Friday, May 27, 2011

Left shoulder explained and failure to think before speaking

This morning Dr Richards did an ultrasound of my left shoulder. He found a small grouping of some calcified scar tissue. He described the process of this as some inflammation that didn't go away and developed into scar tissue that has eventually had calcium form around it. He said it was small, but could be the source of my "grind" feeling after a long swim. He said that a cortisone shot could make them dissolve but there might be a chance that it might not and if it got more painful over time, they can be removed surgically. That would in ol e a needle going in and sucking them out. So for now hoping that the cortisone dissolves them. It was cool to see the injection fill in the gap on the ultrasoun in realtime as he was injecting it.

So yesterday I put my foot in my mouth! I was in the shower and David Balling came in. I asked him if he was going to the summer games and he said he wasn't. He asked me if I was in his age group. David is fast and holds many Utah state age group records. I was surprised at that question cause he's over 50. I guess my subconscious was a little annoyed at being classified as a 50 year old. So I quickly answered "Heck no!". Then I realized how retarded that sounded so I tried to back pedal a little. "I mean if I was in your age group I'd get killed. I've noticed that the older groups times are sometimes even faster than the middle aged times". Ouch! I just thought to myself "Give it up you already did the damage just shut up! So I did. That probably makes my top ten list of embarrassing/stupid moments of my life.

Today's swim was 550 yards then got out and shaved my arms. Big swim on Tuesday.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Stressed out Birthday Swim

Today I slept in thinking I would swim either at lunch at Steiner, or at BL on the way home from work.  I took a couple of my kids to my Mom's house for the day since they're off school and wanted to see Grandma.

When I got to work, my computer went through a windows update install that was downloaded last night.  It went through the install and automatically rebooted.  Then it went back in attempting to reinstall the update, then reboot, then reinstall the update.  Endless Loop.  Tried several things.  Same thing.  Took it over to the hardware pros and they couldn't even fix it.  So my laptop is toast.  I spent the entire day answering email and FB posts over my ipod.  Probably the most boring and nonproductive day I've had in my 12+ years as a software developer.

I decided I wasn't about to spend the full day at work sitting on my thumbs so I left early.  Except I forgot to pick up my kids from my Mom's house, so I had to drive almost the whole way back and get them from my Mom in Woods Cross.  I was in a crappy mood to say the least.  What better to fix that than with an open water swim in the Great Salt Lake!!!!

Cathi, Max and I drove out to the marina where I hurried in and swam out to Egg Island and back.  I was about 400 yards from Egg Island when about 50 seagulls all of a sudden started circling around me.  More and more of them appeared and they were getting brave.  I decided that was probably close enough and turned around and headed back.  Which was fine since I had already hit my halfway point for time allotted on my swim.

I took a couple reading of the temp with my watch and it read 62-63° which felt about right.  Yesterday's swim was much clearer than today.  Today's swim had alot of the brown muck.  I am nicknaming it Brine shrimp crud.  I have no idea what it is, but it looks like diarrhea.   The salt water seems more concentrated in that crud.  And warmer too.

When I got out the GPS read 2.49 miles and it took 1:10.  Not too shabby.  I stopped once for a drink at the turn around point by egg island and then a couple times to see if I could visually locate Cathi and Max on the beach.  I could barely see them.  When I got back I was well into my relaxed state and the frustrations of the day had worn off so that is what counts!  It felt like I was in the water for only 20 minutes though.  I had totally smeared channel grease all over my trouble spots and didn't have any issues.  Then again I was only in the water for 2 and half miles so it's hard to run into much trouble for that distance.

I'm very excited for my 20 mile swim on Tuesday.  Since there is a 40% chance of precipitation on Monday, I'm moving the planned swim to Tuesday.  Currently there is a 0% on Tuesday.    Here's a little info on Egg Island:

I'm loving this guidebook.  Lots of cool info!  Such as those spiders I saw on Fremont?  Those are orb weaver spiders.  Here's a pic I took last year of a male and female sharing a web on an old trailer on Fremont Island:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

GSL Swim with Mary Workman

Met Mary and her husband Brent at the Causeway entrance.  We drove together to the Marina.  She wore a wetsuit and we agreed to swim outside the marina and then discuss from there where to go.  The water felt much warmer than last Friday with Goody and Alicia.

I was impressed with her speed.  For every 5 minutes of swimming she was only behind about 40 seconds or so.    I had packed two gatorades in my SSD and we stopped a few times for drinks, and to allow her to adjust her wetsuit to take pressure of her neckline where she was getting a blister.  I told her that is why I avoid wetsuits.  They're bad enough in fresh water.  In the GSL, they're a killer for making blisters fast.  We turned around almost at the north western most point of the island.  The wind during our swim was coming from the south east so we had some very minor chop coming back.  One time during a breath, I accidentally got some water in my mouth that instantly made its way down into my stomach.  Nasty!  I gagged a couple of times, but it was already down there.  I didn't get sick, just yuk!  I could see lots of brine shrimp all around and I'm wondering if they have any nutritional value.  I probably swallowed a few.

At the entrance to the Marina I told her this is where I like to sprint so we sprinted from there back to the boat ramp.   Probably about a 300 yard swim. When I got out I immediately checked my GPS.  1.75 miles exactly.  Not bad for a day where I already did 5000 yards and consider it a tapering day.  There were only minor high clouds that had no juice.  The sun came out in fullness just as we were finishing the swim.

Had no issues with my shoulders at all this evening.  I have an appointment with the Doc on Friday to get a Cortizone shot in my left shoulder which I will NOT be cancelling.  It's very minor.  It only aches after a long time swimming.  Nothing very painful, but I still want it to be at the same level as my right so I'll ask him to do a minor dose.

1.75 miles + 5000 yards from this morning = 4.5 miles daily total

Leaving Hungry

Ever leave a buffet still quite hungry?  That's how I felt today when I left after my short workout.  Don't get me wrong, I love tapering.  But it's hard not to feel guilty only putting in 5000 yards, versus my normal.  I'm really looking forward to next week's big event.  I've been training for months for this thing, and feel ready for it.  The toughest part will be staying in the 60 degree water for the expected 10 hours.

