Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10000 yards

Today since I didn't have a prescribed workout, I planned on just doing a straight swim. I looked and I don't have record of what my PR is for a straight swim in the pool. No stopping at all. Just flipturn after flipturn, no drinks, no rest, just keep on going.....

My goal was 7100 yards (4 miles), but I felt so good at that point, I thought I'd just go for 9000. At 9000, I quickly looked at my watch while pushing off the wall and saw that I had time for 10,000 yards, so I did 1000 more.

I got my times at the following point:

3 miles(5300 yards) - 1:16:50
4 miles(7050 yards) - 1:42:59
10000 yards - 2:25:40
Most pool yards swam without stopping - 10000 yards

All being new PR's - Had some minor shoulder issues, but nothing to hinder my performance. Felt good about today's swim.


Unknown said...

you are insane ;)

Unknown said...

These are great results. There is no need to push it so hard however. If your shoulder hurts even slightly it is a sign to back off or take a 2 week rest. There is no need to maintain these yards so early. I assume you are shooting for Deer Creek and Bear Lake. There is no need to swim 5 miles ever without a break you are just going to cause more damage. Rests are good for training.

I haven't been swimming at all. I will head to do the White Rim and then hopefully I will be motivated to swim again. I may try Tahoe next year, but certainly not this year. No interest in swimming yet. Biking has been great though and this will be my third time doing the White Rim in a Day. Swim on dude! jq