Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Non tattooed cage-fighter?

During today's workout I stopped for a second to talk to Wayne about his recent triathlon camp experience. He loved it, and especially enjoyed the social aspect of it all.  It made me wish I could have gone, but with limited PTO it just couldn't happen.  Makes me excited for when I get to attend for one day Jamie's Swim Camp in August.

Wayne brought up Wes Johnson and I made the comment that his stroke is the most perfect stroke I've ever seen in my life and that I would love to have his long wingspan.  He countered that during the camp he was trying to describe me to someone with "He looks like a cage-fighter without tattoos.  He's got muscled coming out of his earlobes."  Well, that's quite an exaggeration, but I'll take it as a compliment and a suggestion to just count my blessings.

Today's workout was on my own and kinda boring:

500 - 400 IM, 100 free easy
2000 pull with ankle straps
2000 free no paddles
2000 pull agility paddles, really focus on a good catch and strong follow through.
500 kick - 200 fins, 300 no fins
500 - 3 x 100's fast, 200 IM

7,500 yards total in 2:15
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