Today's also another milestone.  This morning I hit 500 miles since the start of the year.  Halfway to my year end goal and it's only May.  Well ahead of schedule.

I was in the pool at 5:06am.  Here's today's workout:

2000 free
2000 pull
1000 - 2 x (100 kick, 100 back 100 one arm fly, 100 free, 100 breast)

5000 yards total

It's Oliver's Birthday today.  What a fun little kid!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Spencer Captures Swim - 4 Aug 1941

Salt Lake Tribune - August 4, 1941

Spencer Captures Swim

Victor Only Man to Finish Race - Waves, Wind Cut Down Starting Field by Jimmy Hodgson

Orson Spencer once more proved his right to the title of "Utah's foremost swimmer" Sunday when he conquered the treacherous waves of Great Salt lake to win the unique salt water marathon paddle for the sixth year.

It took Spencer five hours, seven minutes and 22 seconds to cover the 8.2 miles from Antelope island to Black Rock beach, one of the slowest times ever recorded in the swim, but that's what made the performance so brilliant.

"Boy, that feels good"...That's what Orson Spencer
had to say as he washed away the salt gathered on
his long trek through Great Salt Lake.  Spencer was
the only finisher.
Except for the first hour of the swim, during which time the weather was perfect, the paddlers were battling not only the briny and bitter water, but also a powerful wind which whipped up mountainous waves that covered the swimmers time after time and added to their peril.

Against such conditions records and times were out of the question, the problem was whether the swimmers could even stay in the water.

Six paddlers started the race, but the waves took a heavy toll and the mechanical-stroking Spenver was the only one who finished the long course.

Young Ned Winder dropped out first and then big Ed Watson became sick and had to be taken out.  Ken Lyman, last year's winner, was pushing Spencer for the lead, but when the waves reached their peak proportions he decided it was foolish to continue.

Perry Leavitt was taken from the water next when he became violently sick and then big Wayne Christensen of Ogden was forced out whe he got a mouthful of the strangling brine.  Christensen covered nearly six of the eight plus mile course.

Officials suggested that Spencer give it up with the waves making it extremely difficult to even keep him in check, but the persistent paddler continued to the finish line to receive the acclaim of a crowd of more than 500 fans.

Stops Frequently

During the last two miles, Spencer had to stop frequently to have the salt washed from his face with cool, fresh water, and he set a slow pace, but he reached his goal after the most trying conditions that have ever confronted the paddlers in the long swim.

It was the sixth victory for Spencer in the salt marathon.  He won the race from Antelope island to Saltair in 1930,1931 and 1932, setting a record of two hours and two minutes for the course.

He won the Antelope island to Black Rock swim in 1937 and 1938.  His time of three hours 40 minutes and 52 seconds is still the record for present course.  It was set in 1937.

After completing the grind Sunday, Spencer said that this year's swim was the toughest he had ever experienced.  "But I wanted to finish it for mother -- it's her birthday today and she's my coach and trainer.  I wanted to come in for her."

Justly Proud

Spencer's mother, Mrs. D. G. Spencer, was at the pier to meet her son, and she was justly proud.  It took plenty of stamina, courage and ability to swim eight miles in the boiling salty lake Sunday.

Orson received a beautiful trophy from James Latses of Black Rock beach for his victory, and all the contestants and officials were dined royally after the race as guests of Latses.

George Knepp was in charge of the boats following the swimmers, and the boatmen did a fine job in checking up and keeping in close contact with the struggling paddlers.

Officials were Dr. Munn Q Cannon, chairman of the A.A.U. swimming committee; Denny Ausherman, Don Reddish, Rex Sutherland, John Neff, Ward Armstrong and Dr. Ralph Cornwall.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Taper Day 1

Got up at 4 and was in the water at 5:01am:

2000 free
2000 pull
1000 kick with fins
1000 free

6000 yards total

Off to work early and if it's nice I'll stop at BL on the way home.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

White Rock Bay visit

Oliver even helped.  Here he is scrubbing walls.
Today I got up early enough to do a long swim.  Cathi had already gone to run in the Ogden Marathon.  The kids were all asleep.  As I was about to leave I saw what a disaster the house was in.  Cathi was going to be gone all day, I was planning to be gone all day.  Leaving seven kids at home alone all day on a Saturday in a house that was ALREADY in a disaster state really bugged me.  Both Jacob and Austin last night both said they didn't want to paddle for me, unless I paid them $20.

So I decided I would do a shorter swim today and get the house done.  We removed all the furniture out of two bedrooms and spring cleaned.  We vacuumed the entire house, cleaned the kitchen, swept and mopped all the wood floor.  Pretty much a spotless house.  Then we mowed the whole yard, and then mowed the neighbors yard.  The ones that up and left their home and left it in foreclosure.  Nobody is there to take care of the yard, and I'd hate to see that yard go to pot all summer.  Anyhow, we worked our butts off.  All of us.  While Cathi was running the marathon.  (She ended up with a pretty good time too)

Oliver (3 yr old)doing a flip on the tramp with
his buddies after all the work is done!
We were done by 11am. Then we played outside.  It was a beautiful day!  The sun was shining.  I bought the kids 4 large meat lover pizzas and sodas.  They were in heaven!  They had the rest of the day to play and I ended up with a very clean house.  I was pleased.  But now what to do about my swim?  I thought, Cathi would love to go with me out to White Rock Bay and let me check it out.  So that's what we did.

We took Max with us and Cathi brought an umbrella to shield her snow white skin from the sun.  I too the GPS to take waypoints to figure out where I would be starting my 20 mile swim, and how far of a walk it would be from the parking lot, and from the water's edge.  Here are the points:

The water was cold.  There were millions of brine shrimp.  They were pretty big too.  A little less than a cm I would guess.  There was a slight current from the south west.  White rock looked bigger than I thought it would be from the map.  I was wondering if I ought to go between White Rock and the beach when I do it, but based on the map, I'll go west of it, since I have to go slightly west to get around the point further south.

