Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Clearfield Pool - feels like warm pee

Yesterday's swim was warm and I made a comment on facebook about it. Per John Quackenbush's suggestion to make a formal complaint, I sent an email to Donna Russell, the Clearfield Aquatic Center's Aquatic Supervisor. Here's what I sent:

I swim in the lap pool the past three Tuesday evenings and I've go to tell you that your "lap pool" is way too hot for doing laps. I don't know the exact temperature but I would guess that its low to mid 80s. I realize that there are other patrons who prefer it not too cold so I understand the higher temperature. Why not meet more in the middle and put it at high 70's. The perfect temp for laps in my opinion is 74. But that's a little chilly for people who get in the pool and don't do laps.

I'd rather not swim in water that is as hot as has been in the past there in the lap pool.

I was most impressed that I got a response within a few hours. However not pleased (or surprised) with the response:


You are right, our lap pool has many uses and many programs. Swimming instruction and leisure swimming work best at 86 degrees. Our agreement with the Arthritis Foundation requires that the temp. 83 degrees or higher. Lap swimmers and swim team are usually happiest from 82-84 degrees. We keep the leisure pool at 86 degrees, which is too cold for some and we keep the lap pool set at 84 degrees which has been the best compromise for all our programs. When we drop the temp for swimming competitions we usually bring it to 80 or 82 degrees - which results from many complaints during the open plunge afterward. The Davis Co. Health Dept requires that the temp of the water for general use must be between 82 and 86 degrees.

I'm sorry that this temp doesn't work for you - however, we have found 84 degrees seems to please most of the patrons most of the time.

Thanks for your input. If you have any further concerns or questions please let me know.

Donna Russell
Aquatic Supervisor

Now I know that the Davis Co. Health Dept comment is a bunch of bull crap cause the Layton Surf N' Swim and SDRC pools are a heck of a lot cooler than 82.

Anyhow, I think I'm done swimming at Clearfield. They're just not very lap swimmer friendly.

When I was at Deseret Gym we kept the lap pool at 76-78 degrees. Now that was great to swim in.
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