Saturday, May 31, 2014

Time Warp

Kris about to blow out her Birthday Candles after workout.
It's amazing how time seems to breeze right by both in the long term and short term sense.  This morning I coached a "40" themed swim workout, celebrating South Davis Masters head coach Kris Edward's 40th birthday.  It was a tough workout, but they all seemed to enjoy it.

Afterwards, had a short coaches meeting then I met Sarah out at Bountiful Lake for a swim.  She already swam thousands of yards at the pool.  I swam 7 Josh Green laps, and she said when we started she was going for 4.  Once we got started, we got separated which isn't a big deal, it's a short 1/2 mile course around the islands and it was a calm morning.  The time just flew by for that swim.

Can't believe it's now June, the same month of my big MIMS swim, and only have two weeks before the race.  I'm getting excited!  Time has flown by.  Good thing I've trained hard and am ready for this thing.  I'll be starting to taper the end of next week.

Later this evening I took Cathi to join the team at the theater for a showing of "Malificent".  What a great movie.  I liked it.

Crazy day next Saturday being the GSLOW race.  I'll have a busy day!

Total: 3.75 miles

Friday, May 30, 2014


Oliver turns 7, and promises to
take swimming seriously once I get
back from MIMS
I noticed a few days ago I was starting to show symptoms of a cold, and sure enough, I've got one.  I'm trying to get healed up ASAP, taken all the zinc oxide and washing my hands, etc.

I took the last few days off swimming because I needed to get to work early in order to get off work early to perform some pretty important fatherly duties:

  • Oliver's birthday at Layton Surf N' Swim with all his buddies.
  • Austin's High School Graduation for Clearfield High.
This morning I swam 1800 yards prior to Kris' masters workout:

Warm-up: 100 Free
Austin Graduates from HS
3 x 50’s IM Order Drill
100 Kick
2 x 50’s Free Drill 
100 Free Pull
1 x 50 Build to 90%

Warm-up Set: 4 x 100’s @1:30-1:45
#1 Free-Fly-Free-Fly by 25
#2 Free-Back-Free-Back
#3 Free-Breast-Free-Breast
#4 Free-Choice-Free-Choice (400)

Main Set:         Freestyle Pyramids

Pyramid #1         Pyramid #2         Pyramid #3 
1 x 25 Kick @.30-.40 1 x 50 Kick @.60 1 x 100 Pull @1:45-2:00
1 x 50 Free @.45         1 x 100 Free @1:20         1 x 200 Pull @2:45
1 x 75 Free @1:00         1 x 150 Free @2:00         1 x 300 Pull @4:00
1 x 100 Free @1:20         1 x 200 Free @2:45         1 x 400 Pull @5:30-6:00
1 x 75 Free @1:00         1 x 150 Free @2:00         1 x 300 Pull @4:00
1 x 50 Free @.45         1 x 100 Free @1:20         1 x 200 Pull @2:45
1 x 25 Kick @.30 1 x 50 Kick @.60 1 x 100 Pull
1 Min. Rest 1 Min. Rest 1 Min. Rest

Cool Down: 200 EZ, 200 kick

Total Yards: 6,000 yards total

Monday, May 26, 2014

25K Birthday swim

Last night I set my alarm for 0320.  I woke up twice in the night cause I was really looking forward to this swim.  I woke up at 0300 and said OK, 20 minutes left and went back to sleep.  I heard the alarm, but looked over and it was 0500!  It was Cathi's alarm going off and not mine.  I looked over and I had set the alarm, but didn't turn it on!  I was so mad.  I told Chad I was going to be there at 5, and now I wouldn't even get there till like 6.  I hurried and woke up Jonas (who had agreed to come and time me for a 10K postal), and we rushed out the door.

When I got there Chad was waiting for me in his truck.  Oops.  Kinda felt dumb, but hurried in and got changed.  I noticed that they opened the outdoor pool at 0600 instead of 0630 like normal.  Yes!

Sarah, Josh and Goody also showed up to swim.  We chatted for a while and they enjoyed the morning watching the sun come up.