Notice that the map shows the waters edge almost where I'll start.  That's how far the water has risen.  Doesn't seem like much, but the waters edge to where I'll start is about a little over a quarter mile of wading.  There were tons of bugs biting me when were were parked and in the vegetation, but once we got to the sandy beach, there were no bugs in sight.  It was way too hot for them out there I guess.  The did a number on my scalp.  I was itching for hours.  I'll have to remember to wear tons of bug spray for that first little bit of the walk to the waters edge.  Then from there get myself covered in head to toe in vas/lanolin mix.

Max wasn't wary of the water, he got in up to his chest and it was funny when I saw him drink some of the water.  He took one dip with his tongue and then shook he head side to side after realizing it wasn't fresh.  He kept going out in the water while Cathi laid on the beach under her umbrella and took a nap.

So I didn't actually swim today, just a little preview of the start of my qualifying swim.  I'm getting excited!  The start of my taper begins, and last minute preps.

Friday, May 20, 2011

2 mile GSL swim with Goody and Alicia

Met Goody and Alicia at the causeway entrance at 4:30pm.  When we creeped out way into the water it felt cold.  I took a temp and it read 59.  We started our swim heading out of the marina towards Fremont Island.  There were dark clouds to the north, but far enough away.  It was sunny to the west.  The wind was coming form the northwest with small waves.  Not a big deal.   We swam for about 10 minutes out of the marina and stopped to take a couple pics.  After swimming out about 1/2 mile, I could see very faintly the bottom of the lake with the sandy spots and then the black bioherms.

I would swim about five minutes and flip turn and swim towards Goody and Alicia.  I told Austin to stay with them.  This was Alicia's first swim in the GSL.  We went 50 minutes then headed back cause we started to see some serious black clouds that were up ahead and heading our way.

Here's the GPS data which is pretty much the same distance that Goody and Alicia did.

I went back and forth a few times, I'll estimate about a half mile.  So 2 1/2 miles.  Definitely not what I had planned for the evening, but what do you do?  You can't curse mother nature.  Even though she's been in a pretty pissy mood lately with all this rain we've had this week.  You see a opening in the clouds and she sends you another round to remind you she's the boss.

Definitely found some hot spots to lube up extra well next time,  The front of my neck where the beard starts.  The inside of my legs by my knees, my stomach on each side by my belly button, and my upper check bones under my eyes.  Just to be safe I'll just lube up my entire body.  When I see vid of Channel swimmers totally covered in grease, I just shake my head.

It also tells me my heading (which I don't care about), but
here it is telling me that sitting at my desk, the room temp is
80.8°.  I'm thinking it also sucks some heat from my arm, so
it isn't 100% accurate.
Yesterday my birthday present came in the mail.  I got this new watch that I did a search for.  I wanted a watch that would tell me the water temp when I swim.  Sometimes I'll be at BL and then I'll hit a real cold spot and say in my mind, I wonder what that dropped down to?  Now I can tell at the press of a button.  I had to calibrate it with my digital one just to get it as close as possible to the digital therm, which I'm assuming is the real deal.  During today's swim I took several readings throughout the swim with both the watch and with the digital therm, and the watch was usually off by no more than 0.3°F.  Not bad.  So I'm pleased with it so far.

When I got home I had to hurry and get showered, and then head off to a massage with Cathi.  She's running the Ogden Marathon tomorrow, and I'm
Goody and Alicia swimming into the oncoming rain clouds.
also planning to do a super long swim tomorrow.  It's the last day of my HELL WEEK.  The massage was awesome.  Typically when I roll my neck it sounds like I'm driving on gravel, but now it's smooth and silent.  Love it!

Nice job Alicia for going for so long in the 60° water for so long!  The mile event you're doing will be more enjoyable now that you have a some experience and know a little more about what to expect.

Thanks to Austin for coming out and being the support rower.  He was a good sport and didn't complain.  Goody also is entertaining to talk to, so that helps his mood and makes it less boring for him.  Typically I'm pretty tight lipped and just go.

Today's total was 10K yards from this morning with an estimated 2 1/2 miles on top of that this evening.  Short by about 5K yards, but I'm not upset.  I'd rather swim 3 miles in GSL than 6 miles in the pool any day.

Front Page

Yesterday the Syracuse Islander printed a nice little clip on my swim in a couple weeks, and mentioned the GSL race in June.  Hopefully that gets a few more registrations!

Pressures on.  No bullcrap. 

This morning's swim went well.  I like equipment days:

1500 free
500 free/IM alternate by 100
3000 pull
1000 - 10 x 100's odd free, even alternate between back/breast or one arm fly 
1000 kick with fins
2000 pull
1000 free easy

10,000 yards total

I have an appointment to get a massage tonight at 8pm.  I'll have to be in the water this afternoon at 4:30 in order to make sure I get my 10K for tonight.  Looking to get a daily total of 20,000 yards. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day One of Utah State High School Waterpolo Championships

South Davis Rec Center (SDRC) is hosting the High School State Championships for Waterpolo and today was day one.  They had a poster set up for over a week saying that the competition pool would be closed, but I know better.  When they say closed, they're talking the deep end and a few lanes in the shallow.  There are still three lanes that are available.  But they want to lead on that they're closed so that nobody gets ticked when they have to share a lane.  But I was surprised that I was able to have a lane all to myself tonight.

There was enough male testosterone in the pool and in the stands to kill a male elephant.  It was crazy.  It's been a while since I've been to a High School event like that where everyone is yelling, screaming, pounding on stuff.  Not sure if that's why tonight's swim was awesome, but I don't care.  I was a little worried that with the lack of energy this morning that tonight's swim wouldn't be good as yesterdays.  It was even better. I was holding longer strokes and they were stronger.  I went faster and didn't have any aches.  

1000 free
100 back
1000 free
100 back
1000 free
100 back
1000 free

6500 yards total

That makes today's grand total 18,000 yards (over 10 miles)

Only thing that sucks is that I am so busy when I get home that I don't get to bed until now (10:20) and have to get up in 5 1/2 hours.  Definitely not enough sleep!  But I'll have to just deal with it for two more days.  I can sleep on Sunday (hopefully).

Napolean, shut your mouth when you breathe!

" nunchuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking
skills, marathon swimming skills.  Girls only want boyfriends
who have great skills!"
Some of my favorite movie duos of all time are Han Solo, and Luke Skywalker.  Then there's Kip and Napolean Dynamite.  Ever notice that Napolean always breathes with his mouth open?  You never see his lips shut tight.  Well today I realized that when I'm not concentrating when I swim in the pool, I leave my mouth open.  I couldn't get away with that in the GSL.  But in the pool I leave my mouth slightly open when I exhale underwater.  As a result I get chlorinated water in my mouth and after a while it leave my teeth and gums in a grimy sticky state.  Not very pleasant.  So I end up having to think about keeping my mouth tightly shut, especially for practice swimming in GSL.

Today's swim was tough.  I was pretty drained right from the start, so my speed wasn't that good.  I tried practicing sleeping and swimming at the same time.  But I was too nervous about hitting the wall.  But I wouldn't mind doing that in open water with a support boat.  Here's what I ended up doing:

No equipment day!
2000 free
100 back

2000 free
100 back
2000 free
100 back
2000 free
100 back
2000 free
100 back
850 free
100 back
50 breast

11,500 yards total in 3 hours.  My goal was 12,500 but I remembered how much better I swim in the evening and since I'm coming in anyway, I might as well cut the morning swim short and put more on the evening swim since I'll be fully carbed by this evening anyway.  So I will be swimming 6,500 this evening to get 18,000 yards for the day.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is it about swimming in the evening?

When I swim in the evening I am so much more energized!  Much faster, and no pain.  I got in the pool at 6:25 and swam:

2000 free fast
rest one minute
2000 free fast

There was a guy in the next lane who was going at a pretty good pace so that set the standard and my stroke rate went well above 60.  It was probably in the 65-68 range.  I was able to get the whole 4000 in 57 minutes, including the one minute rest.  Not bad.  I was pleased with that.

16,000 yards total for the day

Ken Lyman Wins National Jr. AAU Distance Swim Title - 22 July 1940

Ken Lyman Wins National Jr. AAU Distance Swim Title - 22 July 1940 - Deseret News

Watson Second 18 Minutes Behind Ex-Granitian - By Mack Corbett

The third time proved the charm for Ken Lyman, 27-year-old former Granite High School freestyle and backstroke ace, yesterday when he won the annual Great Salt Lake swim and the National Junior AAU Long Distance Championship for 1940 all wrapped up in one.

KEN LYMAN, 27 year old Salt Laker, is national junior AAU outdoor long
distance swim champion for 1940 as a result of his victory yesterday in the
annual Great Salt Lake Marathon from Antelope Island to Black Rock beach.
He crawled and backstroked the 8.12 miles stretch of brine in 4 hours,
18 minutes and 19 seconds.  Lyman is pictured above, surrounded by
admiring fans and covered with salt crystals, as he emerged from the water
at Black Rock pier.

The well-proportioned Salt Lake City athlete negotiated the 8.12 miles of heavy salt water between Antelope Island, the starting point, and Black Rock Beach pier in 4 hours 30 minutes and 19 seconds.  The record, set by Orson Spencer in 1937, is 3:58.  [GORDS MAKING CORRECTIVE EDITOR REMARKS HERE.  Wait a minute.  the record set in 1937 was 3:40:52! ]  Incidentally, Spencer, with his arm in a horizontal cast from a recent automobile accident, followed the swimmer in a boat all the way yesterday.

In winning the briny grind, Lyman finished 18 minutes ahead of defending Champion Ed C. Watson, also of Salt Lake City, who required 4 hours 38 minutes.


Only two others of a field of eight who started the marathon at 12:10 p.m., were able to complete the course in the face of a choppy head wind that blew up at about [1] o'clock to harass the paddlers considerably.  They were Russell Rigby of Garfield who reached the Black Rock pier at 5:32 for the elapsed time of 5:22 and Wayne Christensen of Ogden who finished 5:52 and a time of 5:42.  Incidentally, Christensen is one of the first long distance swimmers to essay the breast-stroke in the heavy water.  He swam it all the way using the "frog kick."

Keith Fernelius of Ogden, Robert Isakson of Magna, Arthur Johansen and Wes Workman, of Salt Lake CIty, were picked up by the boats when the wind blew too much of the strangling salt water in their faces.   Johansen stayed fairly even with the leaders through six miles.


The race was a duel between Lyman and Watson from the start.  Swimming with his face under water, the way he learned in ocean swimming, Watson went into the lead and stretched it to an advantage of a half mile over Lyman at the half-way mark.   Lyman was almost that far ahead of Rigby who was in third place at this point.  Watson commenced to ship [home] of Great Salt Lake as the wind started to whip up and in the next two miles took violently sick, vomiting at one juncture.  Lyman's steady pace pulled him even, then past the defending champion.  He turned on his back the last mile to avoid the salt spray and came in a decisive winner.  He is Utah's fastest back-stroke exponent as well as fastest freestyler.  Watson showed supreme courage in finishing only 18 minutes behind the winner.


All the swimmers were chafed by their close-fitting trunks.  Most wore a thin layer of grease.  Lyman used goggles only a mile or so after the wind came up.  Asked if he would like to go out and do it all over again, Lyman, who showed little fatigue said: "I would tomorrow.  I feel fine.  I was really in condition for this one.  Been training for six weeks, some of 'em six mile jaunts.  I've lost two of these races to Spencer.  With Orson out, I figured this was my chance."

Lyman stands 5 feet 11 and weighs 165.  He was on the coast when last year's race was held.

Gold statuette trophies were presented to the four finishers at a dinner given by Jim Latses, owner of Black Rock Beach, in the evening.  The race was supervised by Charles Welch Sr., and Dr. Munn Q. Cannon.

Start of 2 a day swims

This morning got up at 4:00am and was in the water at 4:58am:

2000 free
1000 - 200 back,  400 kick with fins, 400 IM
2000 pull
1000 - 200 back, 400 kick no fins, 400 IM
2000 free
1000 - 200 back,  400 kick with fins, 400 IM
2000 pull
1000 free

12,000 Yards total in 3:20

Will stop by SDRC on the way home and do 4000 yards, OR 2 laps in Bountiful Lake depending on the weather.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Yet another yucky day with rain.  I don't know how the folks in Washington deal with it.  I'm so sick of it...  I need warm weather!

