Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long morning swim (New PRs)

Todd Frehse this week asked me what I'm doing specifically to train for the Deercreek Open Water Swim. It made me realize that I'm not really doing anything specific for that event, so I decided this week to swim 3 miles straight with no stopping. Just flip turn after flip turn, counting 50's up to 5300 yards. So that's what I did.

There was an older guy there who I asked to share a lane with. He didn't look like he was going fast, but apparently he was. Every 500 yards he lapped me. He had a very strong and long stroke, with little to no kick. I was very impressed. He looked like he was in his late 40's/early 50's, but he was fast! I think it was the same guy who was there several months back on a Saturday morning. Here's my post on that day.

Here's what I timed:

1800 Yards - 25:10
3600 Yards - 53:20
5300 Yards - 1:17:53
5600 Yards total - 1:23:13

So at that pace I should be able to do the 5K (5470 yards) in 1:20. That's my goal to beat. So today I made two new records.

  1. Fastest 3 Mile swim (1:17:53)

  2. Longest swim without stopping (in pool): 5600 Yards

I could have gone much longer, but I promised Cathi I'd be back by 9:00 and I was already late. I wish I could have stayed longer and broken my longest swim in one day record.

I was very mindful of keeping track of my yards. There were only a couple of parts where I wasn't totally sure and in that case I would be conservative and went low with where I was sure I was and if I was mistaken would end up setting my yardage too low. So I'm confident I actually swam 5600 yards, and if not maybe a 100 more. I was happy with that time because its a pace that puts me at my best!

Good day!

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