Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fear Project

My copy of The Fear Project came tonight.  I'm excited to get into it.  Its basically a book that attempts to understand and identify the causes of fear.  It is my hope that by reading this book, it helps me take a step back when I encounter something that "scares" me, and I learn to conceptualize whether the fear is based on a valid risk, or an irrational thought process.

I remember considering swimming Catalina Channel before the English Channel, but I started to get too mindful of the creatures that occasionally swim in the area, and backed out of that goal.  I realize now that Jellyfish encounters are in actuality going to be more of an issue than even seeing or encountering a shark.  But I like to bring it up as a small risk when someone asks me about it.  But its about as likely as being at the bank at the same time that it's being robbed.

This morning I picked up Goody to take him to the hospital.  I decided to go straight to work, and then get off early so I could do an afternoon swim.  Which is what I did.  Here's the breakdown:

400 IM easy
400 kick no fins
800 free
800 finger paddles
1600 Star Trek paddles
1600 no strap paddles
400 IM easy

6,000 yards total in 1:55
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