Friday, February 1, 2013

Contention is of the devil

This is just a little rant post:

There is quite a bit of attention on an article from Shape magazine regarding a girl who swam the English Channel.  Here's the article:

I have only recently heard of her, and this swim.   And a lot of fellow REAL channel swimmers are up in arms about this.  Here are the issues that I can see:
  • The press, and even the swimmers, don't present ALL the facts about a swim that didn't follow the standard rules, or were withholding certain facts that give an impression that the swim was done "naked", and unassisted.  Perhaps they even present part of the facts in small print at the end of the article, or as a later edit once someone leaks more info.

  • I can understand the above frustration that fellow marathon swimmers have.  But is that justification for being rude and snide?  Sure it should get called out, but in a way that isn't mean-spirited or might be taken as a personal attack.
  • Whether a swimmer has the right to even swim the English Channel assisted or not.  
  • I think many people would agree with me that, as long as the swim isn't misrepresented and is documented openly and truthfully with all of the aids that were used, that it should be allowed.  Due to the standards and rules that are set forth, any rule breaches, modifications should be put out in BIG AND BOLD LETTERS so that those who have done the swim and know the rules, don't freak out.  
It's kind of like the gay marriage thing.  There are some who are straight, and married that might feel like they really need to fight this gay marriage issue because it in some way diminishes the definition of marriage.  Their marriage.  Hogwash!

If people would quit worrying about what everyone else is doing and just mind their own business instead of getting all hot and bothered about all sorts of stuff, life would be less dramatic.  Perhaps more misinformed and ignorant, but less contentious.  And you know.  Contention is of the devil.

But last time I did a post like this, I was told that I was a hypocrite:  Whining about people who whine.  Whatever.

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