Thursday, January 24, 2013


This morning I was limited on time, and only had a little over an hour to swim, so I just did:

4000 - 2 x 2000 free strong in 1:06

I was distracted during my counting, thinking about all the frustration I've been dealing with.  I own two vehicles and both of them are in the shop with car repairs.  Not simple little repairs either.  It's going to cost me over $3000 to get all of it taken care of.  What a pain!  At least I get them back today as the past week has been a complete juggling act trying to get transportation figured out.

My parents have been kind enough to let me use their car a couple times when I was stuck without a way to get around.  Anyway, today's swim included several laps of "penance" due to distracting thoughts of car repairs, and wondering if I'm getting screwed by the mechanics or not.
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