Got in and did a 1,200 warmup, and then had Jonas time me for a 10K.

Aftewards I did:

1000 kick, 5 x 200's IM/free, 1500 pull, 300 backstroke

For the last 10,000 I did:

2 x (1000 kick, 5 x 200's IM/free, 1000 pull large paddles, 1000 no equipment, 1000 small paddles)

25,000 Meters in 8:10

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Clinic #2 at Bountiful Lake

This morning it was overcast and had very light rain.  Josh, Sarah, Jill, Jim, and Liz.

Wow, not the best turnout.  Looks like these free clinics aren't in demand.  We discussed a few things and then went in and did a Josh Green Loop, with a slightly enlarged northwest attachment.  Water temp was 61 degrees.

Total Distance: 0.9 miles in 30 minutes. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Cross Training Woes

Yesterday and the day before I did a lifting session that completely destroyed me.  My hamstrings, lats, and lower back are just yelling at me, and I love it.  Requires a little bit longer warmup in order to hang with the big boys. So I got to the pool at 0530 and did and easy 1200 yards before masters.  My early warmup consisted of a lot of kicking and some sculling.  True warmup stuff.

Then Kirsten coached and shared this awesome workout.  I shared a lane with Jason and we killed it today:

300 easy warmup
200 - 4 x 50's drill/swim by 25 on :50

2500 - 5 x 500's

  1. 500 straight - goal was to hold a 1:20 pace. Actually held a 1:16 and got 6:20.  Nice!
  2. 5 x 100's free on 1:20 (held a 1:10-1:11 pace)
  3. 500 pull - Only one with equipment. goal was to hold a 1:15 pace or better.  Held 1:10 and got 5:50.
  4. 5 x 100's free on 1:25 (held a 1:15 pace)
  5. 500 free beat the first set, and try to get 1:15 pace.  Was able to hold that 1:15 pace and got 6:15.  Very cool. 
300 - 4 x 75's on 1:15 desc 1-4
200 cooldown

Then moved to the north side and did 600 more yards of cooldown type stuff.

5,300 yards total in 1:40

Amazed I could to so well considering how sore I am.  Gonna take a few days off lifting and let my muscles rebuild, but I'll be swimming for sure.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lack of Brine Shrimp

This time last year the bottom of the Great Salt Lake was visible.  At this time however, it's still not visible.  Visibility is limited to about 3 feet.  I suspect this is due to the lack of brine shrimp.  I recall there being roughly dozens of brine shrimp per square foot of GSL water.  This morning I stopped during my swim to take an estimate, and right now it's about about 6 brine shrimp per square foot.  I don't know why that is the case, but it's disturbing.  The lack of brine shrimp is why I'm blaming the lack of visibility.  The brine shrimp when they're thriving and feasting on the microbes in the water, then it clears things up.

I just talked to Ron (a big time GSL sailer and a coworker of mine), and he mentioned that the marina just cleared out the marina entrance by bringing in a big tug, "Lucin" which is typically up at Promontory Marina and it used a huge prop to blow lots of the sand out from the marina entrance to make it a little deeper.  Maybe that explains the poor visibility.  He mentioned that it would probably be a couple more weeks and then visibility would improve.

Crossing my fingers that's true.  I'm hoping that it clears up before the big race on June 7th.  Sure is nice for the swimmers to appreciate the beauty of the bottom of the lake.

This morning I met Sarah at the marina at 6:15 and she did a buoy line route while I did a horned Gridley Straight.  The water was almost glass.  There was a slight breeze, but not enough to create any type of waves, just ripples with an occasional larger one.  Beaufort scale 1.

Lots of seagulls as usual at seagull point about 600 yards Northeast of Black rock.  Fun swim.

I had a dream last night about MIMS.  I dreamt that I got there and saw that the river was literally covered in floating slabs of wood.  I dreamt that I was swimming and running into this stuff, but didn't seem to mind.  Seems like my subconscious is getting me prepared for a pounding, yet letting me know that it's not a big deal and that I can do it anyway.
Thank you inner Gords.

