Monday, January 7, 2013

And you are?

This morning I joined the masters group at NWRC and after doing the warmup, Kim Hunter didn't recognize  me (thanks to my bald head and beard shaved), and said as she reached over to shake my hand,  "Hi!  You are?....."  I said, "Gordon,  I shaved my head." and shook her hand anyway.   Kinda funny, I'm like my coworker Christian in that my appearance can change from one month to the next pretty dramatically.  Today's workout was:

500 - 8 x 50's free, 4 x 25's kick
1600 - 4 x (100 IM, 100 pull, 100 free, 4 x 25's sprint) with :20 rest between each, 1 minute between sets.
550 - 6 x 75's (kick, swim, kick), 4 x 50's IM order by 25

After that I did the whole thing over again on my own, this time, at a slightly slower pace, but with dramatically less time to rest between intervals.  The 2nd round ended up taking less time.

5,500 yards total in 1:50

I'm thinking that with the extremely cold weather we're having that the temp of the GSL I'm betting will be under 30 tomorrow.  If so, I'll be going for a kiddy corner lap at the Marina.  That's cut the total distance to 200 yards.
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