Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh the shame!

Yesterday I felt like I blew it.  I had a weigh in last Friday, and while I gained a pound, my body fat percent remained constant as that pound based on the calipers was all muscle.  Here's the latest spreadsheet:

Yesterday we had a family activity and I was responsible for making 4 dozen cookies. I did really good getting the kids involved in their making and keeping Cathi out of the kitchen per her request.  She's quite weak in not eating the dough as she goes.  I did well in not doing that myself. However after the family party there were so many left over cookies and while I knew it would be a "sin" to eat a cookie, I did so while nobody was looking.  I only ate one, but the feeling of guilt was pretty strong.

When I got in the car, Cathi asked, "Are you eating a cookie?"  I said "No".  (I already finished it)  This morning when I weighed in, I had gained a pound.  I realize that cookie didn't weigh a pound, and that it was probably the typical Sunday water weight gain that I usually lose by Monday evening.  However, this morning I was bound and determined to kick my own butt and work that 150 calorie sin out of the park.  The shame is mostly in that I was a bit of a hypocrit as I noticed that some in my family resisted the cookies in their own attempts to be good, and here I am an example, and I shamefully sneak one when nobody is looking.  

This morning I did:

600 warmup
600 - 2 x 300's pull
600 - 8 x 50's kick with fins alternate  fly/free on :50-:55
800 - 2 x (200 back/free strong, 1:30 ri, then do 200 for time!)

500 kick with fins
2000 pull
500 finger paddles
600 - 8 x 75's weighted 25, 50 strong on 1:30
400 IM
50 easy

7,050 yards total in 2:15

No whiteboard pen, so I had to keep this stuff in memory.  Kept a running total, but obviously forgot a 400 set somewhere

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