Total: 3 miles in 1:27

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Be brave enough to be afraid, not emboldened to be stupid

A few days ago a 19 year old boy drowned in Blackridge reservoir.  He was swimming with a friend and stopped, and went under.  It hasn't been reported yet what caused him to stop, but its likely he got a cramp.  KSL reported the story several times as they got more information. They reported that the water was in the 30s.  Hello?  Where did they get that number?  No way was it in the 30's.  I've been monitoring the temperature of both the GSL and Bountiful Lake, and there's no possible way Blackridge is more than half the temperature of both of those.  In the low 60's more likely.  Just because someone reports that it's very cold, or ventures a guess, doesn't mean it's accurate, and literally "freezing".  C'mon KSL, do a little more diligence in reporting facts and not guesses.  And the statement, from this article:
"Safety experts said generally speaking, even on a warm day the water below the surface can be freezing. That can lead to the body going into shock, with arms and legs becoming numb and breathing becoming difficult. They said it can happen very quickly, no matter how experienced the swimmer is."  
Wow.  Where do they get this crap?   OK, you want to discourage people from getting in over their head, I get that.  But this drowning I suspect was not due to freezing water, and arms and legs going numb.  He wasn't in the water that long, and it wasn't that cold.

One thing that can be said that had it been a cramp and he was completely debilitated, had he swam in the Great Salt Lake, he wouldn't have drowned.  When you swim in open water you take on risk.  Cramps, boats, exhaustion and in the earlier months, hypothermia.  I assume they weren't in the water long, and even if it were in the 50s it couldn't have been hypothermia in this case.  People need to respect the water.  If you aren't an open water swimmer, consider taking your training in baby steps.  Don't bite off more than you can chew.

If you're a Salt Lake City local, consider swimming in the GSL for that added safety of guaranteed flotation, and lack of boats (you still need to watch out for boats especially within the marina).  Swim with a friend.  Be aware of your limitations!   And listen to your instincts!

Here's an example.  Yesterday I went out early to the GSL for a swim.  I didn't have a friend with me.  The wind was blowing and the waves were coming into Silver sands beach pretty strong.  Nothing that I couldn't handle.  However, I just had this feeling.  I've had it before.  I didn't feel good about going out there.  I was hoping for a double Gridley Straight, but decided instead to postpone and do a Bountiful Lake swim in the evening after work.

In that case, I'll never know what would have happened, most likely I would have been fine, but you don't want to ignore those instincts and find out the hard way.

This morning I swam at Steiner and swam 2700 yards before they opened the LCM pool, then did:

3000 - 3 x (200 free, 300 pull, 300 free, 200 pull)
1000 - 500 tempo trainer at :88, 500 tempo trainer at :85
2000 - 2 x (200 free, 300 pull, 300 free, 200 pull)

6000 LCM + 2700 yards = 9,250 yards total in 2:50

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Results of LV10K at Lake Mead

Getting ready to go!

Last night I slept so good, considering it was kinda hot and we were in a 5x6 tent, and I didn't have a pillow. I used my duffle bag as a pillow.  The sun came up at 0530 and I felt refreshed.  Got up and got ready.  Got down to the water and did a short warmup out the first turn and back (about 460 meters total).

Met Cynthia Kraft as I was coming out of the water.  Then I saw John Chung, and Jim McConica whom I had not yet met, but knew via facebook.  He's a legend and it was an honor meeting him.  Joined up with Sue, Todd and Sarah and we had some pep talk chat and had a brief safety meeting and then waded into the water.  Also introduced them to Dominique who also was swimming the 10K.

$2! Can you believe that!?
What a crying shame.
Last week I was discussing fuels with James Hardy and he suggested I try this fuel that he was extremely convinced was the best thing on the market.  It's called Vitargo.  I experimented with it on Wednesday and it tasted fine.  My coworker Alex also convinced me to buy some Creatine.  One scoop of Vitargo, and one scoop (which is tiny) of creatine.  Then 16 ounces of water.  Shake like mad and this concoction will provide all the energy you could ever need.

