Thursday, February 7, 2013

You know you mean business when....

When you have a workout that includes a super aggressive speed set, that you are more likely than not going to miss the target, but you REALLY want to try and go for it, what do you do?  Some of my tactics include in this order:

  1. Close my eyes and visualize my stroke at the fast pace, with strong flip turns and good underwater undulation.
  2. Before going, I breathe deeply for about 30 seconds and try to get as much oxygen in my blood as possible.
  3. Take off my big bulky watch which probably creates negligible drag anyway, but it's something.
I very rarely get down to number 3, but today included one set for time that required me to take off my watch.  MONSTER TIME!  Let's get down to business!

Today's workout I stole from Paul Smith on Facebook in "Did you swim today". With some minor modifications:

1000 free warmup
3000 - 10 x 300's
1-3: 150 kick with fins/150 drill :20ri
4-6: 300 free descending on 4:30 (1:24, 1:20, 1:17)
7 -9: 300 negative split on 4:30
Take lots of rest and get psyched cause you are going to go all out!
10th one:  SPRINT for TIME.  (I aimed for 3:25 and got 3:27.  I was still very pleased with that. 
200 recovery
400 IM
400 - 8 x 50's free ascending:  1-4 on :50, 5-8 on :55

5,000 yards total in 1:34

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