Monday, September 26, 2011

Calcified Bursitis removed

Went in this morning and Dr. Richards prepped me on the procedure and said there would be some pain with the anesthetic shot going right into the tendon.  He told me about it in my previous visit so it was expected.  I laid down on the table and he cleaned the area of skin where the entry of the large needle was going.  I just closed my eyes and focused on my breathing.

He said, 'OK, you ready?'.  I said I was and then barely felt anything at all.  The whole procedure on the pain scale was a zero including the numbing shot.  I don't know if that's abnormal, or a serious answer to my prayers and the prayers of many friends and family.  He said there were two calcium balls that needed to be removed and the whole thing took probably a little over 15 minutes.  Again there was no pain and he said that the removal went very smooth and that they looked like they were already starting to dissolve and that the procedure was most likely going to be very successful.

I'm  hopeful that I'll be back in the water doing some kicking with fins by October 3rd, and slowly working my upper body more and more back to full recovery by the end of October.  If you're praying for me, keep going!  Thank you! It's working.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Driving with a flat tire to the tire store

This morning I got to my Dr's office promptly at 8am this morning.  When I went to sign in, the office attendant said the Dr. called in sick and that I would be able to be have my surgery today.  She said I could see him first thing on Monday instead.   My instinct was to argue but I realized it would get me nowhere.  Besides.  Believe or not, Dr's are human too and although you don't see it often, they get sick too.  So I took the Monday appointment and drove Cathi back home.  I could either go to work, or continue with my day's plan:  Go assist Will with his 24 hour swim.  I was planning to just go and be a deck support, but I figured I might as well swim as much as my shoulder would allow.

When I arrived they had already been going for 4 hours.  I got in and did the following:

3700 - 24 x 150's free, 100 leftover (pulling)
3700 - 21 x 175's free, 25 leftover (pulling)
Took 800 MG Ibuprofen and finished my 24 oz Gatorade
3700 - 18 x 200's free, 100 leftover no equipment - I felt really good on this set.  I swam even lengths with a faster cadence (not worrying about efficiency, but just a faster cadence), and odd with long smooth strokes.  Shoulder didn't hurt much on this set until I got to the 15th one.
Another 800 MG Ibuprofen and several crackers and cheese
3700 - 16 x 225's free pull
My shoulder was getting bad at this point, but decided to keep going
500 - 2 x 250's free - After the second set of 250's I dropped out as my shoulder was going from throbbing pain to sharp and intense.  I continued on doing breaststroke which didn't seem to have any impact on my shoulder.  However it was very slow and boring.  (Breast is my least favorite stroke).
500 - 10 x 50's breast no rest.

At this point, I realized my goal of getting 39 miles was way out of the question.  I tried going back to doing some free, but it just wasn't going to work.  I pulled out for good and went and took SDRC Meet posters around to lots of different pools.  Also took Austin to the club and then went home for a private walk with Cathi and the two Saint Bernards.

Can I just say that Will is a monster!  That guy just kept on going and his pace was insane.  If I were to do this event on my own I would have opted for maybe 3500 yards but he was doing 3700 yards, and then spending like maybe 4 minutes for a quick rest and nutrition break.  Just a little too short in my opinion.  But he was on target to hit 50 miles in one day.  That is simply unbelievable!  I mean I wouldn't even consider running a marathon in one day, but doing 50 miles in 24 hours?  Even at this time,  he's been going all day long and still has 9 more hours to go until he's finished.  I wish I could have been a better partner on his event!

15,800 yards total

Can't wait for my Monday morning appointment!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Meeting Michael Slade in the Great Salt Lake

Michael Slade setup his camera right on the
rocks at Lookout point for
an early morning photo on the lake.
This morning drove the GSL Marina and met Michael Slade, he's a professional photographer who teaches photography at BYU and UVU.  He's also writing a book on the GSL.  He met me there to take a few photos.  But when I got there it was still dark so I swam out to the Eastern Red Buoy a couple times until he was setup and there was enough light for taking a picture.  After a couple laps to the buoy, I met him at the lookout point and he took a few pictures with the lake and Stansbury Island in the background.  It was only about an 8 minute stop and I was off again on my swim to Black Rock and back.  Thanks to Michael for taking the time to get up early for the picture.  It was my pleasure to be a model for the day.  All alone, I would be unworthy, however having a sweet background makes it turn out not so bad.  Can't wait to see how they turned out.

