Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Major flashback

This morning after my very tough cross training with Cathi I made it to the pool in time, but I took my sweet time in the shower.  It was so warm, and felt so good, it was hard bringing myself to turn it off and get in the pool, but I made it.  Only got 5 something hours of sleep last night and I had a few illusions this morning.  I think I need to sacrifice my lift tomorrow and come in to swim much later.

Today's workout was:

200 free, 100 kick
200 - 4 x 50's free/stroke
1000 - 2 x (25, 50, 75, 100, 100, 75, 50, 25)
800 - 4 x 200's pull, 150 free, 50 stroke on 3:00
800 - 4 x 200's 1,3 negative split, 2 & 4: build by 50
Then attempted to do the whole thing again, but ended up only doing a portion of it and ended up with

4,000 yards total in 1:25  TOTALLY DRAINED!

I was talking with James and I think I talked him into joining SLOW.  I meant to ask him his last name but forgot.  After doing a couple laps, I decided to get out and catch him in the locker room before he left.  I asked him his last name,  "Rogers" he said.  Just yesterday I tried finding Lizz Rogers on facebook.  I knew she had a different last name, but didn't have a clue what it was.  I asked him if his sister was Lizz and he said yes.  I also remembered Rich and Jon from DG days.

Lizz Rogers is on the far left.  It was very kind of her to come to the airport
to say good bye with my other DG lifeguard friends.
Also pictured is Lyn Gibson, Sherri (Clark) Trost, my family,
and Harrison kids in the front.
In fact, I have such fond memories of Jon.  He was one of the funniest guys I knew and was always a total pleasure to take a lifeguarding shift with.  When I worked my last day at DG before my mission he said something profound to me which I'll never forget:  "Where e're though art.  Do well thy part."  I've tried to live by that standard since then.

In fact, I remember Lizz bringing her "cute little brother" to DG when I was there.  James was such a little kid back then, it's no wonder I didn't recognize him as an adult.  But now that I know it's him, I totally see in my memory the resemblance.  Lizz, Rich and Jon were all dear friends when I was at DG and I remember being amazed at what an awesome family they were.  It made me wish I knew them much better.   
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