Saturday, November 30, 2013

Miraculous Saturday Swim

This morning when I got in my shoulders and lats were still very tight.  Still on cloud 9 with yesterday's cold water swim.  That was fun.  Fox13 called and want to send a cameraman out for an interview about the ice mile and the food drive I'm organizing.

This morning Kirsten compiled the workout:

Warm-Up: 500
200 Swim
100 Kick
100 IM
100 easy waiting for Kris to get in

75 Swim/Kick/Drill by 25 @ 1:30
25 Build @.30

200 - 4 x 50 Drill/Swim by 25 @1:00 – 1:15
Odds: Breast/Swim
Evens: Fly/Swim

300 Pull @ 4:00
50 Easy @ 1:00
450 - 6 x 75 @.55
50 Easy @1:00
150 - 6 x 25 @ .20
50 Easy @1:00

3 x 25 Kick @ .30
1 x 50 Kick @ .45
4 x 25 Kick @ .30

2 x 100 Free or Choice
We were nearing running out of time so Kris had us do these off the blocks for time.  Got 1:02 on both of them.  
50 easy
I then moved to the north end of the pool as time was up and did the following:

250 - 4 x 50 IM Order, 2 x 25 Choice

300 Easy

Total 4800 

At this point I was drained so I ate a powerbar and man that was a miracle at how much energy it gave me.  Energized for the rest of the workout:

Then I did a 100 to 1000 Pyramid set:

100 back
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's drill, breast, free by 25 on 1:30
400 - 400 kick with fins
500 finger paddles
600 - 3 x 200 IMs on 3:20
700 - 2 x (200 free, 100 back 50 breast)
800 - 4 x 200 free on 3:00
900 - 9 x 100's on 1:30 (get 1:15 on these)
1000 freestyler paddles
Then do the 900 set and back down

Total 14,800 yards in 4:35

Friday, November 29, 2013

Black Friday Power swim

Today I coached Masters, but before it started I did:

3000 - 2 x (1000 free, 100 back), 800 free

Here's the Beginner version of the workout:
Objective: Focus on Stroke count and increasing your effort without increasing your stroke count

Warmup: 200 - 100 free easy, 100 kick

Main Set: 1150 -
200 free @ 85% - nice and long strokes.  Catch - slow to fast.  Maintain same stroke count as the 250 free
100 - 4 x 25’s fast and strong kick

150 free @ 85% - maintain stroke count
50 kick strong and fast!

100 free @90% - focus on strong pull and really good extension, maintain or decrease stroke count
50 kick easy


450 - 6 x 75’s - Scull/Drill/Swim by 25 :15 seconds rest

200 - 4 x 50’s left arm only, right arm only by 25 :10 rest
Hand and forearm should be one unit and not cross centerline, but reach out at 1 o’clock and pull with elbow out and hand/arm pointing straight down to the bottom of the pool, bent elbow recovery.  Dolphin kick or flutter your choice.

Warm down: 200 Choice

After the workout (which I was on deck for, I went through the Beginner version twice for a yardage of 3500.  

Then tacked on an additional 3500:

3 x (1000 pull, 100 back)
200 IM

10,000 yards total in 2:50

This afternoon I'm taking the family out the GSL Marina for a swim right before going over to spend the afternoon with my extended family playing games and eating lots of good food.

Met at the GSL Marina with Jim and he brought Tim Heurmann!  The air temp was awesome.  I didn't need a coat.  Water temp was up higher too.  It read 46.8°F.  Got in 4 laps for 1 mile.  I also brought the kayak and Jacob take GPS measurement.  Figured out exactly where the .25 mile lap points are.  

I also sent out a press release on the ice mile coming up in two weeks.  Fox13 is going to meet out at the marina next Tuesday for our next training swim.  That should be cool.