The water this morning read 67 on both my watch and on the duck thermometer I bought last night on clearance at Albertsons.  Kara told me her thermometer broke and needed an official reading.  Funny that my $2 thermometer (backed up by my watch) was the official race thermometer.

Elvis in stilts is a pretty cool spokes-
person.  But Elvis in stilts wearing a
speedo would be epic!
They counted us down and by the time we got to the first turnaround I was in my groove and passed all the 10K swimmers that I was gonna pass the rest of the race.  It was me and this guy from Ontario (who I met after the race - his name was Gary).  I drafted off him for a good portion of the first lap, but he got caught up a little at the feed station, but I was able to grab my drink, walk around the table at the same time of gulping like mad.  I then went on to my second lap.  My body was holding up just fine.  I noticed a significant breeze coming from the south,
Finish of  the first lap, three more to go
so the swim to the north was awesome, but going that 1K long length to the south end was tough.  It was choppy and I must have swallowed about a quart of lake water accidentally.  I noticed that Gary had caught up to me halfway through that second lap, so I picked it up.  Especially on that long choppy portion.  I think I have an advantage on that.  I mind chop a little less than the average person.  Don't get me wrong I prefer glass, but if there is some chop, bring it on boy!

At the end of the second lap I still felt strong.  I ended up with a 5K time of 1:20. I knew I would probably have my third lap be the toughest, so I was determined to really put James Hardy's Vitargo to the test and push it hard on that third lap and if I bonk, then I know it's crap.  I swam really hard.. When I finished that third lap, my time was 2:04.  The chop was affecting me, not my strength.  I felt awesome.

Todd, Sue, Sarah, me and Kathy
On the final lap, I gulped the rest of that drink down and sprinted the entire last lap.  I saw one 10K swimmer up ahead of me about 50 yards so I gave it all I had.  When I finished he was only 10 feet from him, then I took a closer look and it was John Chung!  I was pleased to have finished only a few seconds behind him.  He's dang fast.  My final time was 2:48:12.  I was hoping for under 2:40, but I seriously gave it all I had and was extremely pleased with my performance completely due to my effort.  The time you really can't compare from one year to another, or your place compared to someone else.  I gave 100% and left it all out there, and finished strong.

Sarah finishes and is thrilled to have
her first official marathon open water
swim in the books!
I'm very pleased with that new fuel, and will use it for MIMS instead of my old Perpetuem standby which was a real pain to mix, and tasted like crap.

When Sarah got out she was all smiles and upbeat.  She wasn't completely spent and said she thoroughly enjoyed that swim.  That made me glad that she did so well.  She's officially a marathon swimmer and completely prepared for Antelope to Black Rock.  She's gonna rock it!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Preview of tomorrow's swim in Lake Mead

Jonas and I enjoyed the Lake after a long drive

Jonas and I arrived at noon at Boulder Beach and I did one loop (2.5K) and did it relatively easy.  Completed it in 45 minutes.  At that pace I would get a 3 hour finish.  Tomorrow I'm gonna have to pick it up.  The water temp was 72.8 degrees.
Me and Jonas near packet pickup
on Fremont Street

Then we met up with Sarah and her husband Steve, and Sue and Todd and their son Ryan, and Kathy and husband Dale.  I had the most expensive and drawn out tiny dinner I've ever had in my life.  If it weren't for the good company it would have been a failure of an evening.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Hot tubbing with Chad, Sarah and Lisa

Hot tubbing in the sense that it was warm water (69 degrees at the GSL).  Funny that I noticed a post on facebook earlier in the day where a triathlete was whining about how cold their weekend's water venue was projecting the water to be (69°F), and that they were looking for a neoprene cap!

Pretty soon the water will clear up and we'll be able
to enjoy watching the bottom of the lake while swimming!
The sun was out and there was no breeze.  We swam out to black rock, and sat in the shallows and talked for about 20 minutes!  It was fun!  Never chatted like that during a training swim.  Then we swam back to the marina.  Sarah and Lisa ran out of time, but Chad and I did one more lap.

