen intake and noticed it started to improve and asked how I felt.  I gave him the best answer I could summon, "I don't think I'm going to die anymore."  I wasn't trying to be dramatic or funny.  I was so out of it at the time, that was the answer I came up with.  
Chad was the best professional I could
have had in that van taking care of me.
Cathi was his note taker with all
the medial stats.

When I started to come to better and Chad felt like I was well on my way to coming back to a normal temperature they wrapped me up in the blanket and took me in to the marina restrooms for a shower.  Still not completely coherent I remember being washed down in luke-warm water which felt great.  Then I really started to recover mentally.  I felt quite a bit embarrassed being exposed so I leaned forward to take the water on my back and to be as discrete as possible.  That was probably the best shower I've ever had in my life!  That warm water felt so good and the accomplishment of completing that swim started to sink in.  Wow that was awesome.  

What a crew!  These were my life savers.  Literally.

Thank you!

 I'm so blessed that it turned out good.  Chad said that I was in stage three hypothermia and at stage four is where Life flight is called in. 

I'm so thankful for all the support of my "recovery crew" and also for all the supporters who came out to cheer and brought food, and money for the Utah Food Bank.  I couldn't have completed that swim if I didn't get that support!

Here is the Affidavit's from the two official observers:   Goody Tyler and Josh Green

What supportive family and friends I have!

For more pics and video here's the album.

Medical Recovery Stats:

Heart rate (HR): 86 (I was a little nervous just minutes before)
Blood Pressure (BP): 160/95
Oxygen Level (OL): level: 97

13 minutes after the swim:
Cathi's notes from Chad's observations
HR: 84
BP: 120/180
OL: 81 

24 minutes after the swim:
HR: 87
BP: 100/160
OL: 83

33 minutes after the swim:
HR: 84
BP: 100/140
OL: 87

48 minutes after the swim:
HR: 96 (Adrenaline rush has kicked in)
BP: not taken
OL: 98

1:10 after the swim:
HR: 96
BP: 140/80
OL: 97

Medically released! 

Total swim time: 26:00 minutes

Friday, December 6, 2013

Getting nervous

This morning went straight into Pat's workout:

300 Swim
8 x 75, Kick, Swim, Drill

Main Set - 900 Yards
3 x 100 IM
100 Free
2 x 100 IM
100 Free
1 x 100 IM
100 Free

“Back to the Future” – 2X Through – 500 Yards
1 x 100 BA-FR-BA-FR
1 x 75 BA-FR-BA
1 x 50 BA-FR
1 x 25 BA

Be your “Breast” Self – 2X Through – 500 Yards
1 x 100 BR-FR-BR-FR
1 x 75 BR-FR-BR
1 x 50 BR-FR
1 x 25 BR

Kick Set – 250 Yards
5 x 50 @ 2 seconds rest

Cool Down - 100 Yards
Total – 3,150 Yards

Last night was difficult to sleep.   I wonder why....

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tapering and Testing

This morning I started my typical warmup routine before Masters, but half way through noticed my shoulders weren't getting any less tight.  I also thought of my ice mile and figured even though it isn't an insane distance, in order to ensure that my body is in tip top shape for it and not beat up with all the long yardage I've been putting in lately, that I should taper a little for it.  After the ice mile I'll bring it back up until I hit that 250 mile mark.

So this morning I did:

2200 - 2 x (1000 free, 100 back)

Then went to work early so that I could get off early for a GSL swim this afternoon.  I stopped at Target and picked up two different digital thermometers.  When I got to the marina I got a call that a breaking news story was in the works and the TV crew wouldn't meet us.  I didn't let that stop me.  I used my fancy new thermometers to measure the water temp:  38.3F and 38.8F on the other!  At first I was confused and thought it was 48 on them and I was like what the heck?  How could it be warmer than last Saturday?  I wasn't expecting it to drop 10 whole degrees!  38 is over two degrees colder than it needs to be for satisfying the ice mile standard, so we definitely are going on this Saturday!

I did two .25 mile laps and felt confident that I easily had one more lap in me before it got REALLY tough.  It's going to be hard on Saturday but totally doable.  I'm looking forward to it!

The time it took to get both laps in was 11:13

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Let it snow!

This morning on my way to the pool the snow was coming down like a blizzard.  I'm really looking forward to tonight's open water swim.  It's gonna be a real winter swim.  FINALLY!

