Friday, November 22, 2013

Jack Frost has bit

The winds have come through the past 24 hours and really brought the water temp down.  Last night there were 75 mile wind gusts from the east and they closed down I-15 and I-84 to truckers because they might get blown over.  Well all that wind.  Yeah, it was cold.  The water temp of the GSL on Tuesday was 48.8, and today's reading on my watch at the end of my swim..... was 44.2 degrees F (6.78C).  I had a goal to get in 3 laps (.75 miles) and that was no easy task, but I did get it done.  It took me 30 minutes to recover enough to drive.

Jim got in about a minute before Goody and I and lasted about 5 minutes after.  He is a machine.  It's really a shame the IISA doesn't recognize time at 5c instead of requiring distance on top of that.  Jim's concern is that it would take him about 40 minutes to go that distance.  So his goal when we go out is just for time, not distance.  My philosophy is to swim as fast as I can and get that distance goal as soon as possible.  My hands were frozen when I got out.  However the feeling of crushing was just starting to the crazy effects that I hate aren't fully in place yet, but soon will be.

At this rate the water temp could be down to 41 in a couple weeks or so.  I was very pleased with tonight's swim and how well it went.  Very encouraging considering I only have a few more degrees down to go.   Granted those three degrees are huge, but it's doable.  I got this.

Yesterday my Catalina medal and certificate came in the mail.  It put a big smile on my face to see that!

Total tonight:  .75 miles at 44 degrees C

Daily total:  8,670 yards total
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