Total: 1 mile in 25:55

Daily Total: 6.68 miles

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Burn your calories workout

Kris came up with this workout that is themed around Thanksgiving dinner.  The idea is to "Swim your calories".  Although I only wish you could burn 100 calories swimming 100 yards.  Not even close.  But the workout theme is just for fun anyway.  Swam 3600 yards before starting with Masters then did:

Warm-up:                               300 Choice                             (300)
Warm-up Set:                         2 x 75 Swim-kick-Drill @.15 Rest
                                                2 x 50 Build Free @.10 Rest
                                                2 x 25 Stroke @.5 Rest                 (300)


6 oz. Turkey w/skin            299 Calories                    1 x 300 Free Pull

Stuffing 1 c.                       310 Calories            2 x 150 (Fr-Str-Fr by 50)

1 x Roll w/butter                 310 Ca.                         3 x 100 Free Descend #1-3 @1:30 or .20 Rest

Sweet Potatoes                  300 Ca.                         4 x 75 IM (no free)

Mashed Potatoes                140 Ca.                         6 x 25 Fly @.10-.15 Rest

Green Bean Casserole         110 Ca.                        2 x 50 (#1 EZ, #2 Fast)

Cranberry Sauce                  15 Ca.                          50 easy

Roasted Veggies                  83 Ca.                          1 x 100 Choice FAST

Pumpkin & Pecan Pie
w/whipped Cream                 919 Ca.                      9 x 100
                                                                        #1-3 Free @ .10 Rest @ 90%
                                                                        #4-6 IM @ .15 Rest @ 80%
                                                                        #7 (25 Fast-75 EZ) @.30
                                                                        #8 (50 Fast-50 EZ) @.30
                                                                        #9 (75 Fast-25 EZ)
Cool Down:                           100 EZ
Total Yards:                           3200

Then afterwards did:

300 - 3 x 100's
1200 kick with fins
100 easy
1000 pull freestyler paddles
500 - 5 x 100's finger paddles (no buoy)
200 IM easy
500 - 5 x 100's free on 1:30

10,600 yards total in 3:15

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FIrst first-timer of the 2013 season

I arrived at the GSL Marina at 1630 and got all greased up ready to go for a swim.  Just as I was heading over I saw a couple of people exit their cars and they looked at me like they were expecting me.  I asked, "Are you here to go for a swim?"  "Yes" said the young lady who introduced herself as Olga Gray.  She had friend with her who was there for moral (and physical) support as she said he was an EMT.  She mentioned that she does polar swims at Lava Hot Springs frequently and was interested in our GSL swims.  She mentioned the New Years race, so it appears we may have a new entry there.

I got in up to waist level and she followed.  She asked about being able to jump off the doc.  I told her I was unsure of how deep it was or safe it was with it being so shallow.  She hesitated and I was getting cold so I told her I would go for one lap and be back in 5 minutes.  I did the lap and on the way back saw her huddled up on the boat dock.  But when I arrived she was back in to waist level.  I explained that its good to just do breast stroke and allow your breathing to calm down before attempting any front crawl.  She launched into an easy breaststroke and she made it look easy.  I swam breast stroke along side her up to the marina opening corner (which is halfway to the full lap)  I noticed that my hands were getting significantly colder than normal.  This is probably because when swimming front crawl my hands are actually out of the water for a short duration where with breast stroke they're in the water constantly.

I took note of the stop watch time when she joined me and then when we got back she mentioned that she lost her water shoe in the mud.  She wasn't satisfied and went back in to find her shoe.  I was already dressed and needed heat, so with her EMT buddy right there I went ahead and walked back up to my car to reheat.  A few minutes later she was back in her car reheating.

She was in the water over 11 minutes.  The water temp according to my watch read 45.0°F  Definitely surpassing the requirements for earning a cap.  I had one more in my bag and presented it to her and told her of the upcoming plans to swim again on Friday, and then next Tuesday and Thursday.  She said she has fluctuating hours at her work (as a paramedic).  I asked her if she would be available to assist in my ice swim on December 14th.  She was unsure of her schedule on that day.

