Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Early morning swim with Chad

This morning I planned to meet Chad at the pool at 4:30am so I set my alarm for 3am to make sure I was up and on the road by 3:30.  But Cathi woke me up at 4am and said "Gord are you swimming with Chad?"  I was up instantly and checked my alarm.  I set it for 3pm instead. Duh!!!!!

So I texted him and was out the door ASAP.  Met him at 24hr in Sugarhouse and this is what I swam:

400 easy IM
400 kick with fins + 400 warmup with Chad

Main Set:
1000 - 10 x 100’s free no equipment (get under 1:15 on all! on 2:00)
2000 - 10 x 200’s free (get under 2:30 on all on 3:30) rest extra after 5 if necessary
800 - 2 x 4 x 100’s free pull desc 1-4 only :05 rest
400 easy

5,400 yards total

I planned a 6,200 yard workout, but kicked out the 1,500 main set cause my right shoulder was feeling it pretty bad.  Icing it now.

Good workout.  Cathi starts her 6 week training with Jet Blue soon, so my early mornings until mid-December are shot.  Gotta be Mr Mom until then.  Swims will have to be done in the evening.