Thursday, March 21, 2013

Half fast

Half assed is more like it.  This morning I had a great lifting session, but the swim was terrible.  My arms were sluggish and I was drained.  Just didn't have it mentally or physically.  I planned on doing Josh's workout as a ladder twice, but only did one ladder.  And I ended up taking rest between changing sets instead of going right into the next one

500 easy warmup
500 - 5 x 100's free on 1:30
400 - 4 x 100's free on 1:25
300 - 3 x 100's free on 1:20
200 - 2 x 100's free on 1:15
100 - 1 x 100 free on 1:10
Rest and then go backwards pulling, stopping at the 5 x 100's
100 easy

3,600 yards total in 1:03

I had plenty of time to ponder on what my problem is.  I'm getting the energy drink, but it isn't working its magic.  Here's the issues I see:  

  1. I'm lifting 6 days a week for just under an hour.  I love it.  I like looking bulgy in a good way, and while it can only help my swimming, it's supposed to supplement my swimming no take away from it.  When I work upper body, it really does hinder my swimming performance for that day.  So I'm going to discuss with my trainer tomorrow, pulling my lifting sessions to 3 times per week instead of 6.  That way I can have enough time to recover.  Plus I should be lifting in the afternoon or evening, not right before my swim.  I shouldn't already be fatigued at the start of a swim session.
  2. Lack of sleep - In order to get my lifting in each morning I've been getting up at 3:30-3:45.  I prefer to be asleep by 9, but often times its 10 or later.  That really is only giving me between 5-6 hours per night on a regular basis.  That just isn't cutting it and it isn't healthy.  I need more like 7.  If I do my lifting in the evening, it should motivate me to bust through it rather than lolly gag and take more rest than I should be taking between sets.  It should also allow me to get up at 5am instead of 3:30 which would be awesome.
I'm feeling overtrained, and I need to make these two main adjustments!
This afternoon I met Goody at the GSL Marina and the weather was awesome.  I had planned on going out there yesterday, but then changed my mind when I saw it was snowing this morning, and it was sticking.  However it was all melted by 4pm and it was sunny and fairly warm outside.  He talked me into going and I'm glad he did!

He needed the swim to get his mind off things, and what a healthy way to do it.  Some dudes with his struggles would have gone to bar and got wasted, or taken the frustrations out on someone else, but he goes swimming!  That's how it is done.

Anyway we talked for a good bit, and then got in.  Again I forgot to push the stupid button on my watch, but the gslmarina website said it was 52.  It felt about 53ish.  Did three laps of 400 yards and did it in 17 minutes.  Got the shakes a bit, but no numbness which I'll take any day.  Looking forward to next Tuesday for the next swim out there.

.69 miles in 17 minutes

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