On the way back to the marina on the second lap, all I could think about were the two sandwiches that I had prepared for after my swim.  I was famished!  I knew that in order to get 4 full miles logged I would have to take a wide arch back to the marina since the water level is so far down, it's a little short of a full mile for a Gridley Straight.  But I didn't care, I wanted food!  So I booked it straight for the marina opening.

Logged 3.75 miles and didn't have ANY chaffing despite my scruffy face just regrowing thanks to Cathi's false alarm on taking family pictures!  My back is giving me crap.  I think I have a pinched nerve.  If it keeps up I'll go see a Dr. next week, cause the chiropractor visits aren't doing much.

LV10K in 2 days!  Arriving on Friday for a preview of Lake Mead before the race.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Swimming with SALT

This morning the pool was insanely crowded.  There were a ton of UofU capped swimmers in the lanes.  I figure it was the U swim team or something.  I swam with Gary in the far lane where it was just three in the lane.  Swam 1100 yards before going outside.

In the LCM pool swam 1,900 meters with SALT masters club.  Then swam with the 2nd masters group coached by Dominique.  Swam 2,100 meters with them, then did 1,500 more meters on my own afterwards:

Total: 7,000 yards in 2:00

My lower back is really giving me trouble.  It's not swimming related, its from an injury I got a while back playing soccer with Lucy. Going for another visit to Dr. Dudley today.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Prepping for LV10K

This morning I got in 1400 yards before swimming Kirsten's workout:

600 warmup: 300 swim, 200 kick, 100 pull
400 - 4 x 100's fly/free combination on 1:30
200 kick with fins dolphin kick on back
600 - 200 back, 8 x 25's kick on back on :55 , 8 x 50's swim on :50
400 - 200 breast, 8 x 25's breast on :40
800 - 16 x 50's free on :45
200 easy

Then went to the north side and swam 200 more easy

Total: 5,000 yards 

Need to do some organizational stuff (organize results of Cinco De Mayo, and other follow up stuff on GSLOW), so I cut the swim short so I could get to work at a decent time.  Will plan a longer swim tomorrow at Steiner.

For Mother's Day I cut off my chops.  We're planning to get some family pictures tomorrow and Cathi begged me to get those "goofy things" off.  Made me sad to get rid of them.  Now I'm forced to shave every single morning so I make sure that I don't swim with any kind of scratchies.
12:00pm - Lifted with Alex.  Getting buff.  I'm starting to really like the burn when doing ab work.  I also bought some Vitargo powder that James Hardy suggested I try.  Also got some Creatine ATP powder.  I should be set for a while.

5:00pm - Met Chad at Bountiful Lake.  It was raining and the air temp was 54 degrees.  Chad said he heard thunder close by, so we waiting about 30 minutes for the storm to pass and then the sun came out.  We got changed and I put my watch in the water near the ramp.  60 degrees.  Not too bad.

As we waded in I realized that the the watch wasn't in long enough cause this was much cooler than 60 degrees.  Decided to just do one Josh Green Loop.  Slowly waded in and after a couple minutes of stalling with Chad I did heads up breast stroke for a minute, then went for it.  Once I got to the west side of the islands I took another temp with my watch: 54.6 degrees!  Swam fast along the
southern edge of the islands.  When I got back to the start I skulled along and got out.  Man that was cold!

Total for the day: 6,320 yards and 1.5 hours of lifting.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Clinic #1 for 2014

Last Saturday we held our club's GSL Cleanup, we had 9 adults and 4 youth help clean up for 2.5 hours at the marina, picking out weeds.  We got a lot done and had fun doing it.  Here are some pics:

A house centipede we found in the flower
garden we were weeding

Weeding the fire pit area

Looks so much better!

Our group minus Lucy who took the picture

Josh presents some information at the clinic.

Kids looking for bunnies while the swimmers
were going.

Brenda and Gustavo Flores taking their first swim in
the GSL.

Josh and I presented some information and then wend down to the dock for a short swim.  The wind was blowing well enough to generate some pretty good chop.  This clinic was supposed to be a beginner level clinic, so we decided to keep the swim to the inside of the marina walls.