My shoulder was giving me issues once I got to the marina opening and it wasn't just the annoying pain, it was the grindy kind.  Made me so glad that I chose to go with the surgery on Friday rather than tough it out.  I'm not looking forward to the procedure itself, but I'm looking forward to getting that piece of crap bone taken out and getting better so I don't have to deal with the grind.

When I got out at the boat ramp, there were like thirty people at the top of the ramp taking pictures, clapping and cheering!  I was so embarrassed.  I should have hammed it up and bowed a few times, but I definitely don't like being in the spotlight and tried to just walk nonchalantly to my car.  Michael was still there and I told him about Dr Spencer Richards.  He is definitely a doctor I would recommend for sports related injuries.  After Friday I should have even more experience with him to tell more.  I actually went to West High with Dr. Richards.  He is the same age as my brother, Russell.  Spencer and Russ used to play basketball for West High together.

Total Distance: 2.8 miles
Time: 1:20 (including drink break and picture taking)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Getting a head start on recovery

The last mile of today's swim was a reminder that the left shoulder is still something to be considered.  I was very happy with the quick recovery from Bear Lake, however today was the first time with shoulder pain since then.  So the question is do I live with the pain for two more weeks and do the surgery after Slam the Dam, or do I just get going on it now and get a head start on the recovery so that I can get back in the water say mid October rather than the end of October?

I decided to just get going.  Which means I'll have to sacrifice my Slam the Dam entry. Which would probably turn out to be pretty painful with the state this shoulder is in.  So I have surgery scheduled for this Friday with Dr. Richards.

Today's swim was a double horned straight - 4.3 miles in 2:08.  Pretty uneventful swim and as you can see not the fastest.  Went well until the last mile, then while I swam in pain I thought through the above decision.

Total Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 2:08

Michael Slade is meeting me out at GSL Marina on Wednesday morning for a photo shoot.  Good timing as I'll probably have that be my last real swim for the year out there.  After that it'll be considered a polar bear swim.  The water today was 69°.  It's dropping fast.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Evening swim with Goody

Met Goody at the GSL Marina at 5pm.  We went down the rocky path to the water's edge at the water covered Silver Sands Beach.  On our way out to the eastern Buoy I looked forward to sight once and saw the big metal Utah State Parks boat off in the distance heading towards us.  It rounded the corner of the red buoy and headed towards the marina.  It was a good 200 yards off, but it was going at a good clip so I stopped swimming and waved at who I assume was Dave Shearer in the boat.

We rejoined at the eastern buoy and swam to the opening of the marina, and got our bearings on Black Rock.  I did an experiment on this afternoon's swim.  From the Marina opening to Black Rock I changed my stroke rate to a much higher than normal rate and focused on a high turnover and an immediate pull instead of a long and controlled glide and pull.  This was much more comfortable for me and put less strain on my shoulder as it involved alot more pec muscles and less on a long catch and pull which puts a good amount of effort on the shoulders.  I liked the faster pace.  I felt like a machine.  I could care less if it wasn't as pretty or included slightly more splashes.  I didn't have ANY issues with my shoulder and they felt great.  However my lips and tongue were on fire and they had enough!

Met up with Goody at Blackrock and we both took a drink from the Gatorades I packed in my SSD and we talked for a bit and then took off for the last leg beg to the marina.  This time instead of the faster pace, I did the normal "TI" swim:  slower pace, but more efficient pulling and long catch.  It was a little faster, but not much more.  About the same considering its a mile both ways.

Goody and I chatted afterwards for a good bit.  It's been a while since we last swam together.  It was good to get together.  He's got some very promising stuff going on right now.  He's involving a coach in his workouts and I remember when I used JGal as my coach.  My speed improved dramatically, and my motivation was high.  But then I realized over time, that I was able to motivate myself by staying involved in events like this Virtual Open Water Race, as well as USMS' Go the Distance, not to mention setting short term, mid term and long term goals to help me measure my progress.

As we neared the finish a couple of rowers were just exiting the marina.  He asked if I swam out there much and I told him 2-3 times a week and he asked if I was interested in joining him on a relay team for ROW-SWIM-BIKE.  That would be awesome!  I'll be looking into that.  Sounds like alot of fun!