This morning I did Anne Cleveland's USMS distance workout with an extra long warm down:

Warm-up –
2 X 500 [200 easy, 100 kick, 200 drill/swim by 50]
5 X 100 @B+5 – descend #1-5

Main Set –
All @B:
100 back – 500 pull – 100 back – 400 pull – 100 back – 300 pull – 100 back – 200 pull – 100 back – 100 pull

2 X 100 free on 1:30
2 X 200 IM on 3:30
2 X 300 kick fins
2 X 200 IM on 3:30
2 X 100 free on 1:30

Cool Down –
10 X 50 on :50
100 easy choice
600 - 2 X 300 @:10 rest [100 easy, 100 drill/kick by 50, 100 build]

6,500 yards total in 1:50

Monday, December 2, 2013

Home Stretch

So I have less than 48 miles until I finish the 250 mile open water challenge.  I'd like to get this done by Dec 13th.  This morning I did my typical 3300 warmup before masters, and then did Kirsten's workout with Kris and Scott:

3300 - 3 x (1000 free, 100 back)

300 Easy Swim

8 x 75 (25 Fly/25 Back/25 Breast) on the 1:30

4 x 50 (25 Fly Drill/25 Fly) on the 1:00
4 x 50 (25 Back Drill/25 Back) on the 1:00
4 x 50 (25 Breast Drill/25 Br) on the 1:00
4 x 50 (25 Free Drill/25 Free) on the 1:00

4 x 200 IM Kick on the 3:30

4 x 200 IM on the 3:20

1 x 100 Easy Swim (Cool Down)

Total: 3400

Then did my own thing at the north end of the pool:

1000 - 3 x (100 free, 100 back, 100 kick) 100 breast
1000 pull
1000 freestyler paddles
500 finger paddles only

500 - 5 x 100's free no equipment desc 1-5 on 1:30 (1:19, 17, 14, 12, 09)
100 back easy
10,800 yards total in 2:55

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Miraculous Saturday Swim

This morning when I got in my shoulders and lats were still very tight.  Still on cloud 9 with yesterday's cold water swim.  That was fun.  Fox13 called and want to send a cameraman out for an interview about the ice mile and the food drive I'm organizing.

This morning Kirsten compiled the workout:

Warm-Up: 500
200 Swim
100 Kick
100 IM
100 easy waiting for Kris to get in

75 Swim/Kick/Drill by 25 @ 1:30
25 Build @.30

200 - 4 x 50 Drill/Swim by 25 @1:00 – 1:15
Odds: Breast/Swim
Evens: Fly/Swim

300 Pull @ 4:00
50 Easy @ 1:00
450 - 6 x 75 @.55
50 Easy @1:00
150 - 6 x 25 @ .20
50 Easy @1:00

3 x 25 Kick @ .30
1 x 50 Kick @ .45
4 x 25 Kick @ .30

2 x 100 Free or Choice
We were nearing running out of time so Kris had us do these off the blocks for time.  Got 1:02 on both of them.  
50 easy
I then moved to the north end of the pool as time was up and did the following:

250 - 4 x 50 IM Order, 2 x 25 Choice

300 Easy

Total 4800 

At this point I was drained so I ate a powerbar and man that was a miracle at how much energy it gave me.  Energized for the rest of the workout:

Then I did a 100 to 1000 Pyramid set:

100 back
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's drill, breast, free by 25 on 1:30
400 - 400 kick with fins
500 finger paddles
600 - 3 x 200 IMs on 3:20
700 - 2 x (200 free, 100 back 50 breast)
800 - 4 x 200 free on 3:00
900 - 9 x 100's on 1:30 (get 1:15 on these)
1000 freestyler paddles
Then do the 900 set and back down

Total 14,800 yards in 4:35

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Power swim

Today I coached Masters, but before it started I did:

3000 - 2 x (1000 free, 100 back), 800 free

Here's the Beginner version of the workout:
Objective: Focus on Stroke count and increasing your effort without increasing your stroke count

Warmup: 200 - 100 free easy, 100 kick

Main Set: 1150 -
200 free @ 85% - nice and long strokes.  Catch - slow to fast.  Maintain same stroke count as the 250 free
100 - 4 x 25’s fast and strong kick

150 free @ 85% - maintain stroke count
50 kick strong and fast!

100 free @90% - focus on strong pull and really good extension, maintain or decrease stroke count
50 kick easy


450 - 6 x 75’s - Scull/Drill/Swim by 25 :15 seconds rest

200 - 4 x 50’s left arm only, right arm only by 25 :10 rest
Hand and forearm should be one unit and not cross centerline, but reach out at 1 o’clock and pull with elbow out and hand/arm pointing straight down to the bottom of the pool, bent elbow recovery.  Dolphin kick or flutter your choice.

