Friday, February 22, 2013

New item to try for feeds

This summer when I get in some training swims in open water, I'm going to try a new item for feed breaks.  Lately this is my favorite food in the world:  Fat Free Blueberry Chobani Greek Yogurt.  It tastes better than ice cream and is healthy for you!  During this morning's workout about 4500 yards into it, I was dreaming of this stuff.  Couldn't wait to finish up and get some!

Today I woke up to very snowy and slushy conditions, so I was a little later than normal to the pool.

500 - 300 swim, 4 x 50's kick
400 - 16 x 25's fast on :30 odd back, even free
1200 - 4 x (200 free pull strong on 2:45, 100 fast on 1:30)
600 - 8 x 75's work on turns in and out of them on 1:15
300 IM

Did the workout all over again except on the 75's I did them Texas style which added the yardage a little, but I'll only take credit for 600 again.

6,000 yards total in 1:45

I was really low on energy near the end and decided to do an evening swim before checking in with my trainer.  So I'll plan to get another 3,000 in this evening making the daily total 9,000.  Will update later this evening.

Got off work at a decent time and did:
500 easy
1000 pull
1200 - 4 x (200 pull strong on 3:00, 100 sprint on 2:00)
300 IM

3,000 total with daily total being 9,000

Then went to Cameron's and got my measurements.  Check this out.  I went from 26% body fat, to 5% in 12 week!  That's 60 pounds of pure fat, down to 10.  Now that I'm lean and mean, he's got me focused on less reps (I was at 4 sets of 23 reps of 6-8 different exercises per day), Now I'm doing 4 sets of 10 reps of 6 different exercises.  More weight.  So I should really be putting on some muscle.  Can't wait!

Here's the stats:

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