Today's swim was exhausting.  I just didn't have any gas left and I was feeling some tings in my right shoulder at the start of my recovery which is the opposite part of where I was having problems before.  I decided not to push it and make it worse, so I cut today's swim short.  I need to get to bed at 8pm if I'm gonna get up at 3:45am.  I just can't live off 5 hours of sleep!

Today's swim was:

6,000 - 3 x 2000 free no equipment
250 free

6,250 yards total

Monday, May 16, 2011

Kill it week

This week is my last week before tapering for the 20 mile GSL swim.  This week's goals:

M - 8 miles
T - 8 miles
W - 9 miles
Th - 10 miles
F - 11 miles
Saturday - 16 miles

Hit today's goal:

14,000 - 7 x 2000's free odd no equip, even pull, :15 ri
100 IM

14,100 yards total

Friday, May 13, 2011

13 miles on Friday the 13th

Work or swim?  Tough choice.  SWIM!  I had planned on taking the morning off to go to a film session with Utah State Parks, but they postponed it to next week.  I was looking forward to it, and couldn't bear going in to work when I have the biggest swim of my life so far coming up in nearly 2 weeks.  So I was in the SDRC pool at 6:30 and did:

1000 free
1800 - 2 x 900's free (100 back, 800 free)
2400 - 3 x 800's (100 fly, 100 back, 600 free)
2800 - 4 x 700's 
3000 - 5 x 600's pull :15 ri
3000 - 6 x 500's TT start on :98 increase by 1 every set, end on 1:03
2800 - 7 x 400's odd IM, even free no rest
800 - 8 x 100s kick with fins

17,600 yards

Then I got out and went directly to Bountiful Lake.  It was very sunny, but the water was cold!  59° on the edge, but once I got out there, a very cold current that I'm guessing is 53° for about 25 yards was on the north end.  The north end in general was about 57°.  While the south end was about 61°.  

Did 3 laps.  Got pretty cold in the water, but didn't get the shakes afterwards because the air temp was 78°.  Got some good sun.  So glad I took the opportunity to swim today and that I was able to hit my goal for the day instead of letting the excuses that popped up in my head prevail. 

13 miles total for the day

Thursday, May 12, 2011

"You're so dedicated"

I love it when I wake up at 3:50am and force myself out of bed, and hear Cathi say in her cute tired voice, "Oh Gordon, you're so dedicated."  She of all people should know.  She's been known to get up many times at as early as in the 2 o'clock hour to go on a long run with her friends.  It's nice that she appreciates what it takes to get up early (especially when you're consistently getting 6 hours of sleep or less.

I was in the water at 4:50am!

14,000 - 7 x 2000's free :20 ri Odd no equipment nice and long strokes, even pull
100 backstroke

14,100 yards total

My left shoulder was "annoyed".  No sharp pain, just tight and not happy.  So I just got an appointment with Dr. Richards to get a cortizone shot in my left shoulder on Monday.  When I saw him last week and he gave me a shot in my right shoulder, I should have asked him to do the left side too.  The left shoulder is typically the one to be annoyed.  My right shoulder feels fantastic now!  Need to get them both to be happy so I can be perfectly balanced.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

North Antelope Swim

I met Goody at the entrance to the park at 4:50 pm and we drove out together to the marina at the North End of Antelope.  The water on the surface was 61°, but about 18 inches below the surface I held my digital thermometer and it read 58°.  The sun was shining and there was a slight breeze but nothing major.

I took the SSD and it was full of both of our stuff (Goody's two bottles, my big Gatorade, and then my container which had my phone, ipod (for taking pics), thermometer, and my car keys.  Trying to tread water and empty that thing out without getting water in, was a pain.  I got a cramp in my quad.  Not fun.  I need to get the big size SSD.  Cause I like to have my stuff, but don't want it to be so cramped.  I was hoping to swim out towards Egg Island and then cut in between that island and the northwest corner of Antelope and then swim to the south end of Bridger Bay.  The water level was high, but still not high enough as we started to hit bottom with our hands just as we started to get to the shallow land bridge from Antelope to Egg Islands.  So we decided to turn around and head north for a bit.

I get nervous swimming out there more than half a mile from shore.  The weather was perfect, and the odds of a storm coming out of nowhere is extremely slim.  But I still get paranoid, so I suggested we swim east.  I think Goody was getting bugged with the route changes.  We almost got in our planned 4 miles, but not quite.


 3.5 miles in 1:50

I was a little chilled.  With my GSL swim in 3 weeks, I may actually be able to qualify for English Channel after all with that swim.  My start is in the morning on the west side of Antelope so the water will be pretty close to 60 I bet.  We'll see....

It was a beautiful evening!  My lips and tongue did much better this time.  I also didn't have any chaffing at all.  Then again I tried out my 50/50 lanolin/vaseline mix.  I ordered some lanolin online and mixed it up in a baggie and applied it using the baggie.  It worked out perfectly.

Given that this location is only 15 minutes from my house and much closer for Goody as well, we'll be making this the preferred GSL swim location.  The GSL Marina is fine, but its a 3 times further than the Antelope Island Marina.

Here's some pics
Goody was a good partner.  Our pace was right about the same.

This picture does NOT do the view any justice.  It was beautiful!

