Saturday, February 16, 2013

Results of QUAC Ski N' Swim 2013

This morning I was very excited to finally be swimming my first swim meet in quite a while.

L - R: Stacey, Gords, Goody, Josh, Sue,
James, Rachel, Annie
Photo courtesy of Todd Frehse
Stopped by at Walmart on the way there and picked up some materials for making a couple posters.  When I got there I made the posters and talked with friends and got warmed up.

Started out doing a couple of relays with Annie Stanish, Sue Frehse, and James Rogers. In the 200 Medley we got 2:13. In the 200 free relay we got 1:55. I was pretty happy with that. I was hoping for under 2:00 and we got it!

Then I started prepping for the 500 free. I visualized this race and tapered well for it. I wanted 5:45 badly. I asked Todd to take my splits and to give me a thumbs up if I was going slower than the following:
100 free - 1:04 (1:04 split) actual time = 1:04 (1:04 split)
200 free - 2:10 (1:06 split) actual time = 2:15 (1:09 split)
300 free - 3:18 (1:08 split) actual time = 3:26 (1:11 split)
400 free - 4:26 (1:08 split) actual time = 4:36 (1:10 split)
500 free - 5:30 (1:04 split) actual time = 5:44 (1:08 split) 

Here are the official splits. These were all aggressive numbers I was giving him. Cause he only gave me one thumbs up on the first 100. Anyway, I kept my stroke long and pulled hard and kicked hard. I was very pleasantly surprised that I wasn't getting so winded that I had to back down.
It can be pretty intimidating swimming
next to a guy that looks like a tiger.
- Photo courtesy of Mr Wiley's FB page

The guy in lane 4 next to me was from Utah State: DJ Wiley, he's got some awesome tats along his arm and shoulder and he looks like a total bad dude. Not an ounce of fat on him.

I was thinking I'm gonna get killed by this guy. At the 100 I was steady with him, and each hundred yards I was getting another few feet. At the finish I was about 15 feet ahead of him. I was shocked. He must have been really tired from previous events he did.

I looked up at the finish and landed 5:44.75! Woah, I don't think I could have gotten any closer to my goal had I been looking at the clock right there at the touch pads and tried to land right on 5:45. I was pleased, but at the same time, a little disappointed that I didn't completely shatter my goal. I caught myself right there and said to myself, "Don't be greedy Mr G!" and decided to be thrilled and feel blessed to actually get under my goal.  I took third place overall.  I'll definitely take it. Here is the results for the 500.

My WFPBC cap ripped putting it on, so I look like a doofus.
Oh well.  Went with the Napolean look for warmups.
Love the SLOW group we have!
Photo by Todd Frehse
After that I stuck around cheering for Goody, Josh, Sue, Annie, Rachel, and Stacey in their events.  After talking with Stacey, I think she may be joining James and I at Northwest every once in a while.  It's nice to swim in a group, and where there's a coach to give you prescribed workouts.  Plus it's nice at Northwest versus South Davis to get that TLC from the coach that you just don't get at South Davis with how many people swim there.

I'm eager to get back into distance training a little and this tapering work always makes me feel a little guilty, like I'm a slacker.  Dennis is trying to put together a masters meet in March. I'd love to shave even a little more off that 5:44.75.
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