Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fast 4 miles

I slept in this morning till 5:30. I was in the water at 6:30am. On the way to the pool, I decided today would be "Personal Record" challenge day. I planned to swim 4 miles straight as fast as I could while still pacing myself but going for a new PR.

The first 2 miles were really fast cause I had to share a lane with a small petite woman, but she was fast! For every 100 yards I was only getting about 5 yards on her. She was doing sets of 400 and then would rest for only :20 seconds or so and go again. That is very impressive considering I don't ever see her at Masters practice, and she's just swimming on her own.

I looked at the clock at the one mile, but can't remember what it was. I know it wasn't a PR though, it was in the 24 minute range. But I made a real effort to commit the 2,3 and 4 mile splits to memory:

2 Mile (1800 yards): 47:50 (about 20 seconds short of a new PR), but still pretty fast split.
3 Mile (5300 yards): 1:12:17 Killed my PR!
4 Miles (7050 yards): 1:36:55 Killed my PR!

The average mile for that swim was: 24:16 Not bad.

Then I did 50 yards grandpa swimming.

7100 yards

Not the longest swim this week, but given that I was pushing it the whole time, remembering to go streamlined off the wall, it gave me at least an extra 2 feet per 50 yards. Felt great about that time. I don't think those mile PR's will get beat by myself anytime soon.

I also finally got the name of the guy I see every day who used to swim at Deseret Gym when I was guarding there. I remember he tore his Achilles tendon and was using swimming to help rebuild the muscle in his calf muscle. It was really bad, but now it appears to be totally fine. His name is Craig Anderson. He's a nice guy. He asked about my purposes for swimming so I told him of my English Channel attempt scheduled for next fall.

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