Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Good health is the most valuable thing one can have

Ever since Thanksgiving last year, I've been very cautious about what I've been eating.  This week I got the results from a blood test I took last week in regards to my Cholesterol levels.

It was high many years ago, and I took medication.  Then in around 2008 I lost weight through diet and exercise.  Then in preparing for the channel (that was my excuse anyway), I let my weight jump back up and and I was eating crap again, but not quite to the extent as I was before.

But in the past few months I've been a health nazi with myself and man has it paid off!  Here is a table of the past years cholesterol lab results (in reverse chronological order)

Cholesterol Results
Acceptable ranges 151-199 55-149 40-63 (High is good) less than 130 11-29 less than 100
Previous physical activity Date Cholestrol total Triglycerides HDL Cholesterol Non HDL Cholesterol VLDL LDL
Swimming/lifting/dieting 1/31/2013 131(L) 52(L) 56 75 10(L) 65
Swimming, but no dieting 2/9/2012 203(H) 92 58 145(H) 18 127(H)
Triathlon training, and some dieting 6/9/2009 156 88 55 18 83
Triathlon training, and decent dieting 6/8/2008 136(L) 71 52 14 79
Being a fat ass, eating crap 3/7/2007 240(H) 213(H) 43 43(H) 154(H)

Feeling great! I've decided that for the month of February, I'm going to alternate long and shorter days (10K/5K) with long Saturdays totaling around 55K yards per week (at least 30 miles per week) Today was a short one:

500 free easy
1500 pull star trek paddles and ankle strap
500 IM
500 free
1500 finger paddles, no buoy
500 IM
300 - 4 x 75's free (25 weighted on :30, 50 fast (:33) on 1:00
100 grandpa swimming

5,400 yards total in 1:33
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