Saturday, January 12, 2013

More streamlined in the water

Last night Cathi and I went to our trainer and had our body fat checked since two weeks back.  The results each time have been extremely gratifying.  When I started on December 1st, my bodyfat % was 25.97%.  Last night it measured 14.16%.  That's a total fat loss of 30.55 pounds and a lean mass (muscle) gain of 5.75 pounds.  So there is less fat for me to pull along in the water.  My abs started at 42.5 inches and are now at 35.5 inches, and waist from 42.25 inches down to 36 inches.  Cathi wants to hit it hard for another 6 weeks which would mean we are half way.  Even if I got 25% of the results so far over the next 6 weeks, that would put my body fat under 10% and that would be six pack range.  That would be the best shape of my life.  So I'm going to keep it going hard for six more weeks and see if I can get that under 10% BF at around 190 - 195 pounds.

This morning I swam at Layton and did:

6000 yards total -12 x 500's odds free, even equipment or IM (2 paddles, 2 fins, 2 IM) in 1:45

Got home, showered all that chlorine off.  Then Cathi and I went and did an hour of weights.  I'm beat!  But feel fantastic!

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