Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Goody's photo op and Jacob's broken arm

Coming back to the boat ramp
This evening met Goody, Josh, and Sue at the Marina for a swim.  The water was 52°.  We did our normal route and Goody got lots of pictures taken from a reporter who came out to capture some images for a story the U of U is doing.

The water was nice and crisp.  Did the normal route 3 times for a total of 1200 yards in 19:50

Afterwards Josh and I rushed off to conduct the swim portion of a triathlon clinic. Joe Coles who is the founder On Hill Events organized the clinic and asked me to conduct the open water swimming portion.  The group was rather small.  Only about 15 people, but it went well.

Jacob all prepped for surgery.
What a tough guy!
On the way home Cathi told me that this afternoon at Jacob's wrestling tournament he broke his arm pretty bad.  He was in terrible pain and his coaches told him to suck it up and finish!  He already had more points at that point and just needed to not get pinned for the last portion of the match, which he was able to manage and won the match.  He was crying and in so much pain that Cathi took him to the ER.  The X-Ray showed a total break in his upper humerous.  He would need surgery to get it reset with a couple screws put in to keep it in place.

I asked if they gave him any painkillers and she said just some ibuprofen.  They had to wait and hold him for a few more hours so that he could get beyond the 6 hour fast required for the anesthesia for surgery.  He loves wrestling and is very good at it.  He has such strength and willpower that it's a little too much for his body.  He's out of surgery now and Cathi is staying with him tonight.  He'll be released from the hospital tomorrow morning.

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