Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10000 yards

Today since I didn't have a prescribed workout, I planned on just doing a straight swim. I looked and I don't have record of what my PR is for a straight swim in the pool. No stopping at all. Just flipturn after flipturn, no drinks, no rest, just keep on going.....

My goal was 7100 yards (4 miles), but I felt so good at that point, I thought I'd just go for 9000. At 9000, I quickly looked at my watch while pushing off the wall and saw that I had time for 10,000 yards, so I did 1000 more.

I got my times at the following point:

3 miles(5300 yards) - 1:16:50
4 miles(7050 yards) - 1:42:59
10000 yards - 2:25:40
Most pool yards swam without stopping - 10000 yards

All being new PR's - Had some minor shoulder issues, but nothing to hinder my performance. Felt good about today's swim.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


1000 - 4-4-4
2000 - 4x500 fins on 7:30 Moderate pace
800 - 16x50 4x (1-3 hold 4) on :45
1000 - 2x500 paddles only, bit faster than previous 500s on 7:15
400 - 8x50 4x (1-3 hold 4) first 2 on :45, second 2 on :40
500 - 1x500 no equipment fast (6:36)
200 - 4x50 (1-3 hold 4) on :40
100 warmdown

total 6000

Felt good about this workout. Felt fast and had no shoulder issue at all. Wednesday I'm supposed to go swim, but it's going to be supposedly rainy and snowy that day. I'm postponing the swim till next Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Broken 1600 sets

800 - 16x50 odds 20yd semi-fast, rest easy, evens float start and 15yd semi-fast, rest easy on 1:00
500 - 5x100 strong kick free on 2:30
1600 - 2x800 pull buoy, paddles and ankle strap :30 RI
1600 - 4x400 pull buoy and paddles, no strap :20 RI
1600 - 8x200 first four, pull buoy only, second four, no equipment :10 RI
these are strong but relaxed pace. really use your arms on strong!
400 warmdown (100 drill kick pull swim)

total 6500

Man I need to replace my pool buoy. It's about 20 years old and one that I inherited from the Deseret Gym when it was torn down. I probably swam with this buoy in high school. It is so rough. It's like sandpaper. Half way through the last 1600 set I had to take it off. My inner thighs were so chaffed that I almost started bleeding. Its messed up cause I feel an attachment to that old piece of training equipment! But it's not being very nice to me!

Got in the pool at 5:45am this morning so I didn't feel rushed and was able to finish the whole set well before 8:00am. Nice!

Happy Earth day!

1:25/100 pace ladders

900 - 300 swim, 300 kick, 300 pull
4200 - 4x } 400 on 5:40, 300 on 4:15, 200 on 2:50, 100 on 1:25, 50 easy
300 - 6x50 down fast, back easy on :50
300 - 6x50 down drill, back IM stroke on :50
300 warmdown

total 6000

I was supposed to alternate between a 1:25 and 1:20 pace on the second set, but I was barely making 1:25 so I did them all on 1:25/100 pace. That still only gave me just a few seconds per 100, not a ton of rest. So there's no way I could have done 1:25 without bonking. Wasn't too pleased with my strength today. Just felt kind of weak the whole time and sluggish.

When I woke up this morning, I noticed my lower back and neck is sore from yesterday's first ride of the season. But at least I did the workout. I was about to get out after 2000 yards. Glad I stuck with it. I already slacked out on Monday, but skipping this workout so I could get off work early enough to clean Bountiful Lake with the family. So no more slacking this week!

I also confirmed with Josh Green that we'll be swimming out at Bountiful Lake next Wednesday morning at 7:30am.

Monday, April 19, 2010

2.5 hours cleaning Bountiful Lake

So I made a deal with my son Jacob that if he cleaned out the garage we would get the kayak down and go to Bountiful Lake. When I got home from work it was spotless and so clean! So we got it down and on the trailer and took the whole family over there.

I packed some yard tools, and a big garbage can. I wanted to do some cleaning. There is over a mile of perimeter that fishermen over the years have dumped their candy wrappers, big mac containers, beer bottles and plastic water bottles into the water. No wonder that lake is nasty. So I spent 2.5 hours raking out garbage from the shallows around the perimeter. I only covered about 50 yards just south of the small boat ramp. That was about 5 garbage cans full of trash and probably 100 pounds worth of stuff.

At that rate I would have to go back every day for over a month to cover the whole lake and that would be nearly two tons of garbage.

During that time Cathi supervised the kids taking turns riding the kayak around the lake. I asked Jacob to take several temperature samples. It appears that the Bountiful Lake is now sitting at about 63 degrees. Should start getting in there soon!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Lots of kicking, and identifying possible cause of shoulder issues

100 Easy
1000 - 2 x 500's kick with fins
1000 - 5 x 200's (100 kick, 100 easy drill)
500 - 10 x 50's over unders (odd 25 complete underwater swim, even 25 easy free) on 1:15
750 - 10 x 75's kick with fins (50 fast on 1:00 (get between :36 - :42), 25 easy on :30)
150 Easy

3500 Yards total

I realized what might have caused my left shoulder issue. When I got out of the pool I have recently just been getting out at the end of my lane. The pool deck is about 1 meter above the water surface so I have to lift my fat butt out of the pool, which is fine until I get to the point where I have to transition my momentum upwards to a press instead of a pull up position, I quickly move my left shoulder in and use my triceps to press my body up enough to push off the gutter with my right leg. This hasn't caused pain at all, but I realized getting out today, that the awkward movement of my left shoulder may have caused a strain. So I need to not be lazy and use the ladder to get out to avoid that activity which potentially is causing the problem with my left shoulder.