I then drove to SDRC and was going to get in a long swim, but I just didn't have it in me and only did:

1000  - 2 x (2 x 200 IM, 100 easy)

My lats are still sore.  I need  a massage badly.

Total for the day: 1000 yards + 0.375 mile open water @ 45°F

Monday, November 25, 2013

Swimming for the hungry

This morning I had to get the kids off to school, but during the day planned out my ice mile charity.  There are many people who suffer without a place to stay in the winter and that has got to really suck.  I thought how having a warm meal is just a little something that can make a little bit of a difference.  So I put together a Utah Food Bank Food drive.  Those who want to support me in the ice mile can do so by providing canned food and/or money to donate.  Visit for more information.

Tonight I swam after work at NWRC and did Kirsten Greenwood's workout for the first 4000:

300 Easy Swim

Main Set – Ladder (Rest :20)
5 x 50’s Easy
1 x 100 Free kick
1 x 200 Free Pull
1 x 250 Rotation Free Drill
(with each stroke, rotate to one side for six flutter kicks, with one arm extended and stomach towards the wall, after the sixth kick switch sides, This helps with body rotation)
1 x 400 IM
1 x 500 Free
1 x 500 kick
1 x 400 IM
1 x 250 Rotation Free Drill
(with each stroke, rotate to one side for six flutter kicks, with one arm extended and stomach towards the wall, after the sixth kick switch sides, This helps with body rotation)
1 x 200 Free Pull
1 x 100 Free
5 x 50’s Easy

200 Easy Swim (Cool Down)
Total: 4000

Then finished things up with Anne Cleveland's USMS Open Water workout:
Warm-up – 1,000 yds
4 X 200 @:10 rest [odds easy, evens kick/drill by 50]
4 X 50 @B+5 – descend #1-5

Main Set – 3,000 yds - Two times through
500 Pull @B+10
2 X 75 @:10 rest [kick, drill, swim by 25]
400 Pull @B+10
2 X 75 @:10 rest [kick, drill, swim by 25]
300 Pull

Optional Set – 1,500 yds
8 X 50 on :45
2 X 50 on :55 [drill, swim by 25]
4 X 100 on 1:30
2 X 50 on :55 [drill, swim by 25]
2 X 200 on 3:00
2 X 50 on :55 [drill, swim by 25]

Cool Down – 500 yds:
10 X 50 @:10 rest [drill/swim by 25]
Total: 10,000 yards total in 2:35

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Oh my lats

This morning I swam at NWRC for a change since the SDRC is having its High School meet.  I was in the water at 7:15 am and swam in the same lane with Chad Hodo.  James and Paul were going at it in the next two lanes.  I printed out my workout this morning and got it from Anne Cleveland's OW swims for this week:

Warm-up – 1,500 yds
2 X 300 on 4:30
3 X 200 on 3:00
6 X 50 desc 1-3 on :45

Main Set – 5,000 yds
5 X 100 on 1:25
100 rotisserie drill
5 X 200 on 3:00
100 kick
4 X 300 on 4:30
100 rotisserie drill
2 X 400 pull
100 kick
2 X 500 pull
100 rotisserie drill

8 X 50 on :50
100 easy choice

200 easy swim
2 X 300 alternating drills
100 choice

Main Set – 2,000 yds
200 choice @:10 rest
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 kick on :45
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 on :45 descend #1-5
200 IM @B+30
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 on :45
2 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 @:10 rest – stroke of choice

At this point I was really low on energy and my lats were fried! Borderline over-training so I stopped at this point.

Total: 10,000 yards in 3:00

Friday, November 22, 2013

Jack Frost has bit

The winds have come through the past 24 hours and really brought the water temp down.  Last night there were 75 mile wind gusts from the east and they closed down I-15 and I-84 to truckers because they might get blown over.  Well all that wind.  Yeah, it was cold.  The water temp of the GSL on Tuesday was 48.8, and today's reading on my watch at the end of my swim..... was 44.2 degrees F (6.78C).  I had a goal to get in 3 laps (.75 miles) and that was no easy task, but I did get it done.  It took me 30 minutes to recover enough to drive.