Total Distance: 3.2 miles (6.4 miles in the GSL for the day)
Total Time: 1:45 (included lots of good conversation and a drink break) (3:14 daily total)

Disturbance in the Force

This morning I was in the water at 6:35am heading towards the eastern Marina buoy for a 5K swim in the GSL. I instantly noticed that the number of sea monkeys had dropped significantly.  I would estimate a 80-90% are dead.  It was kinda nice to see clear water rather than what often looks like a blizzard of white brine shrimp under the water.  But after a few minutes I missed them.  They added to the "disco affect" which put me in a trance like state while swimming.

I was wondering how many millions of brine shrimp had passed away just in the past 24 hours and felt a little bit like Obi Wan during a troubling moment on the Millenium Falcon when he said, "I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced."

Today's swim was nice and easy.  Yesterday's workout was more about speed and keeping up with the fast.  Plus I'm planning to swim with Goody this evening.  Probably the same route.  

Total Distance: 3.2 miles
Time: 1:29

Here's a eulogy song I dedicate to all my recently passed friends in the Great Salt Lake.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early morning swim at Salt Lake City Sports Complex with Will Reeves

Since SDRC is still closed for pool maintenance I decided to go to SLC Sports Complex.  Last weekend when I went there I was pleased with the 50 M pool and was eager to be a die-hard and show up at 5:30am for some good mileage.

When I got there I saw Will Reeves by the poolside.  I knew he swam here, but not what time of day so I was glad to see him.  He had a workout all ready to go and I threw out my planned workout so I could join him and the other fantastic swimmers there.  The outdoor pool doesn't open until 6am so I had to deal with the inside 25 yard pool for the first half hour:

700 - 250 free, 200 back, 150 breast, 100 one arm fly
900 - 3 x 300's IM
1600 yards
then we moved to the 50 M pool:

I don't remember all the sets, but I do remember the running total.  That's one thing I have against most coaches.  They don't consider that the students actually log this stuff, and I don't have a good enough memory for all the different sets.  It would be nice if the coach had a printout for every lane, that way I can snag one after the workout.  Today, I just kept a running total in my mind.

Ended up doing 7000 M total in the outdoor pool.  That consisted of two separate workouts with two separate groups.  I met Kyle Treadway, Gary Shaw, another fit dude named Chris.  Also Randy Philpot who was the coach for the first hour.  Good workout, and I got a real good second wind from 7:30 - 8:30am.  That was my best hour.

I love seeing the sun come up over the mountains.  Usually when I do its from within the GSL, but today it was from the inside of the SLC Sports Complex outdoor pool.  Very cool.

Also, Will was able to get the Salt Lake Tennis Club to agree to allow him to get a group to do a 24 hour swim on September 23rd. I'm on board with that.

Daily Total (Meters converted to yards): 7650 + 1600 = 9,250 yards 
Time: 2:45

Monday, September 12, 2011

Double Horned Straight

Met Josh at 6:30am at the Marina.  The sun is really taking its time now coming up and when we started out it was still pretty dark.  We took off for a Horned Straight route today.  I got to the eastern buoy and saw Josh way off in the distance.  I think he might have had trouble seeing the buoy.  I know with my clear ones I still have trouble when its dark so I can only imagine how tough it is with tinted blue ones.  I waited for him to get close and then continued on to Black Rock.

Arrived at Black Rock and waited for Josh.  Then swam back to the marina entrance where Josh swam to the ramp and I wanted to get in at least 4 miles today so I went for a "Double Horned Straight".  Here's the GPS image of the Horned Straight at the start, and then the horned straight coming back (inverse image on the left).  See the horn?  That's why I'm calling it that.

Total Distance 4.3 miles
Time: 2:03

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cleaning Black Rock and 5/10K Postal

Last night we spent the night camping near Mantua, UT with the extended family.  My alarm went off at 5:30 am and we got our own family's camp torn down and on the road at 6:00 am.  Nice!

