Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10000 yards

Today since I didn't have a prescribed workout, I planned on just doing a straight swim. I looked and I don't have record of what my PR is for a straight swim in the pool. No stopping at all. Just flipturn after flipturn, no drinks, no rest, just keep on going.....

My goal was 7100 yards (4 miles), but I felt so good at that point, I thought I'd just go for 9000. At 9000, I quickly looked at my watch while pushing off the wall and saw that I had time for 10,000 yards, so I did 1000 more.

I got my times at the following point:

3 miles(5300 yards) - 1:16:50
4 miles(7050 yards) - 1:42:59
10000 yards - 2:25:40
Most pool yards swam without stopping - 10000 yards

All being new PR's - Had some minor shoulder issues, but nothing to hinder my performance. Felt good about today's swim.
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