Jim got in about a minute before Goody and I and lasted about 5 minutes after.  He is a machine.  It's really a shame the IISA doesn't recognize time at 5c instead of requiring distance on top of that.  Jim's concern is that it would take him about 40 minutes to go that distance.  So his goal when we go out is just for time, not distance.  My philosophy is to swim as fast as I can and get that distance goal as soon as possible.  My hands were frozen when I got out.  However the feeling of crushing was just starting to the crazy effects that I hate aren't fully in place yet, but soon will be.

At this rate the water temp could be down to 41 in a couple weeks or so.  I was very pleased with tonight's swim and how well it went.  Very encouraging considering I only have a few more degrees down to go.   Granted those three degrees are huge, but it's doable.  I got this.

Yesterday my Catalina medal and certificate came in the mail.  It put a big smile on my face to see that!

Total tonight:  .75 miles at 44 degrees C

Daily total:  8,670 yards total

Jacob's first High School swim meet

This is actually his second, but the first one I've been able to attend.  He swam the 200 free and the 100 Breast.  His form looked good, he just needs to work on his turns and increase his aerobic endurance and fitness.  Here is some video of the first 100 of his 200 free (I ran out of memory on my cam).

This morning I swam with masters at SDRC.   The water temp was at 80° because of the High School Thanksgiving Invitational going on tonight and tomorrow.  I love it when it's cooler.  Did a preswim of:

3300 - 3 x (1000 free, 100 drill)

Then did's "I'M crazy" workout.  It was surprising actually how well I did considering I really suck at back and breast.

Warm Up - 900 Yards
300 Swim
100 IM Drill
50 easy
450 - 6 x 75, Kick, Swim, Drill

Main Set - 1950 Yards
1 x 300 IM
50 Free
2 x 200 IM @ 3:00
50 Free
4 x 100 IM @ 1:30
50 Free
8 x 50: Fly-Fr, Ba-Fr, Br-Fr, Fr-Fr, Repeat
8 x 25, IM order Sprint on :40

Kick Set – 200 Yards
2 x 25 Dolphin Kick @ 2 seconds rest
2 x 25 Backstroke Kick
2 x 25 Breaststroke Kick
2 x 25 Flutter Kick

Then moved to the north end and did:

750 agility pull free
250 finger paddle free

Total: 7, 350 yards in 2:20

Tonight I meet the crew out at the GSL marina for a cold water swim.  Lots of wind going on right now.  I'm expecting the water temp to be around 48 or 47°  

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I'm dying of laughter

DNOWS recently posted this page on breakthrough swimming inventions and included this youtube from Dr. Nakamats:

How in the heck does he know the time frame between his groovy ideas and death?  0.5 seconds?  I'm sorry, but this is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.  Sure the guy may be a brilliant inventor with thousands of patents, but the underwater note pad.  That just cracks me up.  If he's that close to death he really should be careful.  I didn't see any split second gasps for air in the video.  Seems like a load of crap to me.  Not to be rude, but I'm doubtful this old guy could do anything in 0.5 seconds.  Good stuff.

Looking into the future mind-shift and trying to find the beauty in it.

I've been thinking about certain opportunities that are presenting themselves and just wondering how I can even entertain such thoughts, because I'm busy dude!  I'm pretty sure that after the 2014 summer season that my goals will have to shift pretty dramatically.  I've been pretty self centered the past few years in my own training.  It's time to see if I can shift that focus to others without completely giving up on myself.  I need to learn to be happy with not feeling like I'm in the best shape of my life.  I feel that once I give up on my training at this intensity that I'll officially feel over 40.  Actually at mid-life.

I have to learn to be content with that.  It's tough.