Warm down: 200 Choice

After the workout (which I was on deck for, I went through the Beginner version twice for a yardage of 3500.  

Then tacked on an additional 3500:

3 x (1000 pull, 100 back)
200 IM

10,000 yards total in 2:50

This afternoon I'm taking the family out the GSL Marina for a swim right before going over to spend the afternoon with my extended family playing games and eating lots of good food.

Met at the GSL Marina with Jim and he brought Tim Heurmann!  The air temp was awesome.  I didn't need a coat.  Water temp was up higher too.  It read 46.8°F.  Got in 4 laps for 1 mile.  I also brought the kayak and Jacob take GPS measurement.  Figured out exactly where the .25 mile lap points are.  

I also sent out a press release on the ice mile coming up in two weeks.  Fox13 is going to meet out at the marina next Tuesday for our next training swim.  That should be cool.

Total: 1 mile in 25:55

Daily Total: 6.68 miles

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burn your calories workout

Kris came up with this workout that is themed around Thanksgiving dinner.  The idea is to "Swim your calories".  Although I only wish you could burn 100 calories swimming 100 yards.  Not even close.  But the workout theme is just for fun anyway.  Swam 3600 yards before starting with Masters then did:

Warm-up:                               300 Choice                             (300)
Warm-up Set:                         2 x 75 Swim-kick-Drill @.15 Rest
                                                2 x 50 Build Free @.10 Rest
                                                2 x 25 Stroke @.5 Rest                 (300)


6 oz. Turkey w/skin            299 Calories                    1 x 300 Free Pull

Stuffing 1 c.                       310 Calories            2 x 150 (Fr-Str-Fr by 50)

1 x Roll w/butter                 310 Ca.                         3 x 100 Free Descend #1-3 @1:30 or .20 Rest

Sweet Potatoes                  300 Ca.                         4 x 75 IM (no free)

Mashed Potatoes                140 Ca.                         6 x 25 Fly @.10-.15 Rest

Green Bean Casserole         110 Ca.                        2 x 50 (#1 EZ, #2 Fast)

Cranberry Sauce                  15 Ca.                          50 easy

Roasted Veggies                  83 Ca.                          1 x 100 Choice FAST

Pumpkin & Pecan Pie
w/whipped Cream                 919 Ca.                      9 x 100
                                                                        #1-3 Free @ .10 Rest @ 90%
                                                                        #4-6 IM @ .15 Rest @ 80%
                                                                        #7 (25 Fast-75 EZ) @.30
                                                                        #8 (50 Fast-50 EZ) @.30
                                                                        #9 (75 Fast-25 EZ)
Cool Down:                           100 EZ
Total Yards:                           3200

Then afterwards did:

300 - 3 x 100's
1200 kick with fins
100 easy
1000 pull freestyler paddles
500 - 5 x 100's finger paddles (no buoy)
200 IM easy
500 - 5 x 100's free on 1:30

10,600 yards total in 3:15

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FIrst first-timer of the 2013 season

I arrived at the GSL Marina at 1630 and got all greased up ready to go for a swim.  Just as I was heading over I saw a couple of people exit their cars and they looked at me like they were expecting me.  I asked, "Are you here to go for a swim?"  "Yes" said the young lady who introduced herself as Olga Gray.  She had friend with her who was there for moral (and physical) support as she said he was an EMT.  She mentioned that she does polar swims at Lava Hot Springs frequently and was interested in our GSL swims.  She mentioned the New Years race, so it appears we may have a new entry there.

I got in up to waist level and she followed.  She asked about being able to jump off the doc.  I told her I was unsure of how deep it was or safe it was with it being so shallow.  She hesitated and I was getting cold so I told her I would go for one lap and be back in 5 minutes.  I did the lap and on the way back saw her huddled up on the boat dock.  But when I arrived she was back in to waist level.  I explained that its good to just do breast stroke and allow your breathing to calm down before attempting any front crawl.  She launched into an easy breaststroke and she made it look easy.  I swam breast stroke along side her up to the marina opening corner (which is halfway to the full lap)  I noticed that my hands were getting significantly colder than normal.  This is probably because when swimming front crawl my hands are actually out of the water for a short duration where with breast stroke they're in the water constantly.

I took note of the stop watch time when she joined me and then when we got back she mentioned that she lost her water shoe in the mud.  She wasn't satisfied and went back in to find her shoe.  I was already dressed and needed heat, so with her EMT buddy right there I went ahead and walked back up to my car to reheat.  A few minutes later she was back in her car reheating.