Monday, April 12, 2010


500 (50 drill, 50 swim)

3300 - 2x1650 @ 70-75% effort (23:28, 23:08)
Loved it!

800 - 8x100 odds kick, evens pull on (2:20, 1:40)

1200 - 12x100 3x (1 @ 1:30, 1 @ 1:25, 1 @ 1:20, 1 @ 1:15)
Felt good about these, on the fourth rep I had to pretty much do a flip turn right into the next rep. But wasn't so fatigued that I was going downhill.

200 warmdown

total 6000

Shoulder still annoying. I'm thinking about doing some serious kicking sets the next few times and give it a rest.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good times, but more shoulder issues

800 warmup - 200 kick, drill, pull, swim
2000 - 5x400 pull and pads, no ankle strap on 5:45, 5:30, 5:15, 5:15, 5:15
50 stretch
1800 - 12x150 (3x descending 1-4) on 2:20 (2:10, 2:05, 1:55, 1:50)
50 stretch
600 - 8 x {50 all out on :40, 25 easy recover on 1:00} IM order
200 fast pace! (2:21)
200 warmdown

Total 5700

My left shoulder has now progressed from a small ache, to a large ache or small pain. My speed was still good and the pain never progressed to where it wasn't manageable, but it is now more than just an annoyance. Today at lunch I think I'll do some light resistance weight training with it. My shoulders are extremely weak compared to what they used to be. I need to get those muscles back to what they used to be.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a minor shoulder ache, but great speed work nevertheless

1000 - 4-4-4
2000 - 4x { 300 on 4:15 strong!, 150 on 2:05 strong!, 50 easy} 1:00 rest
300 - 6x50 down drill back swim easy 1:00
1100 - 4x { 150 on 2:05, 75 on :55, 50 easy} 1:00 rest
Push these!

300 - 6x50 down drill back swim easy 1:00
600 - 4x { 75 on :55, 25 on :17, 50 easy} 1:00 rest
last of the tough intervals!

200 - 4x50 backstroke warmdown

total 5500

Had some minor shoulder aches from the very beginning, not enough to affect my performance, in fact today was awesome. I was able to make all the sets with enough rest to recover, and maintain the same fast pace. I just need to be better about taking my Glucosamine tablets at night.

Today when I got out, Shiny was sitting on the side the next lane over about to get in on the west side. She never does that. She usually gets in from the shallow side and walks over in the pool. When I got out she said, hello and asked how I was doing. I said good and kept on moving. You have to avoid getting too friendly with extremely attractive women. It's not rude, just a necessity for males that have a good marriage going, but have typical male drive. Someone should have told Sandra Bullock's doofus husband that rule. Poor lady.

Holy 200s

800 (200 kick drill pull swim)

4000 - 20x200 pull - 1st five w/strap, buoy and paddles. 2nd five - lose strap, 3rd five - lose buoy, last five - lose paddles, no equipment all on 2:55
50 stretch
400 - 8x50 kick on 1:15
50 free easy
100 IM

total 5400

Was able to hold 2:20-2:25 on all the 200's except the last five and those were under 2:35. What a great workout!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Three miler

400 loosen

3400 - 4x {500 on 7:00, 200 on 3:00, 100 on 1:30)
50 easy between rounds
first 2 rounds pulling equipment, last 2 rounds paddles only
held 1:15/100 yard splits on all of these. It's amazing how consistent I was on every single one.

400 - 8x50 kick all free, fast kick on 1:20 (hold under 1:00)

1000 - 10x100 free on 1:40 (hold under 1:18). when you touch the wall you must do wall kicks (hands on wall, kick stationary) FAST kick! strong swim
This is the first time I've done wall kicks in a workout like this that I recall. Nice little "extra" to add a little more work in the workout.

100 IM Easy

total 5300

Monday, April 5, 2010

2000 yards straight

Didn't have a workout planned and I was lazy mentally so I just did 2000 yards straight. Focused on long relaxed stroke, with breathing in the pocket and keeping my arms a good distance from my midline.

2000 yards total

Took about 30 minutes. Felt like throwing up though just as I was finishing. This weekend's Easter celebration eating selections have been almost as pathetic as Thanksgiving. Ate way too much.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter

This weekend we're spending up at the cabin with a couple other families. I swam this on Saturday at noon. What a nice pool. It's cooler than Layton and very refreshing!

500 - 200 free, 200 back, 100 stroke no free
400 - 4x100 kick board, down 'tombstone' back easy :20 RI
50 easy
2000 - 20x100 (4x {1 @ 1:40, 1 @ 1:35, 1 @ 1:30, 1 @ 1:25})
50 easy
1600 - 16x100 subtract 5 from sets if the 20x100 were easy for you. (1:35/1:30/1:25/1:20)
1000 easy with fins (pads optional), do some back stroke
300 - 12x25 :30 down fast back easy mix strokes
100 warmdown

total 6000

Today's swim was nice. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the 100's were with the short amount of rest at the end of each set. But I focused on strong long strokes. Swam very strong today!