This morning got up and did my goal workout:

Warm-up – 1,000 yds
300 easy swim
2 X 150 @:10 rest [50 kick/50 drill/50 swim]]
4 X 100 @B+5 – build to fast within each 100

Main Set – 5,000 yds
600 pull
4 X 100 on 1:30
500 pull
5 X 100 on 1:30
400 pull
6 X 100 on 1:30
300 pull
7 X 100 on 1:30
200 pull
8 X 100 on 1:30

Cool Down – 600 yds/mtrs:
4 X 150 @:10 rest – easy kick, drill, swim by 50

Total yards: 6,600

Day 3 – Technique & Recovery

Warm-up – 900 yds:
200 easy swim
5 X 100 on 1:30
8 X 25 @:10 rest [odds drill/evens perfect freestyle]

Main Set – 2,000 yds
**twice through**
200 IM @:10 rest
2 X 200 free on 3:00
100 IM @:10 rest
2 X 100 free on 1:30
2 X 50 kick with fins

Cool Down – 500 yds
4 X 75 kick with fins
200 easy choice

Total yards: 10,000 in 2:20

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My mind is about to explode

My thoughts have been on a very cool postal event idea for the SDM team.  We have a coaches meeting coming up and am excited to build up some details around the idea.  I think she's gonna freak out with excitement when I pitch the plan to her.

Did my preteam warmup at 5:30am:

1000 free + 100 easy + 50 really slow eggbeater treading drill

This morning Craig came up with this workout and I loved it.  Felt strong:

300 Swim; 200 Drill

500 - 10x50 Free Build on :45
500 - 10x50 Kick with fins on :55

800 - 4x200 Pull (first two large paddles, second two agility paddles on 2:40)
Messed up on the clock on the third set and left on 2:30.  Better to err on the side of aggressiveness than laziness anyway.
900  -  3 x (4x50 Stroke on 1:00 fast!  + 1x100 IM on 1:45)

4,150 yards total in 1:00

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evening Swim in GSL

Goody and me right before the swim
This afternoon I met Goody at the Marina.  Water temp was 49°F on his thermometer.  He got there early enough to make some friends with some tourists.  I quickly changed and met him at the boat ramp.  My goal was 3 laps for sure, and possibly a fourth depending on how I felt.

I did three laps and by that time it was 19:50.  I waited until 20 minutes, and then Goody who was already dressed on the ramp yelled out "Wait!  Don't get out.  Just stop there and soak in the coolness for a bit.  It was about 30 seconds and then he yelled out "Now go swim out thirty strokes and come back in!  You need to get used to swimming when you're miserable."  He was right.  So far all this swimming has been too easy.  I really haven't struggled terribly with it.  That Ice Mile is gonna be tough!  I need to practice swimming to the extreme.  It was nice getting his coaching.  I went back out about 100 yards or so and came back.  When I got out the stopwatch read 22 minutes even.

I also took a temp with my watch: 48.8°F.  Nice!

Then I sat in the car until I got through the shakes and then rushed off to SDRC for a meeting with Kris.  Then joined the team at 8pm for a workout which was awesome:
My own premeeting warmup:  500 free
Warm-up: 400 Choice

Warm-up Set: 9 x 50
#1-3 Fly-Back
#4-6 Back-Breast
#7-9 Breast-Free (750)

Kick Set: 12 x 25 Kick (Board opt.)
#1-3 Dolphin
#4-6 Back
#7-9 Breast
#10-12 Flutter (300)


12 x 50 Free @ 1:00
Swim each 50 touching the wall at the designated time. The focus is learning what the times feel like. Improve your pacing.  Count how many seconds off you are on each 50 and total them up at the end.  Aim for the lowest number possible!
#1-3 @ .40
#4-6 @ .37
#7-9 @ .35
#10-12 @ .33 (600)
I ended up with a "1" on my golf score.  On the first 40 I landed on :39 and needed to slow my tempo a little.  After that I literally nailed each 50 goal.  Felt like Luke Skywalker when he blew up the death star without his guidance computer.  Use the force luke!
5 x 100 Free @ 1:30
4 x 100 Free @ 1:25
3 x 100 Free @ 1:20
2 x 100 Free @ 1:15
  1 x 100 Free Under 1:10 (1500)
Got around 1:10 on all the 100's and 1:04 on the last set.

