Saturday, March 9, 2013

10 mile pool workout

Last night I packed a juice mix that I knew would provide me the sustained energy I needed for today.  I put the following in a 2 L bottle:

Started my swim and noticed that Tim Shumate was swimming!  Stopped to say hello for a bit.  He's a very cool guy and a fast swimmer.

Here's my complete workout:

1000 free
3000 - 20 x 150's odd easy, even fast on 2:15
1750 - 5 x (125 IM, 100 free, 75 IM, 25 free)
1200 - 12 x 100's kick with fins on 2:00
50 easy
3000 - 3 x (400 pull, 300 strong, 200 free, 100 finger paddles no strap)
2000 free, take a quick feed, then 2000 straight
That 4000 free was tough!  I was going at a forever pace, but it was just tiring.  Didn't feel sore, or lacking in energy, just my shoulders were exhausted.  However I took a little extra rest here and got out to pee, and then load up on a couple of protein bars, and a banana.  Man that was awesome, cause when I started this next set, I got a second wind and was feeling strong.
900 - 12 x 75's odd IM (no free), even free on 2:30/ 2:00
100 easy
2250 - 15 x (25 free, get out do 10 pushups, dive in and do 100 free, get out and do 5 pullups, 25 free)
I felt like a monster on these.  The first 10 reps I was wearing a long pair of board shorts that when I got out of the water weighed probably a good 5 pounds being soaked with water.  The pushups were easy, but by the 10th set of pull-ups  I was struggling.  So on the last 5 reps I went with a speedo and was able to get these fully completed and in a strong manner.  That's a total of 150 push-ups and 75 pull-ups.  Not to shabby!
500 - 2 x (200 pull large paddles), 50 back, 50 breast

17,750 yards total in 5:30

Very good day!  Ate the following at various times throughout the workout:
1 banana
The full 1.5 liters of the Strawberry super blend
4 protein bars

By the way, I finally compiled my BEFORE/AFTER pictures for all my fat loss:
BEFORE: 230 pounds with lots of blubber for protection
against the cold in the English Channel. 26% body fat

After: 183 pounds (48 pounds of fat loss and 3 pounds of
muscle gain.  Less than 4% body fat according to calipers)

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