Looking at the boat docks in the marina with the
snow capped mountains in the background

3.5 miles total

21 July 1940 - Expert Field Ready in Lake Classic

Not sure if this is from Deseret News, or Salt Lake Tribune, but the date shows 21 July 1940

Expert Field Ready in Lake Classic - Winner in 1939 Favored to Triumph Again
 One of the largest fields in years to enter the annual Antelope island-Black Rock beach swim classic in Great Salt lake, with the national junior A.A.U. championship at stake for the first time, will pluge off the beach at Antelope Island at about 11:30 a.m. Sunday to begin the long chase back to the finish point at Black Rock beach pier.  The distance of the swim is exactly 8.12 miles.
The swim, together with religious services in honor of the pioneers of Utah, to be held in Salt Lake City Sunday evening, form the Covered Wagon days' offering to its visitors Sunday.
Not only is the field one of the largest in recent years, Dr. Munn Q. Cannon, swim chairman of the intermountain A.A.U. declared Saturday, but the list of possible finishers to the long grind is exceptionally large.  Every entrant according to the chairman, is a proven swimmer, and with good weather is almost certain to complete the course.
Spencer Out

The old master of the salt course, Orson Spencer of Ogden, many times winner, was forced to withdraw this year because of injuries received in an automobile accident, and Edward C. Watson of Salt Lake City, winner in 1939 in extremely stormy seas, was installed an early favorite.  The showing of Ken Lyman, former Granite star, in recent weeks has made him the dark horse favorite.  Great things also are expected of Byrne Fernelius of Ogden, third place winner in 1939, and Wesley Workman of the University of Utah, swimming the race for the first time. 
The swimmers, an even dozen, will assemble at Black Rock beach at 9 a.m. for registration and physical examination by Dr. C. Ralph Cornwall of Salt Lake City.  They will be ferried by the big cruisers of Salt Lake county, piloted by Deputy Sheriff George Knepp, the Sea Scouts Stansbury, under the direction of Stanley Evans, and the Spear-Bray cruiser of Magna.  The start will be made from Antelope island to bring the finish close to 3 p.m. at Black Rock.  It will be approximately 11:30 a.m. in case of good weather, and earlier if the lake is stormy.

One month until GSL Marathon swim

I wish I was swimming this event, but the next best thing is helping organize it for other swimmers from all over.  I'm hoping for perfect weather!  When I first started the race, I really wanted a celebrity to come out and do it.  So I contacted Rob Dumouchel to see if he would want to do it.  He enthusiastically agreed.

Since I'm the race director and want to be there for all the swimmers, I suggested I paddle for him.  I was very pleasantly surprised when not only did we get Rob, but other super experienced marathon swimmers!  I'm excited to meet them all and see them in action up close and personal!

I must admit I've been a little jealous of Rob's art skills and paint abilities, so I came up with my own "drawring". Hoping that this is a weather forecast of the swim next month:

Anyhow, I slept in this morning as planned because I'm planning a 4 miler north of Antelope Island this evening with Goody.  Goody is also one of the race participants.  Man he is really training well and I expect he'll do just fine.  Hopefully it clears up today and its nice outside in time for our swim.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

13K yards

Got up at 4am and was in the water at 4:50am NICE!

3000 - 6 x 500's use tempo trainer 1st one @ :57, extend by one each set.  End on 1:02 (62 spm/58 spm)
2800 - 7 x 400s free odds pull :10 ri
2400 - 8 x 300s free
1800 - 9 x 200s odd back, even free :10 ri
1000 - 10 x 100's kick with fins no rest
100 easy
1800 pull
100 one arm fly drill

13,000 yards total in 3:34

Some tightness in the left shoulder, but no pain.  Definitely not fast,  my 100 splits are right around 1:30.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Feeling like a million bucks

This morning I got up and was out the door at 4:44am to get to the pool.  It rained all night and today it is like living in Washington or something.  It's grey and rainy. So probably no OW for me today.  Got in the pool and started my swim at 5:18am

1000 free
1800 - 2 x 900s free
2400 - 3 x 800s free
2800 - 4 x 700s free
3000 - 5 x 600s free
100 easy

11,100 yards total

I didn't have time to keep going on the ladder.  Work is cracking down on people like me who show up at 9:30 instead of 9:00am.  Lame.  So I will meet Cathi and the kids at SDRC this evening and we'll have a play time and I'll hopefully sneak away for an hour and get in one more set of 6 x 500's.

My shoulder is 100% now and there is no pain at all.  I think I'll be able to stay on course for my planned 20 miler in 3 weeks.  My lips and tongue are peeling from the salt exposure on Saturday.  Given that it was 5 times shorter than my 20 miler, I guess I'll have it 5 times as bad.  Ouch!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Black Rock to Saltair and back

Jacob and I start the swim right up next to Black Rock.
I met Goody and we started our swim at Black Rock.  I was AMAZED at how high the water was.  Last year when I swam out there with Josh we had at least 50 yards from Blackrock down on to the beach before reaching the waters edge.  This year,  the water is I would guess about 2 feet higher which equates to quite a way up the beach right up to the edge of the parking lot.

Jacob and I turn around near Saltair beach
Goody brought his wife Patricia and I brought Jacob with them in their own kayak.  After getting in we waded up to our waist and then dived in.  I was a little cool and went right for the Marina.  Once Jacob and I got there I took a sip of Gatorade.  Then I kept fallowing the path along the green buoys and decided to go to Saltair which we figured was about 2 1/2 miles.  We got close to Saltair, but I was hitting the sandy bottom with my hands during my stroke, so I stood up and took another drink of Gatorade.  The GPS that Jacob had read that we had swam just over 2 miles.  The waves were pretty strong and I looked back to see clouds that didn't look so nice, so we turned back around since it was about another 1/2 mile to the waters edge and too shallow to swim.  I definitely don't like the idea of having to be rescued with bad weather on the lake.  Been there before and it's a little embarrassing.  Better to be smart and turn around, than waste another 30 minutes wading through 12 inches of water just to get to the waters edge, only to turn around and walk alongside the boat to get where it's deep again.

Real Swimmers Swim Naked
There were definite cold and warm pockets in the lake.  When we started off, the water was 63.6 degrees.  I took an other reading in the cold spot and it was 62.8 degrees.  I'm thinking that my 20 mile swim in three weeks will be too warm to count for an English Channel qualifier.  So I might have to do that in the fall.  But I'll still plan to do my swim anyway.

My lips and tongue were really starting to swell up.  But my shoulder was feeling just fine.  We got past the marina on the way back.  I was really getting some serious chaffing going on downstairs.  Mental note:  Next time, wear a jammer, not a speedo in GSL.

Marcia Cleveland had a shirt made up a while back for crazies like me.  I bought one a while back, but never have worn it.  Today I actually tried it out and deserve to wear it.  Not a big deal since there aren't other swimmers or boaters in the area.  It kept Jacob amused the rest of the way!  It sure paid off cause without a suit, there was no painful chaffing.