Cool Down: 100 EZ (100)

Total: 3,850 + 0.8 miles in the GSL

Monday, November 18, 2013

Taking my own medicine

This morning I coached South Davis Masters,  but I got there early and did:

3300 - 3 x (1000 free, 100 drill)

Then coached, and afterwards did the the same workout the advanced group did:

Objective: focus on form and technique

300 Warmup - Choice

300 - 12 x 25's (4 kick, 4 swim, 4 kick) on :35/:30/:35
400 - 8X50's free - down easy focus on good form, back STRONG on :50/:55

400 - 4X100  first two pull, second two stroke on 1:20/1:30

400 - 8x50's swim - down FAST, back easy focus on arms extending straight out in front of the shoulder, not extending in towards the center line!  Focus on early catch and straight forearm.  

1200 - Two times through: {
300 Pull
200 - 50 Catch up drill
100 smooth swim
50 catch up drill :20 sec rest
100 strong kick (fins optional)

300 Cooldown - Choice

400 kick with fins

7,000 yards total in 2:00

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Aborted Half Gordon

This afternoon I was going for a long swim 20,500 yards to be exact.  But once I got to 14K my right shoulder was starting to bug me and I didn't have any Ibuprofen with me.  I didn't want to risk an injury and I had already been at it for 4:15 so I called it good.  Today's workout came from Anne Cleveland.  I was attempting to do all the workouts she had prescribed for the week, but only made it through the first three:

Day 1 – Aerobic Distance

Warm-up – 1,200 yds
2 X 300 @:10 rest [100 easy choice, 100 kick, 100 build]
4 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 50 on :45 – descend #1-4

Main Set – 5,000 yds/mtrs:
4 X 300 on 4:15
12 X 100 on 1:30
4 X 200 on 2:50
8 X 100 on 1:25
500 negative split on 7:00
5 X 100 on 1:30 descend #1-5

Cool Down – 400 yds/mtrs:
100 easy choice, 100 kick, 100 pull, 100 easy choice
Total yards/meters: 6,600

Day 2 – Threshold

Warm-up – 800 yds/mtrs:
200 easy swim, 200 [drill/kick by 50], 200 [drill/perfect by 50], 200 build

Main Set – 2,200 yds/mtrs
300 @B
2 X 200 @B-5
2 X 75 @:10 rest [easy drill/choice by 25]
200 @B
2 X 200 @B-5
2 X 75 @:10 rest [easy drill/choice by 25]
100 @B
2 X 200 @B-5
100 easy

Cool Down – 300 yds/mtrs:
100 easy choice, 100 easy kick, 100 easy choice
Total yards/meters: 3,300 (9,900)

Day 3 – Technique & Recovery

Warm-up – 1,000 yds/mtrs:
8 X 50 choice @:10 rest
200 drill/swim by 50
4 X 50 choice @:10 rest
200 kick/swim by 50

Main Set – 2,000 yds/mtrs:
200 @B+5
4 X 100 @B+10
8 X 50 @B+20 stroke of choice
200 IM @B+30
4 X 100 @B+5
8 X 50 @:10 rest [odds drill, evens kick]

Cool Down – 400 yds/mtrs:
100 easy choice
4 X 50 @:10 rest – kick
100 easy choice

Total yards/meters: 3,400 (13,300)

Day 4 – Race Plan

Warm-up – 1,000 yds/mtrs:
300 easy swim
6 X 50 @:10 rest – drill/swim by 25
6 X 50 @B+10 – build within 50’s

2 X 50 @B+5 – descend #1-3, #4-6

Rest of the workout: aborted!