We had to get up early because I wanted to participate in the Friends of Great Salt Lake Black Rock clean up.  I was most eager to meet up with other lake enthusiasts, and was a little disappointed with the turn out.  There were about 12 people that showed up that I saw.  Jonas and I arrived at 8am and picked up trash until 9:30am.  We picked up about 12 pounds of garbage.  Then I got changed and combed the inside of the lake about 20-50 yards out.  Spend another 30 minutes doing that and only found 5 items in the water:

A large tube clamp, a stainless steel butter knife and spoon (Which I have kept and will use at work since we're low on silverware), and a very large piece of glass and an unbroken clay pigeon.  The Great Salt Lake is really quite clean.  I mentioned how bad Bountiful Lake is to the organizer and she sounded like she would probably organize a clean up out there.  Maybe....  Crossing my fingers on that one. 

Jonas and I then climbed Black Rock and took some video and pictures.  We saw the hawaiian outriggers paddle all the way to the shallows near the shore and then paddle back. 

After that we picked up Austin at the Salt Lake Downtown train station and took him to the Table Tennis Club and Jonas and I went up to the Salt Lake City Sports Complex to do my swim for the USMS 5K and 10K postal which is due in a week!

The rules state you have to do this event in a 50M pool and this is the only pool that I know of in the valley of this size and so I was very glad that I had the time and the pool was available to do it!  I gave Jonas the split sheet and gave him instructions on how to fill it out and how to reference the stopwatch on every 100.  He did a fantastic job!  He even gave me hand signals on every 1000M just like I asked.  He did awesome! 

I was feeling good and didn't have any pain in my shoulders.  It was hot and sunny the first 2000 M, but then it got cloudy.  But at 5000 it looked stormy off in the distance.  I was hoping it wasn't accompanied with lightning cause I know lifeguards.  They LOVE to kick people out.  Sure enough I heard a long whistle blast as I was nearing the 6600 M mark.  I finished that length and Jonas took the final time. There were clouds nearing that were very black and stormy and I too heard thunder several times.  I was very disappointed I couldn't just finish, but was glad I was able to get in as much as I did anyway and the pace I did wasn't too bad either.  I was aiming for under 3 hours on that and based on the pace I was going I was well under that.

Dang you mother nature!  Always gotta rain on somebody's parade don't you!?

Total Distance: 6600 M
Time: 1:48

Friday, September 9, 2011

Getting paid to swim

Not really getting paid in cash, or gum.  But swim gear.

I should have entered USMS' Go The Distance last year! This year it sure has paid off! I got a really cool mesh bag a few months back, and last week I had a brand new Nike Jammer shipped to me. I am excited for when I hit my goal of 1000 Miles, and I'll get a $100 gift certificate to All American Swim Supply.

If you swim a bunch and haven't entered Go The Distance, it is definitely worth it.

This morning I met Greg at the GSL Marina at 6:45pm.  We started out heading to the eastern buoy.  The colors of the clouds on the eastern horizon as the sun came up were breathtaking!  I should have stowed my camera in my SSD with my drink!  Swam down to Black Rock and then back.  Greg has never been to Black Rock, so when I told him that I was going there he thought it was the rocks near the marina opening, so when I got back I saw him hanging out at the green buoy by the marina lookout.  Next time I'll take him directly to Black Rock so he knows what I'm talking about.  I could have sworn we've been out there before together.

Total distance according to GPS: 3.23 miles
Time: 1:35

Had some good conversation with Greg before and after the swim.  He's going to swim 3 x 10 K's in the Mediterranean next year.

My tongue is finally revolting after three days in a row swimming in the GSL.   It isn't really that bad, just some rawness going on.   I think I'll swim Saturday in a pool and give it a break.  Here's a fun picture of my tongue using Cam Wow (which exaggerates things a little) :)

Tomorrow morning I'm meeting a bunch of GSL Friends out at Black Rock for a garbage cleanup service project.  I can't wait to meet them.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The almost viral topic of swimming with/without wetsuits

Which style of preaching do you prefer?  Hellfire and damnation,
or standing firm on your standards and beliefs (but in a less-emotional way)
Yesterday I noticed a Facebook status from Anne Cleveland that included a link to this article by Santa Barbara Channel Swimming Association President, Scott Zornig.  I read the whole thing and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Very early this morning before my swim, I noticed that it caught Steven Munatones' attention and he posted about it in the Daily News of Open Water Swimming.

Then this morning I noticed that Freshwater Swimmer Evan posted his thoughts on the subject.

