Friday, March 15, 2013

SLOW newsletter Issue 2

The second issue of the Salt Lake Open Water club was released yesterday.  It turned out pretty good.  Here it is.

400 - 4 x 100's free warmup on 1:30
600 - 8 x 75's kick with fins on 1:30
1200 - 4 x 300's (odd pull, even broken 100s IM/Free/back)
4 x 200's free (odd alternate easy/fast by 50, even build to sprint) on 3:00

This morning's workout went well until the masters workout ended and I started my own thing.  I hit a wall.

Then did 1000 pull and got out.  Just wasn't feeling it, and want to make sure I do for tomorrow.

4,000 yards total in 1:20

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