Total: 14,300 yards in 4:15

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kris' swim fit workout

Tonight I swam with Josh and Jim out at the GSL.   The water temp was 52.8f!!!!!  Man I am looking forward to it dropping into the 40s and staying there!  Tonight's swim was a piece of cake.  If I jumped into a pool that was this cold I would be freaking out.  It just so easy when its out at the GSL.

Tonight I swam with the Masters at night.  Kris had a swim fit workout that kicked my butt a little.  I didn't lift today.  In fact my lifting the past three weeks has been SO BAD.  Taking the time to do it has been really bad.  So today it was nice to get my swim and lift in at the same time.

Warm-up: 100 Choice
100 Kick
100 IM Drill

Warm-up Set: 25 fly, 50 back, 75 breast, 100 free, 100 free, 75 breast, 50 back, 25 fly

Main Set: 6 x 50 Kick Choice @.10 Rest
.30 Wall Sit between each 50 Kick.

6 x 50 IM Order @.10 Rest
.30 Plank on elbows or hands between each 50.

3 x 50 Free @.10 Rest
10 x tricep push-ups between each 50.

3 x 50 Choice Stroke @.10 Rest
        15 brick V rotations. Abs

1900 yards pool + 1800 Yards Open Water = 2 miles.  Lame.  I need more!!!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

I really don't like night swimming

Actually I love night swimming if it's in open water.   But swimming in a pool at night when there is a hundred kids and who knows how many are urinating.  The water is cloudy, and warm and even with ear plugs it's chaotic.  I'm ready for bed and should be helping get the kids to sleep but instead I'm trying to stay motivated in the pool.

Since Cathi started her job, there are some mornings that I will be helping get the kids off to school instead of nearing the completion of my morning swim.  I'm bummed, but it's the role of being a Dad and I gotta take it.  So no whining about that, but I will whine about night swimming.

Tonight's workout was a upwards ladder from 1 to 1000:

100 free easy
200 IM
300 - 4 x 75's free/scull/free :10ri
400 kick
500 free focus on EVF
600 - 3 x 200's free/IM/free
700 - 2 x (300 pull, 50 stroke pull)
800 - 4 x 200's free on 3:00
900 - 9 x 100's desc 1-3 on 1:30
1000 pull

5,500 yards total in 1:30

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

USMS 3000/6000 Postal and MIMS submission

Will Reeves reminded me at the meet last week that we ought to complete and submit our 3000/6000 postal this week as the cutoff is Nov 15th.  I put out a request on FB for someone to time for me and Josh graciously offered.  So I met him at Northwest this morning at 6am and started out with an easy 100 yard warmup and then went right to it.

I felt pretty good the first 1000, but after that could tell that my intensity wasn't maintainable and slowed down to pace myself a little more.  I found that I still couldn't bi lateral breathe at that pace so I tried to breath on the left side.  But ultimately ended up breathing on the right side.  Once I hit the one hour mark I stopped for probably 15 seconds to quickly get a drink of gatorade and take of my blasted cap.  The water temp was too warm for a marathon swim at an aggressive pace.

Once I hit 5500 I tried to pick it up a bit and finish strong.  Wow that was tough!  I got 4405 at the one hour mark which is only 20 yards shy of what I got in January.  Which isn't too bad considering I was trying to keep my pace maintainable for 6000 yards, not just an hour.

At 6000 yards my time was 1:22:44.27.  I was hoping for 1:20 but I was pooped!  I should have taken in more calories this morning before the swim.  I only had about 300 calories consumed before the swim.  Should have gone with more like 500-600.  And something with some SUGAR!  I'll take it though.

Finished up with 200 free, 200 IM

Total: 6500 yards in 1:30

Big thanks to Josh for taking his morning to time for me!  At least he was on solid ground and didn't have to deal with supporting me on a boat and getting sea sick.  Thanks man!

Update:  8pm

Went out to the GSL Marina and swam with Goody.  Swam 4 laps for a total of 1 mile.  The watch temp bottomed at 51.8°F (11°C).  It was nice.  Time: 26:15

Daily Total: 8280 yards

Monday, November 11, 2013

Car Trouble

This morning on the way in to the pool I noticed the lights on the car dimming on the way there.  When I finally arrived I noticed that the car wouldn't start after I stopped it.  Great!  So I went and did my swim hoping I could find someone to start me.