She was in the water over 11 minutes.  The water temp according to my watch read 45.0°F  Definitely surpassing the requirements for earning a cap.  I had one more in my bag and presented it to her and told her of the upcoming plans to swim again on Friday, and then next Tuesday and Thursday.  She said she has fluctuating hours at her work (as a paramedic).  I asked her if she would be available to assist in my ice swim on December 14th.  She was unsure of her schedule on that day.

I then drove to SDRC and was going to get in a long swim, but I just didn't have it in me and only did:

1000  - 2 x (2 x 200 IM, 100 easy)

My lats are still sore.  I need  a massage badly.

Total for the day: 1000 yards + 0.375 mile open water @ 45°F

Monday, November 25, 2013

Swimming for the hungry

This morning I had to get the kids off to school, but during the day planned out my ice mile charity.  There are many people who suffer without a place to stay in the winter and that has got to really suck.  I thought how having a warm meal is just a little something that can make a little bit of a difference.  So I put together a Utah Food Bank Food drive.  Those who want to support me in the ice mile can do so by providing canned food and/or money to donate.  Visit gordsicemile.blogspot.com/ for more information.

Tonight I swam after work at NWRC and did Kirsten Greenwood's workout for the first 4000:

300 Easy Swim

Main Set – Ladder (Rest :20)
5 x 50’s Easy
1 x 100 Free kick
1 x 200 Free Pull
1 x 250 Rotation Free Drill
(with each stroke, rotate to one side for six flutter kicks, with one arm extended and stomach towards the wall, after the sixth kick switch sides, This helps with body rotation)
1 x 400 IM
1 x 500 Free
1 x 500 kick
1 x 400 IM
1 x 250 Rotation Free Drill
(with each stroke, rotate to one side for six flutter kicks, with one arm extended and stomach towards the wall, after the sixth kick switch sides, This helps with body rotation)
1 x 200 Free Pull
1 x 100 Free
5 x 50’s Easy

200 Easy Swim (Cool Down)
Total: 4000

Then finished things up with Anne Cleveland's USMS Open Water workout:
Warm-up – 1,000 yds
4 X 200 @:10 rest [odds easy, evens kick/drill by 50]
4 X 50 @B+5 – descend #1-5

Main Set – 3,000 yds - Two times through
500 Pull @B+10
2 X 75 @:10 rest [kick, drill, swim by 25]
400 Pull @B+10
2 X 75 @:10 rest [kick, drill, swim by 25]
300 Pull

Optional Set – 1,500 yds
8 X 50 on :45
2 X 50 on :55 [drill, swim by 25]
4 X 100 on 1:30
2 X 50 on :55 [drill, swim by 25]
2 X 200 on 3:00
2 X 50 on :55 [drill, swim by 25]

Cool Down – 500 yds:
10 X 50 @:10 rest [drill/swim by 25]
Total: 10,000 yards total in 2:35

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh my lats

This morning I swam at NWRC for a change since the SDRC is having its High School meet.  I was in the water at 7:15 am and swam in the same lane with Chad Hodo.  James and Paul were going at it in the next two lanes.  I printed out my workout this morning and got it from Anne Cleveland's OW swims for this week:

Warm-up – 1,500 yds
2 X 300 on 4:30
3 X 200 on 3:00
6 X 50 desc 1-3 on :45

Main Set – 5,000 yds
5 X 100 on 1:25
100 rotisserie drill
5 X 200 on 3:00
100 kick
4 X 300 on 4:30
100 rotisserie drill
2 X 400 pull
100 kick
2 X 500 pull
100 rotisserie drill

8 X 50 on :50
100 easy choice

200 easy swim
2 X 300 alternating drills
100 choice

Main Set – 2,000 yds
200 choice @:10 rest
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 kick on :45
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 on :45 descend #1-5
200 IM @B+30
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 on :45
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 @:10 rest – stroke of choice

At this point I was really low on energy and my lats were fried! Borderline over-training so I stopped at this point.

Total: 10,000 yards in 3:00

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jack Frost has bit

The winds have come through the past 24 hours and really brought the water temp down.  Last night there were 75 mile wind gusts from the east and they closed down I-15 and I-84 to truckers because they might get blown over.  Well all that wind.  Yeah, it was cold.  The water temp of the GSL on Tuesday was 48.8, and today's reading on my watch at the end of my swim..... was 44.2 degrees F (6.78C).  I had a goal to get in 3 laps (.75 miles) and that was no easy task, but I did get it done.  It took me 30 minutes to recover enough to drive.