The only thing I'd like "naked" OW Swimmers to avoid, is too much soapboxing.  I don't like the name calling and overly aggressive "defending" of OW Swimming in its pure form.  You can't really build up the sport by putting others down who choose to swim with wetsuits.  I don't think we need to get caught up with the overblown media attention given to those who swim with wetsuits.  I'd totally prefer the media to give attention to someone who is swimming with a wetsuit, than none at all!

Even though I understand the difference between swimming with/without a wetsuit, I don't really care nor most of the general public, whether the person who did a superhuman swimming feat did so with or without a wetsuit (or for that case, fins, hand paddles, snorkel, in a shark cage).  I guess a part of me does care enough to want the details so I know how valid the accomplishment was, but still it's something to the person who did it.  No need to attack them for it.

Bottom line,  is it worth coming across to all except the truly converted that you're self righteous?  You should stand up for what you believe in, but don't need to be antagonistic about it.

Burnt Salt

I typically go to SDRC on Tue/Thur, but its closed for the next two weeks for maintenance.  So two days in a row of GSL!

The flavor of the GSL has changed slightly.  I would describe it as burnt salt, almost sulfuric.  I got in at 7:15am this morning and did what I'm going to start calling "Horned Straight".  It's the Gridley Straight but instead of starting at the mouth of the marina, start on the rocky beach just east of the marina and head to the red buoy towards Antelope Island.  Once you get to the buoy turn around and head straight to Black Rock and then back to the mouth of the marina and get out at the boat ramp - Horned Straight.  The water is getting colder.  Feels good.

Had about an hour of baby chop.  Nothing major, but definitely not glass.  Sky was clear blue, and some significant southeasterly winds.

Total Distance: 3.5 miles
Time:  1:30

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Collecting Coal for Christmas

Today I woke up and on my way out the door stopped by my office to get the trophy to give to Josh, but it wasn't on my desk.  Those dang kids!  I realized I should have hidden it.  It looks like an action figure and probably irresistible to a little kid.  So I looked all over the house.  Nowhere!  I woke up Oliver and asked him to help me find it, but he was so out of it he was no use at all.  I spent a good 15 minutes looking for it and was already severely late to meet up with Josh at the Marina.  I looked in a box that was by the door on my way out and there it was at the bottom of the box.... in three pieces!

"Get the glue!"
I felt like the Dad in Christmas Story when his lamp was broken.  I was in a rage and wanted someone to pay!  It was still too early to wake all the kids up and find the responsible party, but I highly suspect the same kid that went running through the sprinklers with my Ipod.  Apparently he didn't learn his lesson to keep his hands off Dad's stuff!  There's gonna be some correction dished out tonight!  Before I left this morning I quickly went online and ordered a duplicate trophy and had it shipped directly to Josh to avoid any further delays.

I got to the marina at 7am and got in the water for a 2 mile lap of Gridley's Straight.  Josh was already in the water, but I never did see him.  We must have passed without realizing it.  When I got to Black Rock the water temp dropped a good 10 degrees (I bet its well below 70° now).  I saw a big round black rock that looked like a piece of coal.  I picked it up and packed it along with me for the swim back.

The perfect Christmas gift
for a naughty little boy -
A rock from the bottom of
the Great Salt Lake!
It's a perfect gift for Christmas for a naughty little boy.  It might not be a piece of coal, but a rock from the bottom of the Great Salt Lake will definitely do.

Total Distance: 2.25 miles
Time: 1:05

My shoulders are feeling fantastic!  I'm a little sore in my upper lats, but I'm definitely doing fine.  Should be back at 100% within a week.  Today's swim was awesome.  I just went nice and easy with long relaxed strokes and it was just what the doctor ordered!  It also allowed me to let the steam bubble out of my ears from this morning's rage induced episode.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Short lived holding of the Trophy

Today I got the Josh Green Loop Virtual Open Water Race Trophy.  However I have to hand it over to the current record holder tomorrow.

I just would like to take this opportunity to talk some trash...

Typical Masters Swimmers:  You think you're fast?  Maybe in the pool, but open water?  Ha!

Triathloners:  Take off that goofy wetsuit and take on the cold water like a real man/woman!

