Saturday, November 9, 2013

Results of the 2013 South Davis Masters Meet

Thanks to Isaac, Jacob and Lucy
for timing.  Sometimes its like pulling
teeth to get dead beats out of the
spectators to volunteer, but these
kids enjoy the front row seat!
This is the first time I've actually swam this meet in the past 3 years because organizing it and swimming it is tough, unless you get some really good help, and this year I did.  Kris really took a more integral role along with the other South Davis Masters Coaches.  It was a team effort and it paid off!  HUGE thanks to Heidi Kearsley with the computer system.  That is a TOUGH JOB!  We couldn't have pulled it off without her.  We had right at 96 swimmers and everything went really smooth except for one snag at the 200 medley relay.  We will have to make some modifications for next year to make that smooth.

As far as my own swimming is concerned.  I registered for the maximum number of events: 5 individual and 2 relays.  The following are the events, my seed time, my PR, and what I actually got:

EventSeed TimePersonal RecordToday's Swim Time
1650 Free22:00.0020:39.24 (set 3/27/2010)19:58.10 (NEW PR!) - 1st overall out of 12 swimmers
50 Free00:28.0023.66 (set 3/10/1994)00:26.40 (18th out of 64 swimmers)
50 Fly00:29.0026.66 (set 3/10/1994)00:28.65 (6th out of 31 swimmers)
500 Free06:00.005:25.00 (set 11/14/1989)5:35.30 (Only 10 seconds slower than my High School record!) (1st out of 14 swimmers)
200 Free02:15.001:55.61 (set 3/10/1994)02:05.89 (3rd out of 16 swimmers)

I was VERY happy with my 1650 time.  I was aiming for under 22, cause I don't really feel like I'm in fast shape, but apparently I'm not giving myself enough credit.   But to be honest I was even more happy about that 500 free time.  Last time I swam this was at the Ski N' Swim meet this year, and got a 5:44.  I remember that I pushed myself to the limit to get that time.  This time I felt like I was pacing myself well and didn't overdo it at any point.  Still went strong, but within control.  I said out loud after seeing that 5:35 on the screen:  "What the heck!?"  I couldn't believe it.  With a little more work, I could actually beat my 500 time when I was in my prime!
Speaking of not giving myself enough credit.  I went and saw my trainer, and since the last time I saw him, I would have bet money I was up on my body fat percent.  When in fact it actually went down slightly.  Just under 10% body fat.  I'm thrilled with that considering I'm able to resist the cold so well at that percentage.

I was happy that we had a pretty good showing of club members there:  Goody, Josh, Sue, Todd, Stacey.  Josh, Todd, Goody and myself put together a Male relay for the 200 Free and 200 Medley.  We got 1:49.96 in the 200 free relay.  Not too shabby and definitely NOT SLOW!  Good times!

One more thing.  This morning I woke up to an email that I was selected to be in the "FAST" heat for MIMS which is awesome cause its on June 14th, the same day I had planned in being there.  I'll be swimming with some seriously fast people.  I just hope I hit my 7:57 goal.  That's the target.

Total for the day: 3150 yards

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