Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FIrst first-timer of the 2013 season

I arrived at the GSL Marina at 1630 and got all greased up ready to go for a swim.  Just as I was heading over I saw a couple of people exit their cars and they looked at me like they were expecting me.  I asked, "Are you here to go for a swim?"  "Yes" said the young lady who introduced herself as Olga Gray.  She had friend with her who was there for moral (and physical) support as she said he was an EMT.  She mentioned that she does polar swims at Lava Hot Springs frequently and was interested in our GSL swims.  She mentioned the New Years race, so it appears we may have a new entry there.

I got in up to waist level and she followed.  She asked about being able to jump off the doc.  I told her I was unsure of how deep it was or safe it was with it being so shallow.  She hesitated and I was getting cold so I told her I would go for one lap and be back in 5 minutes.  I did the lap and on the way back saw her huddled up on the boat dock.  But when I arrived she was back in to waist level.  I explained that its good to just do breast stroke and allow your breathing to calm down before attempting any front crawl.  She launched into an easy breaststroke and she made it look easy.  I swam breast stroke along side her up to the marina opening corner (which is halfway to the full lap)  I noticed that my hands were getting significantly colder than normal.  This is probably because when swimming front crawl my hands are actually out of the water for a short duration where with breast stroke they're in the water constantly.

I took note of the stop watch time when she joined me and then when we got back she mentioned that she lost her water shoe in the mud.  She wasn't satisfied and went back in to find her shoe.  I was already dressed and needed heat, so with her EMT buddy right there I went ahead and walked back up to my car to reheat.  A few minutes later she was back in her car reheating.

She was in the water over 11 minutes.  The water temp according to my watch read 45.0°F  Definitely surpassing the requirements for earning a cap.  I had one more in my bag and presented it to her and told her of the upcoming plans to swim again on Friday, and then next Tuesday and Thursday.  She said she has fluctuating hours at her work (as a paramedic).  I asked her if she would be available to assist in my ice swim on December 14th.  She was unsure of her schedule on that day.

I then drove to SDRC and was going to get in a long swim, but I just didn't have it in me and only did:

1000  - 2 x (2 x 200 IM, 100 easy)

My lats are still sore.  I need  a massage badly.

Total for the day: 1000 yards + 0.375 mile open water @ 45°F
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