Thursday, April 4, 2013

Two new recruits

Today was a first for a couple of new friends who showed up at 4:30 to swim with me:

Rory Duckworth and Pete Loebach

Rory and I get out and watch Pete
 finish his first lap.  
Rory was on his way to check out the TT race at Saltair and did one 400 yard lap and Pete and I did two more laps.  The water was 61 on my watch, but felt colder than Tuesday.   The wind chill was probably the main difference.  The forecast earlier this week showed Tuesday to be rainy and stormy with Thursday being nice.  It was the other way around.  I didn't feel good leaving these two fine gentlemen on their own for their first swim so I stayed within the Marina with them.

They both said it was a good experience and seemed to enjoy themselves.  Rory said he would like to come out as much as he can on Thursdays and possibly a Saturday here or there.  Excellent!

Pete is doing an Xterra triathlon in Las Vegas next week and wanted to get in an open water swim before then.

Today's swim:  3 laps of 400 yards = 1200 yards 
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