Saturday, April 27, 2013

CPR/First-aid training

This morning I joined Matt Chamberlain in the fast lane for a fast paced workout at South Davis:

600 - 6 x 100's odd free, 50 Stroke
900 - 6 x 150's odd free, 50 fly/back/breast
500 - 10 x 50's scull/drill/kick/drill/swim

1000 - 2 x (200 free at 80% on 2:30, 150 free at 85% on 2:00, 100 free at 90% on 1:20, 50 free at 95 % )
100 easy
500 - 10 x 50's stroke count (8 cycles per 25)
800 - 16 x 50's with fins (swim as far as you can underwater, swim remaining amount)
400 - 4 x 100's pull fast on 1:10
200 easy

5,000 yards total in 1:30

Bodyfat percent is holding at 4.32%  Total muscle gain of 6.73 pounds
and fat loss of 49.73 pounds.
I wanted much more, but at 8am I was scheduled to join the coaches in a re-certification class for CPR and first-aid.  Glad to get that done.  My CPR was barely expired and wanted to be legit for the next couple years.

Yesterday I got my skin folds taken again.  Lost a small amount of fat, and gained one pound of muscle.  I was a little frustrated about that, cause I've been killing it in the gym.  He said that in order to get a faster result of more muscle, with the same amount of dedication in the gym, I need to either do less cardio, or eat more calories.  So more calories it is!  I've been getting over 3,800 per day and now I'm going to boost it to about 4,200 calories per day.  This isn't junk calories either.  This is low-fat, high protein, complex carbs.  It's gonna be tough but I think I can eat more.

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