Monday, January 28, 2013

Weighted freestyle

Today when I woke up, I did my normal wake up routine which includes checking my email/facebook.  I saw this drill posted, and was super stoked to try it!

So I stopped at Walmart on the way in and bought 3 pound foam covered weights.  I tried this drill out today, and LOVED IT!

I'm sure my form didn't resemble anything like this video, but rather someone who was drowning.  However I got each 25 in about 27 seconds which isn't terrible I guess.  It was a lot of fun and forced me to focus on my fast and strong pull, and slow recovery.  Plus you have to kick hard too.  Lots of good stuff on that drill.  Looking forward to adding it to my favorite stuff to do.

1000 - 400 IM, 6 x 75 (25 weighted free, 50 free strong!) on 2:00
1000 kick with fins
1000 pull strong big paddles (13:00)
1000 pull star trek paddles faster! (12:55)
1000 - 400 IM, 6 x 75's (25 weighted free, 50 free sprint) on 2:00
300 IM warmdown

5,300 yards total in 1:35

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