Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Evening Swim in GSL

Goody and me right before the swim
This afternoon I met Goody at the Marina.  Water temp was 49°F on his thermometer.  He got there early enough to make some friends with some tourists.  I quickly changed and met him at the boat ramp.  My goal was 3 laps for sure, and possibly a fourth depending on how I felt.

I did three laps and by that time it was 19:50.  I waited until 20 minutes, and then Goody who was already dressed on the ramp yelled out "Wait!  Don't get out.  Just stop there and soak in the coolness for a bit.  It was about 30 seconds and then he yelled out "Now go swim out thirty strokes and come back in!  You need to get used to swimming when you're miserable."  He was right.  So far all this swimming has been too easy.  I really haven't struggled terribly with it.  That Ice Mile is gonna be tough!  I need to practice swimming to the extreme.  It was nice getting his coaching.  I went back out about 100 yards or so and came back.  When I got out the stopwatch read 22 minutes even.

I also took a temp with my watch: 48.8°F.  Nice!

Then I sat in the car until I got through the shakes and then rushed off to SDRC for a meeting with Kris.  Then joined the team at 8pm for a workout which was awesome:
My own premeeting warmup:  500 free
Warm-up: 400 Choice

Warm-up Set: 9 x 50
#1-3 Fly-Back
#4-6 Back-Breast
#7-9 Breast-Free (750)

Kick Set: 12 x 25 Kick (Board opt.)
#1-3 Dolphin
#4-6 Back
#7-9 Breast
#10-12 Flutter (300)


12 x 50 Free @ 1:00
Swim each 50 touching the wall at the designated time. The focus is learning what the times feel like. Improve your pacing.  Count how many seconds off you are on each 50 and total them up at the end.  Aim for the lowest number possible!
#1-3 @ .40
#4-6 @ .37
#7-9 @ .35
#10-12 @ .33 (600)
I ended up with a "1" on my golf score.  On the first 40 I landed on :39 and needed to slow my tempo a little.  After that I literally nailed each 50 goal.  Felt like Luke Skywalker when he blew up the death star without his guidance computer.  Use the force luke!
5 x 100 Free @ 1:30
4 x 100 Free @ 1:25
3 x 100 Free @ 1:20
2 x 100 Free @ 1:15
  1 x 100 Free Under 1:10 (1500)
Got around 1:10 on all the 100's and 1:04 on the last set.

Cool Down: 100 EZ (100)

Total: 3,850 + 0.8 miles in the GSL
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