Gustavo and Brenda Flores participated and this was their first swim in the GSL.  It was a first also for Louisa (sp?).  Sarah, Sue, Chad, and Josh all went out for a short swim with them. The water was still cool and came in at 60 degrees.

Here is the content of the clinic information

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Hail to England

This morning's swim at Steiner was very misty.  It rained last night and the air was humid and cool, the pool
water was warmer than the air and steam was coming off the water even though the water temp was 80 degrees.  Much cooler than the typical pool in Utah.  It was awesome.  I felt like I was swimming in England again.

This song came to mind.

Swam 1000 yards inside before they opened the LCM pool.  Then did:

3 x 1000 free focus on good form and EVF.
1000 pull, cruise pace
2 x 1000 free good form
400 kick with fins, 50 back, 50 breast

6,500 M + 1,000 yards = 8,100 yards total in 2:20

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Cold rough water swim in the GSL

This is not how bad it was today.  Probably half this bad.
Met up with Chad and Sam at the GSL Marina tonight.  It was raining and the air temp was in the 50s.  The wind was going fairly strong from the west.  I suggested that we swim to the marina opening and follow the Total time was 35:13 and distance on Chad's GPS was 1.3 miles
buoy line east towards Saltair and then turn around and swim back to Silversands beach.  They all agreed.

Fun, but not my favorite to swim in that crap.  The water was cool: 56 degrees and I was shaking pretty good on the way home.  Took a shower at my Mom's cause I was just too dang cold and I don't have heat in my piece of crap car.

Looking forward to tomorrow morning's swim at Steiner.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

First day at Steiner's 50M pool!

This morning I woke up to the alarm just having come out of a pretty vivid dream.  I talked with Cathi about it, and then hurried off to Steiner.  They opened their outdoor LCM pool yesterday and I was eager to watch the sun rise during my swim.

I got there before the 6:30 outdoor pool opening, so I swam 1,650 SCY before.

I swam 6 x 1000's watching my 100 intervals and kept them under 1:45.

That was a good pace that I could hold all day.  I did pull the 5th 1000, but other than that swam with no equipment.

1,650 yards + 6000 Meters = 8,200 yards total in 2:15

This evening I was supposed to meet Jim at Bountiful Lake, but it ended up just being me.  I was pressed for time so I only got in one lap.

Total: 1.05 miles open water in 30 minutes

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday Morning Cool down

This morning I swam with South Davis Masters and then met Sarah at Bountiful Lake for a morning open water swim at 9am:

Here's Lynette's workout:

12 x 150's odd free, even fly/back breast by 50
12 x 50's odd 12 kick then 3 strokes, even swim
150 - 6 x 25's skull, kick

3 sets of {
    25 fast/ 25 easy
    3 x 50's fast on 1:00,
    100 easy

200 - 8 x 25's sprint on 1:00
250 easy

3,600 yards in 1:20

Then did one full lap in Bountiful Lake.  Started to get cold, and also annoyed with the number of fisherman so I joined Sarah in her smaller laps around the two islands which is shorter than a perimeter swim, but also avoid fisherman completely.  Did two of those. 

GPS read 2.25 miles when I got out.  The water temp according to my watch ranged from 60 - 62 degrees.

Total 4.25 miles

Friday, May 2, 2014

Cinco De Mayo Postal

This morning I slept in.  Wow, my lifting has been taking a toll (in addition to yesterday's pushups between 100s).  I did 300 pushups yesterday and my lats and triceps are feeling it.  At this point I set a goal just to get under 6:00, but 5:45 would be the ideal target.

The Masters team did a nice warmup that Kris organized:

Warm-up: 100 Choice Swim
100 Kick
100 Pull opt. (400)
Warm-up Set: All 50’s @.15-.20 Rest
1 x 50 Free EZ
1 x 50 Choice Build to 80%
1 x 50 Free EZ
2 x 50 Choice Build to 85%
1 x 50 Free EZ
3 x 50 Choice Build to 90%
1 x 50 Free EZ
4 x 50 Choice Build to 95% (700)

Then helped time and count for the previous two heats of swimmers.  Then it was my turn.  I went out slow and at 100 just tried to maintain a strong pace.  Felt good.

