Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Jim Hubbard Wimp Killer Course

I'd like to name today's course after Jim Hubbard.  This guy is always so eager to get in a cold swim.  He's probably the most dedicated winter swimmer I know.  If it isn't GSL, it's Deer Creek.  Today's water temp on my watch which I plopped in the shallow water a few minutes before getting in read 34°F.  But that couldn't have been true cause when I got out it read 32°F.  The GSL Marina website read 29, so I'm going with that cause my watch wasn't in the water long enough to really get an accurate reading.  It takes a good 7 minutes.

Today's route was from the boat ramp to the corner of the marina, which is a kiddy-corner type route.  A total distance of 265 yards.  (0.15 miles)

I'm naming this course the Jim Hubbard Wimp Killer.  In order for it to be a legitimate wimp killer, you need to do it in water that is less than 30 degrees.  When I got out, my fingers were just as thrashed as they were 2 weeks ago doing the 400 yard course.  I was only in the water for 3:32, but the recovery was just as intense.  And my fingertips are sill tingly which isn't all bad, kinda freaky though.

After that, I went to the NWRC pool and did:

1000 free
1000 - 600 kick, 400 IM easy
2000 free strong with large paddles
250 - 100 IM, 75 breast, 50 back 25 free
100 - easy
150 - 100 IM, 50 free long easy strokes

4,500 yards total in 1:06
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