Friday, January 11, 2013

Benefiting from the Blizzard

Last night I drove about 45 minutes on side roads where nobody was going, and made excellent progress compared to I-15/Legacy Hwy.  But I got to the point where I pretty much had to take either I-15 or Legacy and they both were crawling along in the blizzard.  There was already about 3-4 inches of snow and it was slow and very slippery.  I called Cathi to get her approval on just heading back to my parents house to stay.  She was all for it.

So I went there and put together a recumbent bike they bought and tried it out for 45 minutes.  It was a good workout.  I struggled to get up this morning to do another bike workout, but did get up in time to get to the pool at 6:15am.  I did:

350 WU - 200 free, 3 x 50's kick
1,250 - 5 x (100 pull, 50 free, 4 x 25's sprint)
400 - 4 x 100's drill/strong
300 - 4 x 75's kick with fins
400 - 8 x 50's (fly/back, back/breast, breast/free, free/fly) x 2
350 WD - 200 free, 3 x 50's kick

3,050 total in 1:15  Didn't really feel it today.  Was tired and lacking in energy, but felt fine about this workout, so I called it.  My weight in with Cameron is tonight.  This morning's weight was 204.2 pounds.  Loss of 25 pounds in 6 weeks.  Get my body fat taken again.  Once I get down to 10% body fat, I'll be golden and will work on maintenance.

Goody got front page in the paper this morning!  It was great to see his story get in the news.  He's awesome.  He's been so tough in dealing with his treatments and getting through it.  So proud of this guy.   

As for all the whining about the snow.  I'm not joining in.  
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