I ended up with a 5:44.89.  Nice!  I'll take that given, I'm hairy as a rat, didn't wear a cap, and sore as a dog.

Didn't warm down.  Total: 1,600 yards

After work I stopped by at Bountiful Lake where I met Sarah for a swim around the lake.  The water was fantastic.  No breeze, the sun was out and the water temp was perfect.  61 degrees at the coldest spots on the lake, and 66.8 at the highest.  I swam two full laps around the outside edge, staying far enough out that I wouldn't interfere with all the fishermen.  GPS read 2.10 miles when I was done.

Good times.  Daily total: 3.0 miles

Thursday, May 1, 2014

A very simple soup

Stuff that is in regular sea water.
Saw this article about what exactly is in an average drop of seawater.

But in the Great Salt Lake, our soup isn't quite so diverse, although I've never actually looked at it under a microscope.  Most of the other stuff from the sea simply doesn't live in the Great Salt Lake and if it was somehow transported there, it wouldn't survive.  The only organisms that survive, and thrive in the Great Salt Lake are mainly:
Brine Shrimp - these little things
make some of my swims
entertaining.  I'll take swimming with
these over sharks any day.

  • Brine Shrimp - I love these little guys.  They just swim around all day in little tiny circles, they don't bite, they don't get in my mouth, and they're kinda cute.  I attended a presentation about the Brine Shrimping industry a while back at one of the Great Salt Lake Tech Meetings.  It was fascinating how much revenue these things generate!
  • The Brine Shrimp's food supply: Free Floating Microbes - Dunaliella.  In the spring the brine shrimp feed on this stuff and it really improves the water clarity.  Soon the bottom can be seen while swimming and the sunlight actually reaches the bottom, and provides energy for the bottom dwelling bacteria.
  • Bottom Dwelling Cyanobacteria - which I asked Dave about and he called it carpet algae.  It typically stays on the bottom, but in the summer months detaches from the Bioherms(see below) and comes to the surface, and to the typical lake visitor the carpet algae that floats on the surface looks like cow pies.  Pretty disturbing to the new swimmer.  The brine flies love this stuff, they feed off it.  So in the summer when the carpet algae starts to surface and the brine fly population explodes, I'm outta there and heading up to Pineview on a regular basis.
  • Bioherms: These things are cool to see when the water clears up.  It's like flying in a jet over the Sierra Nevada range.  In between the bioherms are patches of sand.  It's really cool.  The bioherms often have a soft carpet type feel to them.  The bioherms are the remnants of the cyanobacteria and is
    Brine Flies and carpet algae. Not a
    favorite thing for a GSL swimmer.
    Limestone, the lake's special reef which is the reason why we have a buoy line leading out from the marina.  There is a channel where the bioherms don't thrive and allows the boats to actually get out into the lake.  If the boats scrape along the bottom and hit a bioherm, that could be tragic for the boat.
  • Brine Flies - These are the critters that thrive in the warm summer months.  For me they don't bother me in the water, but on the surface where it makes breathing difficult when you inhale a bunch of these things.  During the spring/fall/winter, the brine flies are dead, so that is my favorite time of year to swim in the GSL.
  • Birds - the Great Salt Lake is a huge melting pot for many bird species.  Without the GSL many birds would be in huge trouble and could go extinct.
Now as for this morning's swim: 

Got in the pool at 0530 and did: 

500 free easy
400 kick with fins
300 - 3 x 100's back/free/breast
200 IM
100 drill

25 breast
19 x 100's free - get out and do 10 pushups (4 @ 2:15, 4 @ 2:10, 4@2:05, 4@2:00, 3 no rest) with 20 pushups afterwards (200 pushups total)
75 breast

2 x (400 pull, 4 x 100's TT desc on 1:30, 8 x 50's kick/back/free/drill)

100 warmdown

6,000 yards total in 1:48