Friday, November 12, 2010

Day 1 of NW Zone SCM Championships meet - 1500M free in 20:44.73

Tonight I swam the 1500 M free.  My converted short course yards to meters came to 20:39.  I was aiming for 20:30.  I ended up getting 20:44.73.  

Here are some split stats:

I was doing great until I got to around 500 M and then I could tell I was starting to tire just a tad.  Not a ton, but enough to bring my sub 1:22/100M average to more like 1:23/24.  I'm not heartbroken though. I really haven't been focusing on speed very much in my workouts, just distance.  Some would call that garbage yardage.  I call it training for marathon swimming.

Anyway my yearly membership at Layton Surf N' Swim expires the end of this month.  Just in time for me to get hired on at SDRC and get my free membership there.  Once I do, I'll be swimming with the masters team there, so I should definitely get my speed work in there.  They don't do tons of yards, but they do work on technique as well as speed.

I swam 600 yards before as a warm up.  So today I ended up swimming 2250 yards total.  

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