Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day 2 of NW Zone SCM Championships meet - 400/200/50 M free

Here's the results from yesterday's 1500 M event.

I stayed up a little late last night watching "Gremlins" in my bed with the kids laying all over the floor.  But I knew I could sleep in a bit this morning considering I normally get up 5-6 to swim.  I love a meet that starts at 9am.

Swam the 400 M Free in 4:58.37 (new PR).  Second place overall.

A couple of events later I joined Tim Shumate, Dennis Tesche, and Pat in a 200 Free Relay.  I was the last leg and I did a 50M free.  We got 1:52.

Then several events later I swam the 50 M Free.  I seeded 28.31.  I got 28.29.  Those who get the closest to their seed time get a swim suit ( I was .01 off last year and got the suit).  This year I was off .02 and won again.  If I can't improve by very much at least I can win something.

About 30 minutes later I also participated in a 200 Medley Relay where I did the 50 free leg at the end again.  Overall team time: 2:08. (2 second faster than projected)

Then about 15 minutes later I had to do the 200 M Free.  At this point my arms were already pretty numb from the 50 sprints.  I wanted under 2:15.93 and ended up going 2:17.31.  So of all my individual events I got PR's on two and barely missed on the other two.  I'm pleased.  I didn't bomb on anything and came in first in my age group for all the events I did.

Swam 2000 yards total today including warmup/downs.

Now back to some serious yardage!

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Gords said...

I noticed that I broke the State Record for the 200, 400, and 1500 SCM Free 35-39 Male.

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