Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 One Hour Postal

Warming up
This morning I met up with Josh at Northwest at 6am and timed him for his one hour.  His stroke looked strong and controlled.  He got 4155 yards in an hour.  Nice job!
Split times

Last year's postal I did 4350 yards,  the year before I did 4535 yards.  This year my goal was at least 4500 yards.  (1:20/100 pace)  I ended up with 4425 yards (1:21.35/100 pace)  That's 98.34% of my goal.  Not what I wanted, but I wont whine about it.  I have to be happy with that given that only 4 1/2 months back I had rotator cuff repair surgery, and had to wait until December to really start swimming.

I did a good 500 yard swim warmup before hand and that was nice.

Afterwards I did 150 yards easy free then 300 IM easy

Total 5300 yards 

Didn't lift this morning before the swim cause I wanted to be fresh.  Will do it on the way home.

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