Saturday, August 9, 2008

Setting new records again!

Got back from the Father's and Son's Outing this morning and thought that instead of biking out to SDRC and swimming, I would swim this morning at Layton instead. So I got there one hour before they close lap swim time. So the pressure was on to get in 3600 yards (2 miles) under that time. Here are the split times I took:

825 Yards (750 M) - 10:52 (New Personal Record)
1650 Yards (1500 M) - 21:32 (New Personal Record)
1800 Yards (1 Mile) - 23:40 (New Personal Record, but only for the next 23 minutes cause the second mile was even faster!)
3600 Yards (2 Miles) - 47:08 (New Personal Record) The last mile split was even better! 23:27!

Kicked some major butt today! At this rate, if I train hard and work, I will be able to break 20:00 in the 1500 M next year at the summer games. That would be a total dream.

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