Friday, November 1, 2013

Scraping the Bottom

Oh man, things went from bad to worse.  Long story short, my dogs had to be put down and it was a very sad day for our family.  Many tears were shed by everyone.  We had a talk about the Resurrection with the kids.  We discussed that everyone will be resurrected, even dogs (although I'm not sure about that one, but hope for it).  Oliver spoke up, "Yes!  And Cats too.  But not computers."  What a smart kid.  Computers, once they're dead, that's it for them.  Little does he know about refurbishing.

Pic courtesy of Harrison Green
I passed up an opportunity to see Enders Game to be at my computer at 11am in order to complete my MIMS application.  Which I was able to do in like 6 minutes.  Including getting my crew to accept their roles on my crew.  Then this afternoon I met Goody, Josh, and Jim at the marina for a swim.  The water was 54.6 degrees according to my watch.  I was hoping to get in 4 laps but only got in 3 because a sailboat got stuck in the marina opening.  It was being pushed by a tiny little motor boat and it looked like it was going to tip over.  It really makes me sad to see the lake water level so low!

I continued swimming breast stroke along with Josh and Goody and Jim.  I was a little concerned cause I was pretty cold considering that I still have 15 degrees to the optimal temperature for my ice mile.  That's still a long ways away.  Wow, I really need to come out here 2-3 times per week.  Time to take the acclimatization seriously!

Wouldn't it be cool if Dave gave a crud?
Total swim: 3 laps (.25 miles each) = .75 miles in 30:37 with lots of gawking at a boat scraping the bottom.

When I got home I found that my application was accepted and they had also found a few other results of races that I did that I didn't submit.  Wow,  way to be proactive NYCSwim people!  I was very pleased.  So it's official.  I'm in.  Now I'm really crossing my fingers that I still get the June 14th date.  To get a timeshare in June in the area was EXTREMELY difficult even that far in advance.  

I'm so excited!  It's hard for me to sleep and I have an early morning swimming with South Davis masters!
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