Germophobes:  Bountiful Lake probably has less bacteria than your mouse's scroll wheel and your significant other's mouth.  Breakout some cleaning agent and Listerine you worry wart!

Professional sports fanatics:  Get off your duff and break a sweat instead of watching the pros do it.

Are you ticked off now?  Good!

Currently the record is 18:49:07  If you want this trophy, you got to beat that time!  Just go here to see the rules and go for it!

*  The talking of trash in this post is not intended to offend.  Simply in hopes of getting you enraged enough to swim it off.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Bear Lake Crossing (19 miles)

Summary video:


My support crew:  Jacob Gridley (my feeding and safety crew), Josh Green (GPS Navigator, Log keeper, photographer, and pace swimmer) and Will Reeves (Pace swimmer, Navigator and safety crew)

With it being labor day and the recent onslaught of boat/swimmer accidents I thought it especially wise to enlist the support of my swimming friends.  For this swim there were two kayaks and an additional swimmer in the water next to me.  I took an early morning picture of the team by the water with my GoPro, but problem is, it doesn't have flash and so all you get is a silhouette.  We got in the water and started off at 6:35am  I started my stopwatch and Josh started the GPS.

The first 7 miles Will swam along with me.  He tried talking me into drafting off him so I could take advantage of the faster water, but I declined because to me this is a crossing and not necessarily a race.  I knew that I didn't have a chance to beat James Jonsson's record because to be honest, I had not trained for this swim nearly as well as I did my big GSL swim. So whenever he was in the water swimming it was either to the side of me, or dozens of yards up ahead with Josh kayaking next to him.

Will and I enjoying the nice weather
for the first 6 miles anyway
He simply was too fast for me to really keep up with.  But I didn't mind, it actually kept me from loafing too much.  I still had Jacob right next to me.  Josh kept the log for me and the temperature readings that he took throughout the course of today's swim ranged from 68 to 70° F.

The first three miles were calm with a slight breeze from the south.  But at mile 4 it got a little choppy with a breeze coming from the NE.  But at mile 5 the wind changed again and we had a slight breeze from the south and the chop was gone.  At mile 7 Will got out and let Josh get in for a swim.  For me this is where I was able to get a second wind.  Josh and I just have a good synchronized pace.  We swam side by side the whole time he was in.  At mile 10 the wind shifted again and we had some pretty significant wind and chop coming from the NW.  Josh at one point was in a zone and ended up heading almost due east while I kept heading north with Jacob while Will went to get Josh realigned.  I took a feeding at 12 and let Josh catch up.  We did one more mile together in the wind and chop.  My shoulder up till this point was feeling fine, but now I needed some Ibuprofen.

At mile 13 Will got back in and Josh paddled.  At this point the blue sky and sun was gone and were were completely overshadowed with high clouds that didn't look threatening, but that wouldn't last long.  At this point I was averaging nearly 35 minute miles (including time lost for any feedings).  The water was fairly calm until we got to mile 16 where it started to get REALLY interesting.  I could see a microburst from the Northwest coming in.  The wind and rain came in and some serious 3-4 foot chop came in.  Will was really pulling ahead and every once in a while he would wait a little for us to catch up.  At mile 17 it got so bad that Jacob was about 200 yards behind me.  I whistled and yelled for him to catch up.  It was very difficult for him to hold a line in my direction as the waves were pushing him.  It reminded me of the failed Fremont swim I did earlier this summer.

When he caught up I was yelling at him to keep the bow pointed into the waves even though we were supposed to be heading northeast.  He was extremely frustrated, totally exhausted from already paddling 17 miles up to this point and he was crying.  My yelling got him angry which was exactly what I was hoping to get out of him.  I needed some extreme intensity out of him!  The situation was borderline dangerous now and while I was completely unconcerned for my own safety, I was worried about his.  I could still make progress, but he was almost getting blown backwards.  But with his newly found rage he was able to make some progress in the right direction.  I did breaststroke for a good 10-15 minutes while I helped him get going.  With the microburst coming towards us and the major chop it reminded me of the time when Jesus was asleep in the boat while all His disciples worried at their fate.  I then remembered that He was awakened and he stilled the storm and then chided his disciples for their lack of faith.  I said a prayer asking that for Jacob's sake we get a one hour "pause".  I was very happy to see that within a minute the chop dropped in half and was much more manageable for Jacob.  I told him to get going and that I wanted him no less than 100 yards AHEAD of me.