Got in before masters and did:

3300 - 3 x (1000 free, 100 stroke)
100 easy (helping get the ropes in)

Then joined Masters workout by Kirsten:

1500 - 30 x 50's (10 on 1:00, 10 on :50, 10 on :45)
600 - 4 x 150's pull no rest
600 - 8 x 75's kick/drill/stroke on 1:20
500 - 5 x 100's desc on 1:30 (1:18, 1:13, 1:09, 1:07, 1:04)
200 warmdown

Then moved to the north end of the pool and did:

500 kick with fins
1000 pull

BONKED at this point and got out.

Total: 8,000 yards in 2:25

Car BARELY started and went to the auto shop to get it fixed.  

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Results of the 2013 South Davis Masters Meet

Thanks to Isaac, Jacob and Lucy
for timing.  Sometimes its like pulling
teeth to get dead beats out of the
spectators to volunteer, but these
kids enjoy the front row seat!
This is the first time I've actually swam this meet in the past 3 years because organizing it and swimming it is tough, unless you get some really good help, and this year I did.  Kris really took a more integral role along with the other South Davis Masters Coaches.  It was a team effort and it paid off!  HUGE thanks to Heidi Kearsley with the computer system.  That is a TOUGH JOB!  We couldn't have pulled it off without her.  We had right at 96 swimmers and everything went really smooth except for one snag at the 200 medley relay.  We will have to make some modifications for next year to make that smooth.

As far as my own swimming is concerned.  I registered for the maximum number of events: 5 individual and 2 relays.  The following are the events, my seed time, my PR, and what I actually got:

EventSeed TimePersonal RecordToday's Swim Time
1650 Free22:00.0020:39.24 (set 3/27/2010)19:58.10 (NEW PR!) - 1st overall out of 12 swimmers
50 Free00:28.0023.66 (set 3/10/1994)00:26.40 (18th out of 64 swimmers)
50 Fly00:29.0026.66 (set 3/10/1994)00:28.65 (6th out of 31 swimmers)
500 Free06:00.005:25.00 (set 11/14/1989)5:35.30 (Only 10 seconds slower than my High School record!) (1st out of 14 swimmers)
200 Free02:15.001:55.61 (set 3/10/1994)02:05.89 (3rd out of 16 swimmers)

I was VERY happy with my 1650 time.  I was aiming for under 22, cause I don't really feel like I'm in fast shape, but apparently I'm not giving myself enough credit.   But to be honest I was even more happy about that 500 free time.  Last time I swam this was at the Ski N' Swim meet this year, and got a 5:44.  I remember that I pushed myself to the limit to get that time.  This time I felt like I was pacing myself well and didn't overdo it at any point.  Still went strong, but within control.  I said out loud after seeing that 5:35 on the screen:  "What the heck!?"  I couldn't believe it.  With a little more work, I could actually beat my 500 time when I was in my prime!
Speaking of not giving myself enough credit.  I went and saw my trainer, and since the last time I saw him, I would have bet money I was up on my body fat percent.  When in fact it actually went down slightly.  Just under 10% body fat.  I'm thrilled with that considering I'm able to resist the cold so well at that percentage.

I was happy that we had a pretty good showing of club members there:  Goody, Josh, Sue, Todd, Stacey.  Josh, Todd, Goody and myself put together a Male relay for the 200 Free and 200 Medley.  We got 1:49.96 in the 200 free relay.  Not too shabby and definitely NOT SLOW!  Good times!

One more thing.  This morning I woke up to an email that I was selected to be in the "FAST" heat for MIMS which is awesome cause its on June 14th, the same day I had planned in being there.  I'll be swimming with some seriously fast people.  I just hope I hit my 7:57 goal.  That's the target.

Total for the day: 3150 yards