Jim got in about a minute before Goody and I and lasted about 5 minutes after.  He is a machine.  It's really a shame the IISA doesn't recognize time at 5c instead of requiring distance on top of that.  Jim's concern is that it would take him about 40 minutes to go that distance.  So his goal when we go out is just for time, not distance.  My philosophy is to swim as fast as I can and get that distance goal as soon as possible.  My hands were frozen when I got out.  However the feeling of crushing was just starting to the crazy effects that I hate aren't fully in place yet, but soon will be.

At this rate the water temp could be down to 41 in a couple weeks or so.  I was very pleased with tonight's swim and how well it went.  Very encouraging considering I only have a few more degrees down to go.   Granted those three degrees are huge, but it's doable.  I got this.

Yesterday my Catalina medal and certificate came in the mail.  It put a big smile on my face to see that!

Total tonight:  .75 miles at 44 degrees C

Daily total:  8,670 yards total

Jacob's first High School swim meet

This is actually his second, but the first one I've been able to attend.  He swam the 200 free and the 100 Breast.  His form looked good, he just needs to work on his turns and increase his aerobic endurance and fitness.  Here is some video of the first 100 of his 200 free (I ran out of memory on my cam).

This morning I swam with masters at SDRC.   The water temp was at 80° because of the High School Thanksgiving Invitational going on tonight and tomorrow.  I love it when it's cooler.  Did a preswim of:

3300 - 3 x (1000 free, 100 drill)

Then did's "I'M crazy" workout.  It was surprising actually how well I did considering I really suck at back and breast.

Warm Up - 900 Yards
300 Swim
100 IM Drill
50 easy
450 - 6 x 75, Kick, Swim, Drill

Main Set - 1950 Yards
1 x 300 IM
50 Free
2 x 200 IM @ 3:00
50 Free
4 x 100 IM @ 1:30
50 Free
8 x 50: Fly-Fr, Ba-Fr, Br-Fr, Fr-Fr, Repeat
8 x 25, IM order Sprint on :40

Kick Set – 200 Yards
2 x 25 Dolphin Kick @ 2 seconds rest
2 x 25 Backstroke Kick
2 x 25 Breaststroke Kick
2 x 25 Flutter Kick

Then moved to the north end and did:

750 agility pull free
250 finger paddle free

Total: 7, 350 yards in 2:20

Tonight I meet the crew out at the GSL marina for a cold water swim.  Lots of wind going on right now.  I'm expecting the water temp to be around 48 or 47°  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm dying of laughter

DNOWS recently posted this page on breakthrough swimming inventions and included this youtube from Dr. Nakamats:

How in the heck does he know the time frame between his groovy ideas and death?  0.5 seconds?  I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.  Sure the guy may be a brilliant inventor with thousands of patents, but the underwater note pad.  That just cracks me up.  If he's that close to death he really should be careful.  I didn't see any split second gasps for air in the video.  Seems like a load of crap to me.  Not to be rude, but I'm doubtful this old guy could do anything in 0.5 seconds.  Good stuff.

Looking into the future mind-shift and trying to find the beauty in it.

I've been thinking about certain opportunities that are presenting themselves and just wondering how I can even entertain such thoughts, because I'm busy dude!  I'm pretty sure that after the 2014 summer season that my goals will have to shift pretty dramatically.  I've been pretty self centered the past few years in my own training.  It's time to see if I can shift that focus to others without completely giving up on myself.  I need to learn to be happy with not feeling like I'm in the best shape of my life.  I feel that once I give up on my training at this intensity that I'll officially feel over 40.  Actually at mid-life.

I have to learn to be content with that.  It's tough.

This morning got up and did my goal workout:

Warm-up – 1,000 yds
300 easy swim
2 X 150 @:10 rest [50 kick/50 drill/50 swim]]
4 X 100 @B+5 – build to fast within each 100

Main Set – 5,000 yds
600 pull
4 X 100 on 1:30
500 pull
5 X 100 on 1:30
400 pull
6 X 100 on 1:30
300 pull
7 X 100 on 1:30
200 pull
8 X 100 on 1:30

Cool Down – 600 yds/mtrs:
4 X 150 @:10 rest – easy kick, drill, swim by 50

Total yards: 6,600

Day 3 – Technique & Recovery

Warm-up – 900 yds:
200 easy swim
5 X 100 on 1:30
8 X 25 @:10 rest [odds drill/evens perfect freestyle]

Main Set – 2,000 yds
**twice through**
200 IM @:10 rest
2 X 200 free on 3:00
100 IM @:10 rest
2 X 100 free on 1:30
2 X 50 kick with fins

Cool Down – 500 yds
4 X 75 kick with fins
200 easy choice

Total yards: 10,000 in 2:20