Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Making music in the water

On odd days, the Masters workouts happen in the evening and not the morning at Northwest, so I'm on my own on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I used to thrive on this opportunity, but to be honest I'm getting a little burned out with the pool and it takes some real effort to coming up with something creative so I don't get bored.  So today I decided to convert a song into a workout.

Each note represents which finger (1 = Thumb, 5 = pinky) should play the note if using the piano.  This is important for proper hand placement over the keys.  E should be played with the third finger, thus a 300 yard distance, and C should be played with the thumb which is a 100 yard distance and so on:

G = 500 pull
E = 300 free strong
D = 200 IM
C = 100 kick (fins optional)

Then I played this song:  E - D - C - D - E - E - E- D - D - D - E - G - G- E- D - C - D - E - E - E - E - D - D - E - D - C

@:30 ri between each note

Can you guess the song?

I was lacking in energy today and couldn't wait to finish the song!  But I got through it.  Total Distance = 6,600 yards total

If you can't figure out the song, here it is.
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