Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kris' swim fit workout

Tonight I swam with Josh and Jim out at the GSL.   The water temp was 52.8f!!!!!  Man I am looking forward to it dropping into the 40s and staying there!  Tonight's swim was a piece of cake.  If I jumped into a pool that was this cold I would be freaking out.  It just so easy when its out at the GSL.

Tonight I swam with the Masters at night.  Kris had a swim fit workout that kicked my butt a little.  I didn't lift today.  In fact my lifting the past three weeks has been SO BAD.  Taking the time to do it has been really bad.  So today it was nice to get my swim and lift in at the same time.

Warm-up: 100 Choice
100 Kick
100 IM Drill

Warm-up Set: 25 fly, 50 back, 75 breast, 100 free, 100 free, 75 breast, 50 back, 25 fly

Main Set: 6 x 50 Kick Choice @.10 Rest
.30 Wall Sit between each 50 Kick.

6 x 50 IM Order @.10 Rest
.30 Plank on elbows or hands between each 50.

3 x 50 Free @.10 Rest
10 x tricep push-ups between each 50.

3 x 50 Choice Stroke @.10 Rest
        15 brick V rotations. Abs

1900 yards pool + 1800 Yards Open Water = 2 miles.  Lame.  I need more!!!!!

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