I saw him really digging deep into the water and getting his back into it.  At this point I could no longer see Josh and Will ahead.  Jacob took my orders to the extreme and I was unable to catch up.  The wind and chop had not only calmed down, but had shifted to a Southwesterly course which was perfect for the finish.  I could see the shore way ahead of me, but it was still a good couple miles away still.  Within 15 minutes Jacob was probably a half mile ahead of me.

Exiting the water - photo by Josh Green
My shoulder at this point was no longer strained.  The breaststroke I did while talking Jacob into finishing strong must have really helped.   I was worried that Jacob was so far up ahead that he wouldn't see me so I really started to pick it up.  The weather was really doing a good job at keeping jetskiers and boaters off the water.  I could see the van ahead on the north beach road.  That gave me another surge of energy and I finished strong with Jacob.  I could see Cathi, Josh, Sabrina and a few of the kids out on the beach with the wind and dark clouds overhead.  When I got out, I stopped my watch:  11:13:15  I was hoping for 10 hours, but was VERY happy for a successful finish regardless of time.  Considering the weather I would definitely count this swim as a success and don't have any regrets.

The team - photo by Josh Green 
I was SO thankful for my support team!  So thankful to God for answering my prayers so miraculously and allowing us all to finish safely.  Will had explained that he was really concerned about the chop and wind at mile 17 and that he told Josh to just stay with him and finish so they could go get help, for us.  But by the time they finished the wind had shifted in our favor and they could see Jacob way off in the distance heading in the right direction.  So they aborted the task of getting the State Parks Ranger to come out to rescue us.
Will had swam nearly 14 miles of the route and I'm sure could have very easily just done the whole thing, probably in record time.  That guy is so fast!  And Josh, he was keeping me going at a strong pace side by side for a good 6 miles.  Cathi asked me what my favorite part of the swim was.  I told her it was when Josh and I were swimming synchronously right in the middle of the lake.

Enjoying some well-deserved Pizza
in Garden City
My shoulders weren't hurting much at all at the finish and the water temperature for me was fine the whole time.Yet this swim was tougher than the GSL swim with the rough weather, but the GSL was a killer on my tongue and shoulder, and it was much colder!

On the way home we stopped in Garden City for some pizza for the whole crew:  Josh and his wife Sabrina and their two boys, Will and my family.  That was the best tasting pizza and I'm sure that the fact that I was STARVING had nothing to do with it.

Thanks again to Will, Josh and Jacob for their support!

Here's a little tribute to Jacob that I wrote up.

Total Distance: 19.8 miles
Time: 11:13:15

Thursday, September 1, 2011

SDRC Swim Meet in November

So Kris Edwards has officially handed over the direction of the annual SDRC Masters Swim Meet over to me. I finally go the online registration up and running.   The meet is on Friday, Nov 11- Saturday, Nov 12th, 2011 at the South Davis Recreation Center.

Feel free to register!

Getting ready for Bear Lake

My shoulder has finally started to feel better.  It's about at 80% right now.  Not too bad.  Getting excited for the Bear Lake swim, although the weather for Labor Day is a little disturbing.  Currently projected to have 30% chance of thunderstorms and rain.  Keeping a close eye on that and hoping that it changes.

This morning I was a little later getting to the marina than I hoped and didn't end up doing the same route as Monday which I wanted and ended up going out the red eastern buoy then down to Black Rock and then back the way I came.

Total Distance: 4.3 miles
Time: 1:08

Just attended the Webinar that Steven Munatones did this morning and it was good.  Lots of stuff I already heard, but the biggest take away for me is the need to incorporate speed training.  I definitely don't do much of that anymore and I expect that may be why I've slowed down.  I feel like I can go forever, but my times aren't improving.  So my base, and distance tolerance seems to be my strengths with speed as something I definitely need to work on.

One thing that I probably will never do is stuff gel packs in my suit.  First of all, that stuff is nasty!  I tried it several times hoping I could get used to it.  I'm sorry, I need to have something that resembles real food.  But that's just me.  I've heard the stuff is great for energy, which is why I tried to make it work, but I'll just take a little more time and eat something that I can stomach.