Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unbelievably warm

Getting ready to get in.  Water smooth
and sun shining!
Met Sue and Stacey out at the Marina.  The sun was bright and the air temp was perfect.  Got in and did 4 laps of the 400 yard loop.  There was several skulling boats coming in so we waited for them to get out of the way.  There were also lots of SUPs.  Lots of activity out there today which is nice!  The water temp on my watch read 60.2f.  Unbelievable how nice it felt.  I could've swam all day.

I was very sad to get out.  Next time, I'm leaving the confines of the marina walls if it's this nice.  I could've swam out to Blackrock and
Stacey heading back from the
turnaround point at the end of the
marina.  Fast swimmer!
back at that temp.  I had a hard time keeping the water out of my mouth I was smiling I was having such a blast!  No chaffing cause I lubed up good and didn't get the shakes at all.  It was the perfect afternoon swim except for the short duration of it.  Really stepping it up next time... Which is Saturday morning.

Today was Stacey's first GSL swim and she did great!  She looked like she enjoyed herself and did the full 4 laps with Sue and me.  I'm so happy that we could potentially have a new regular GSL swimmer.

Total: .91 miles in 27:05 including several minutes of waiting for teenagers to get their "bullet boats" lined up and out of the way.
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