Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My mind is about to explode

My thoughts have been on a very cool postal event idea for the SDM team.  We have a coaches meeting coming up and am excited to build up some details around the idea.  I think she's gonna freak out with excitement when I pitch the plan to her.

Did my preteam warmup at 5:30am:

1000 free + 100 easy + 50 really slow eggbeater treading drill

This morning Craig came up with this workout and I loved it.  Felt strong:

300 Swim; 200 Drill

500 - 10x50 Free Build on :45
500 - 10x50 Kick with fins on :55

800 - 4x200 Pull (first two large paddles, second two agility paddles on 2:40)
Messed up on the clock on the third set and left on 2:30.  Better to err on the side of aggressiveness than laziness anyway.
900  -  3 x (4x50 Stroke on 1:00 fast!  + 1x100 IM on 1:45)

4,150 yards total in 1:00
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