Friday, May 30, 2008

Early morning swim for stretching

Played racquetball this morning. Should was giving me trouble, and my entire body is sore, although from what I'm not sure. So I swam today for the purpose of loosening up.

1000 - 1000 Free
100 kick
100 Free
100 kick
100 Free fast (1:13)
100 Back/one arm fly

1500 yards total

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Swimming in guilt

Tonight was my Birthday dinner at the Mandarin with Cathi's family. I ate so much! I even had cake and ice cream. I was so stuffed. I must have eaten 4000 calories in that meal alone. I thought I should swim since the Layton pool is closed all this week and I haven't swam at all.

1800 - Timed at 25:49 which is only :48 from my all time PR and much better than my most recent PR set in March
200 - 100 Breast, 100 Free
3300 - 11 x (200 Pull, 100 Breast/One arm Fly alternating) on 6:00

5300 Yards total - 3 miles

That should have burned probably close to 1/2 that meal anyhow. I bought a new triathlon wetsuit on Ebay this last week for me and one for Cathi.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Short swim after racquetball

I planned on swimming 1800 straight and time it, but when I hit 200 yards the muscles in the middle of my back near the top where I usually get the knots in my back started to cause me trouble. Even stroke I could feel the muscles pulling. I decided to just do an easy 500 instead:

200 free
100 breast
100 back
100 one arm fly

500 total

I went to the hot tub in the other pool. I noticed the lifeguard was really paying attention. He was positioned on top of the bridge so he could overlook both pools. Then he moved over to his lifeguard stand. I remember the days when I was a lifeguard. Nobody ever complimented me on my job. I never really felt appreciated by those I was overlooking unless I saved their drowning child when nobody was looking.

I thought to myself. Nice things that are unexpected often mean more than they really are. So I decided I was going to tip the lifeguard. I never got a tip when I was a lifeguard. Not even a thank you, or a compliment and I was gonna make this guys day. After getting out of the hot tub I got in my wallet and pulled out a $10 bill and walked over to him and said, "I noticed you're really attentive. I used to be a guard and it was tough to stay alert all the time. You're doing a great job." and gave him the money. He put out his hand not realizing what I was giving him. He looked at it and said "Thanks!"

He probably won't ever get a tip again (as a lifeguard) and thought this might be something he might appreciate. I don't share this to say I'm a good guy. But to encourage "random acts of kindness" that aren't necessarily expected. They can fuel people.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2nd day

1000 Warmup
200 Breast
1600 - 8 x 200's (Alternate between 200 Free and 200 IM)
200 - 2 x 100's (25 Fly, 25 Free fast, 50 Breast recover)
100 Free
50 Grandpa swimming with Cathi

3150 Total

First real swim in almost a month!

This is the first real workout since before our trip.

1000 Free Warmup
1000 - 2 x ( 5 x 100's Free Descending on 2:00)
1000 - 4 x (50 Breast, 200 Free)
50 Grandpa swimming

3050 Total

Need to come every day now, cause Cathi and I are swimming in a couple of events in the Utah Summer Games.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Getting slack

OK - so the last two days I planned on swimming and didn't. On Tuesday I actually went to the pool, but Cathi forgot to bring my suit. I went straight there from work. So I went to Walmart and got a backup set of trunks for emergency use only. Good for doing drag training. I'll keep those in the back of my car at all times so I'll have a good backup. Then yesterday we ran out of time and would've gotten there late, so I went to bed early since I had Racquetball this morning.

After racquetball I did:

1000 Warmup
100 Breast
800 - 8 x 100's free on 2:00 fast (Under 1:15 on all of them)
100 EZ

2000 Total

I really need to get back in the water more often!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

First time back

I swam twice while on vacation. I stayed at the Marriott in Vienna and the pool there is only about 12 yards long so I did a bunch of laps and did 4 sets of 8 minute swims. I'm hoping that the 8 minutes represents about 500 yards. So that means I did a mile on each workout, although I only did about 4 strokes before doing a flip turn.

Today was my first day in a real pool and because I stayed later playing Racquetball with Shawn so I didn't get to swim as long as I wanted, but here is what I did:

1000 Warmup up swim (Felt strong)
500 - 5 x 100's free descending on 2:00 (1:27, 1:22, 1:17, 1:12, 1:10)
100 EZ
100 Breast
100 EZ

1800 Yards Total