Thursday, June 24, 2010

New PR - 8 laps around Bountiful Lake

This morning Austin and I went around Bountiful Lake 8 times. Started at 8:45am and got out at 1:02pm. 4 hours and 17 minutes to go between 8.5 - 8.8 miles. The first four laps were perfect. No wind and sunshine. The last 3-4 laps the wind picked up just like last time, although not quite as bad as last time. The water started to get cold again, just like last time. Then thinking logically I realized why. When the wind blows (south to north like it did today and last time), it blows the water from the surface which is hot from the sun, towards the north side which explains why it's nice a warm on the North side, but on the south, the cold water from the bottom of the lake rises and makes it feel colder.

I need to drill a hole in my thermometer top. It has a huge case with an air pocket at top, so that it floats on the surface. I want my thermometer to sink so it gives a more accurate reading of what I'm feeling.

Today's swim was awesome! I felt a little fatigue in my lower back and a little in my shoulders. But my shoulders weren't feeling it as bad as they have in the past. So my lifting weights and focusing on the shoulders is working! Now I need to do some lower back exercises as well as tricep exercises. As well as maintaining the abs every time. I think with the weight training it'll help those muscles get stronger and make them work longer before getting sore.

Austin did a fantastic job as support crew. He stayed right up next to me the whole time and was very responsive to give feedings quickly. Through the course of the 8 laps I ate: 1 banana, 2 cereal bars, 12 ounces of gatorade, 6 ounces of water, 5 vanilla oreos, and 1 buzz bite. Didn't feel weak, just sore in the shoulders and lower back, but kept them strong. Probably the best swim I've had in BL!

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Josh said...

Nice job!

I like the new layout of you blog.