When we got close to the finish I slipped back in to my suit and waded back to the starting point.  The GPS read that it was just over 4 1/4 miles and just over 2 hours.  Actual swim distance was right around 4 miles with 1/4 mile in walking along side the boat towards Saltair before deciding to just turn around and swim back.

Jacob and I climbed the rock.

What an enjoyable swim!  

4 Miles total

Friday, May 6, 2011

4 laps in Stansbury Park lake

Tonight the Gridley family planned a "Clayman" relay triathlon with all the cousins.  It was very informal.  Not really a race, but a group outing that included running biking and swimming (well at least for me).  Everyone else went on a quarter mile canoe ride.  There were four groups that wanted to canoe so I did four laps of the boat ramp out to the buoy and back.

So I ended up doing 2 miles.  The water was clean, and the temp was perfect!  Afterwards I took the temp and it was 63.6°.  I didn't get cold one bit during or after the swim.   My shoulder was fine too.  I'm looking forward to tomorrow's GSL swim!

2 miles total

Shoulder Bursitis

My shoulder has felt fine the last couple of open water swims, but still gives me occasional shots of pain when moving my arm fast, or in a certain direction.  So I opted to keep my appointment with Dr. Spencer Richards, a sports medicine Dr.  I explained my symptoms and he had me do range of motion and strength tests.  He said my strength was fine and didn't suspect a tear, so he did an ultrasound.  He took a few pictures.

This isn't me, but is exactly where I got the shot.  
He showed me some dark sections underneath what he explained was muscle and between the bones.  They were inflammation.  He called it Shoulder Bursitis.  It's an inflammation, that is from overuse or strain.  He said that I could either take 800 mg of Ibuprofen three times a day over several weeks, or if I needed a faster result, a cortizone shot.  I told him I wanted fast results, as I only have three weeks until my GSL swim.  So he gave me a cortizone shot.  It wasn't too bad. 

I also read recently on LoneSwimmer's site about "Magic Cups"  Looks like a great way to be prepared to administer ice.  Normally I just put it in a baggie and leave it on my shoulder, but then it just falls off.  Then I hold it there and freeze my hand.  This is a cool way to administer it.  I'll have to go find some cups like that and get them in the freezer. 

He said I should take ibuprofen while I'm training to keep the swelling under control, which I definitely plan to do.  It might be in my head, but I feel it getting better already.  He said I'm OK to swim over the next few days, but to take it easy and let the swelling subside before really putting more strain on it.  So tonight's swim is only a mile and I'll take it easy. 

Tomorrow I swim with Goody in GSL and I'll just take a really easy pace.  I'm very happy that I now have a diagnosis, an immediate treatment to reverse the inflammation and a set of precautionary practices to reduce the chance of it happening again.

20 July 1940 Deseret News Sports Article - Ed Watson is the man to beat

Champion Ready To Defend Title In Tomorrow's Great Salt Lake Swim 

EDWARD C. WATSON, pictured above on the Black Rock Beach pier against a back-drop of the 8.12-mile stretch of Great Salt Lake water which he had just swam in a heavy storm to win the 1939 Antelope Island-to-Black Rock marathon, will be the man to beat tomorrow when 12 paddlers compete in the 1940 renewal of the event.  It takes added significance this year, being the official national junior A.A.U.Outdoor swim for men.  The race is scheduled to start at about 11 a.m. tomorrow from Antelope Island, shown in the extreme right background of the photo.  - The Deseret News Sports, Salt Lake City, Utah, Saturday, July 20, 1940

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2.5 miles in BL

This afternoon I stopped at BL on this warm beautiful day!  I put the therm in my SSD and started my laps.  After doing 2 laps I started back around, but then just went around the eastern island and then back around.  2.5 miles.

During my swim I treaded water while I opened up my SSD and took out the thermometer.  I wanted to see what the difference was in readings from the surface versus 2 feet under where I could really feel the difference.  On the surface out in the middle of the lake it was 60.9°, but two feet under it was 56.6°.  That was in a relatively warm part of the lake.

The coldest part was the the northwest corner, and the warmest the southeast corner.  It was at least 10 degrees different.  I would get quite chilled in the northwest and extremely comfortable in the southeast.

Every once in a while someone asks me "Bountiful Lake?  Don't you mean Bountiful Pond?"  It seems that the term pond and lake is used interchangeably for the lake.  I prefer "Lake".  It sounds more significant.  A pond sounds like a little thing.  But BL is 1 mile around.  So that is a Lake!    Here's the marker for the lake, for proof that I'm not just building it up to something more than it really is.

2.5 miles total

1940 pre-race article building up Ed Watson as favored winner for the 1940 Antelope Island To Black Rock race

Not sure if this is from Deseret News or Salt Lake Tribune, or even the date, but it is sometime in the early summer of 1940:

Watson Favored in Long Splash - Start Scheduled at Antelope Island By Mack Corbett 
Twelve well-conditioned swimmers from Utah and Wasthington pronounced themselves ready for tomorrow's 8.12 mile marathon which will decide the National Junior AAU Outdoor Long Distance Swimming Championship of 1940.
The event is scheduled to start at 11a.m. from the sandy beach of Antelope Island in Great Salt Lake and finish within two and a half hours of the starting time at Black Rock Beach near Garfield.
Gords interjection:  I don't think Mack really discussed the expected finish time with someone who knew, since the record holder for that distance was Orson Spencer with a 3:40:52 time.   Two and half hours would mean a 18:28 per mile pace which is doable by a really fast miler, but I don't think anyone could swim that fast for 8 miles straight.  Even in the Great Salt Lake.    Sorry.  Just had to point that out.  On with the article....

Final pronouncement on the physical condition of the field will be made tomorrow at 9 a.m. by Dr. C. Ralph Cornwall, examining physician. 
Watson Leads Field
The contestants are Ed C. Watson, of Salt Lake City, defending champion; Wesley Workman of the University of Utah, Arthur Johansen of Pyallup, Wash., R.C. Isakson of Magna, Russell L. Rigby of Garfield, Wayne Christensen, Byrne Fernelius and A.C. Cook of Ogden, and four other Salt Lakers - Ken Lyman, Don Thoresen, Glen Smith and John Carmen of the Deseret Gymnasium.
A keen race is in prospect what with fair weather the forecast in contrast to last year's storm-tossed competition.  Watson will step into the brine as the odds-on favorite, but Thoresen and Lyman are both capable of sensational time.  Carmen is an accomplished back-stroker and can change off without diminishing speed.  Rigby is a veteran of previous swims and this may be his year.  Fernelius placed third last year and is a member of Bert Jensen's ski instruction staff. The same is true of the other entrants, so a dark horse could easily walk off with the honors.
Boatmen Will Aid
T. C. Adams, commodore of the Great Salt Lake Yacht Club, has issued a call to all sailboat owners to be ready to meet the swimmers at Antelope Island and escort them on the swim; Frnak A. Hulbert will be in charge of the speedboat flotilla which will also assist George A. Knepp, sheriff's deputy will be in charge of the Sheriff's launch and auxiliary speed boat. 
Dr. Cannon In Charge
Dr. Munn Q. Cannon chairman of the Intermountain A.A.U. swim committee, is conducting the event which is an official part of the Covered Wagon Days celebration.  Officials of CWD will be on hand for the finish of the race, congratulate the winners and attend a dinner given by James Latses, operator of Black Rock Beach.  In the swimmers' and officials' honor in the early evening.  Gus P. Backman, Intermountain A.A.U. president, planned to attend and aware the four official national A.A.U. trophies to the first four finishers.  
Officials for the event, besides Dr. Cornwall and Dr. Cannon, are: Charles Welch Sr., presiding judge; George Adamson, Chloris Watts, first aid; Don Reddish, Denny Ausherman and Rex Sutherland, timers;  Dr. Hyde Cowley, clerk of the course; Harold McNeil, Ward Armstrong and Ferron Loosee, inspectors; Gus P. Backman, honorary judge.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First GSL Swim this year

Josh, Goody and me after the swim.  
I met Josh and Goody at the GSL Marina and also Paul who took pictures for the Utah State Parks.  I was nervous about my shoulder but figured I could get at least 1/2 mile or so without trouble.  We left the boat ramp at the end of the parking lot and went out of the marina and along the buoy line.  We went to the end of the green row.  My shoulder didn't give me any pain whatsoever.  I was so happy about that!  So we swam back.  When I got water in my mouth I was so excited to be swimming in the GSL that I didn't mind at all.  It actually put me in the mood for a big salt pretzel from Vozen's.

The sun was shining and there was only a slight breeze from the north.  It was perfect weather.  The back of my legs kept hitting my SSD.  Next time I'll go without it.  An SSD is major overkill in the GSL.   First of all there are no boats.  Plus if you have trouble in the GSL, just hold still.  I mostly used it to store my gatorade among other things in case I wanted a drink while out there.  But I was fine.  
Josh's family was there when we got out, and Jake got in just as we got out.  If Paul wasn't there we would've waited, but he wanted to take pictures and get on his way.

I'm so pleased that I didn't have shoulder issues.  I'll definitely be back in the pool tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get back on track and not have to delay my GSL swim.  I haven't had a good solid swim in over a week!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Another name in GSL marathon swimming history - Edward Watson

Here is an article taken from either the Deseret News, or the Salt Lake Tribune, on 7 July 1940:

1939 Champ Files Entry in Lake Swim Classic

Edward C. Watson, Salt Lake City swimmer, who paddled for five hours 25 minutes and 26 seconds to reach Black Rock beach from Antelope island in 1939 to cop the intermountain A.A.U. long distance swim championship, will defend his title this year.  He entered the contest Saturday, according to Dr. Munn. Q Cannon, A.A.U. swim chairman, as a representative of Black Rock beach.

Not only will Watson seek a second intermountain championship, but this year will seek the national A.A.U. individual long distance swim championship for men, since the annual Antelope island-Black Rock swim to be held this year on Sunday, July 21, as a feature of the Covered Wagon Days celebration has been awarded the national championship.

In Accident

Missing among the contestants will be the "grand old man" of the yearly swim, Orson Spencer, lately of Ogden, who is recovering from injuries received in an automobile accident.  Spencer dropped the title for the first time in years in 1939 when he became lost in the mountainous waves of the lake in weather declared to be the worst ever experienced in the classic swim.

Watson, the lone swimmer to finish the 8.12 miles, had hoped to engage Spencer in a duel in the 1940 classic, but will be deprived of the chance.

"I really wanted a chance to race Spencer this year."  Watson said.  "I have heard from every swimmer I know that he has a great stroke, one of the best in the intermountain west.   Winning the 1939 race proved nothing except that I was able to go the route.  I could have just as well gotten off the course as Spencer and the rest of the boys--and never have finished.  Maybe I was just plain lucky.  I've been looking forward to meeting Spence, and I'm sure we both would have enjoyed tangling."

After Record

"If Spencer isn't in, the next best thing to do is to try and lower his record of three hours, 40 minutes and 52 seconds, and I believe I've got a chance to do it.  At least I'm going to try, if we get good weather, and that is likely, with the date advanced to July 21.  I can concentrate on that with Spencer out of the race.  With him in, I'd be too busy watching him to swim for time.  There may be some others who will make the going tough--but in training at least I'm aiming at time more than anything else."

Nearly 200 invitations have been mailed for the national junior championships to all sections of the country and the swim may attract a national field.

Testing the shoulder

I was worried all weekend about my shoulder because even though I didn't swim, just doing simple daily activities like lifting a gallon of milk in just the right way caused a sharp stabbing pain in my right shoulder.  It didn't take very much force.  So this morning's swim was accompanied by a few prayers.

I started out doing a very easy freestyle stoke without much pressure on the pull motion, but again within 10 yards it was painful.  So I went right into kicking...

25 yards free
25 breast
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins
100 back easy with fins

400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins
100 back easy with fins
100 breast
100 back
400 - 4 x 100's kick with fins
500 back

2550 yards total

I was talking with Jared Edge by the side of the pool and he mentioned that he tore both shoulders and gave a description of the same type of movement that actually causes me pain.  He said it took him 6 months to get where he could swim comfortably again after his injury.  What!   I don't have six months.  I'm going to go see the Dr, and get his opinion.